FFIV wiki iconVIIDoC wiki iconFFX wiki iconFFXI wiki iconFFBE wiki icon Limit Breaker, also known as Tie Breaker, is a recurring term and item in the Final Fantasy series.


Final Fantasy IVEdit

Limit Break is an Augment in the 3D remake. It is obtained at the completion of a playthrough of the game and can only be used in a New Game Plus playthrough. There is a max of three Limit Breaks that the player can receive, and when used, allows a character to break the damage cap of 9,999 damage, allowing them to hit up to 99,999 damage.

Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-Edit

A Limit Breaker is an item which transforms Vincent Valentine into his altered form, the Galian Beast. The term Limit Breaker is a reference to his Limit Break in Final Fantasy VII. Up to three Limit Breakers can be held at any one time.

Final Fantasy XEdit

Tie Breaker (known as Limit Breaker in Japan) is a weapon for Wakka. Its dominant abilities are Double AP and Double Overdrive.

Final Fantasy XIEdit

Limit Breaker is a title and key item that can be earned. After a player has reached level 75, which was until recently the highest level, having completed Genkai at level 50, 55, 60, 65, and defeating Maat at level 70, s/he attains this title and also the ability to earn Merit Points.

Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit

Limit Breaker is a type of stat for all Units, corresponding to a Basic stat. These stats are bonus stats that are added to the unit's Total stats by enhancing it with an 'Enhancer'-type unit of the corresponding stat (e.g. HP-enhancer, DEF-enhancer). The higher a corresponding Limit Breaker stat is, the higher the main stat will go above its original cap. However, these bonuses also have a cap which cannot be broken.


In games and sports, a tiebreaker or tiebreak is used to determine a winner from among players or teams that are tied at the end of a contest, or a set of contests.

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