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Limit Bursts (リミットバースト, Rimitto Bāsuto?), shortened to LB, are special abilities in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Its mechanics are similar to the Limit Break system found in other installments of the series.

Performing a certain amount of Limit Bursts earns the Limit Breaker trophy.


Each playable character, or "unit", features a unique Limit Burst ability and may fall into one of four broad categories: support (which heal the party or increase the party's stats), debuff (which apply an ailment to the enemy), damage (which allow the unit to perform a powerful attack), and unique (which do not belong to the aforementioned types). Some may fall into one or more categories, such as Noctis's Armiger, which damages all enemies and raises the party's stats for several turns.

During battle, each unit has a Limit gauge that fills up either by absorbing burst stones FFBE Limit Burst crystal.png or utilizing "auto-limit" type abilities. The aforementioned crystals are dropped by all enemies when damaged by any type of attack, although attacks with many hits are generally the most effective. An enemy will only drop a maximum of 20 burst stones per turn. This 20-point limit is reset when the enemy's turn begins, and once more when the player's turn begins. Additionally, some equipment pieces and abilities grant "auto-limit" to the unit that uses them, which automatically fills the user's Limit gauge by a set point value every turn. A handful of units learn auto-limit abilities naturally, such as Cloud. In some cases, auto-limit skills that share the same name also will not stack their effects, such as the High Power skill gained from the accessory Prodigy's Goggles. However, multiple sources of auto-limit that have different names will stack. Auto-limit will never exceed 12 points per turn on a unit, no matter how much gear is equipped.

Certain active and innate abilities increase the amount of Limit gauge that a single crystal will fill; for example, a 100% fill rate boost means that one crystal will count as 2 Limit points for that unit instead of 1. However, this does not increase the passive fill rate of auto-limit skills (ex: a 100% fill rate boost will not turn 1 point of auto-limit into 2). An example of an innate fill rate boost would be Tidus, and an example of an active fill rate buff would be Eiko's Passion Performance skill.

A small selection of units even have active skills to fill units' Limit gauges by a random small amount per use, such as Maritime Strategist Nichol's Iron Stance and Lotus Mage Fina's Shining Cheer. However, such skills are not affected by increased fill rate.

Some units are able to use the "Entrust" skill to fill up another party member’s Limit gauge. In this case, the caster's gauge is completely emptied and transferred to the target party member based on the percentage of the caster’s gauge that was full. Entrust can be used on any party member whose gauge is not full as long as the caster's gauge is not empty.

If the Limit gauge is full, the player can use the Limit Burst by flicking the unit's window to the Ability list, and set it as the action to be taken by the unit.

Each unit has a Limit Burst level that must be maxed out to raise the Limit Burst's values, improving their effects. The maximum is level 30, achievable by 7★ units. LB levels are gained through usage: every time the unit performs its Limit Burst, its experience bar goes up by one point.

In addition to usage, LB levels can be gained by fusing the base unit with special utility units—the Mini Burst Pot, Burst Pot and King Burst Pots, which add 100, 3000 and 10000 LB points to the base unit when used. Fusing a base unit with a duplicate does not give it any Burst points and levels do not carry over. LB levels do carry over, however, when a character awakens, but at the same time, the usage requirement for each LB level rises according to characters' rarity. Due to this, it is preferable to train the unit's LB level to its highest it can for that rarity rank before Awakening the character.

List of Limit Bursts[]

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  • The naming convention of a Limit Burst having a different name depending on the unit's Rarity level is present in the first release's units, but it was later discontinued.