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Limit Break is an equipment augment mechanic in Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Limit Break involves fusing two or more of the same relic to enhance the relic's attributes and unlock new abilities. When fusion occurs, the relic's maximum level and CP capacity will be adjusted, but not its rarity. This can be done up to three (3) times in succession, with any further fusion contributing only an EXP boost to the relic, as would be provided by a Power Orb or Guard Orb. When a relic is thrice broken, upon reaching its maximum level, the relic will gain a rank and its Affinity Bonus will become active. If the base relic carries Affinity for a particular unit, that unit will receive the relic's abilities as equippable options in addition to activating the Affinity Bonus.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

For weapons of regular 5★ rarity, the player has the option of using Power Stones that are earned, purchased, or acquired through sale of other 5★ weapons. By setting a quantity of Power Stones into the weapon, its cap will break as if it was fused with another. Weapons with EX Abilities, as well as those with LD Abilities receive additional augments with each break performed.

Weapons that have been realized above 5★ can also be limit-broken, but require Ruin's Adamantine ingots to be refined and applied separately from materials gained in high-difficulty quests.

Armor[edit | edit source]

For each new unit introduced by way of event, two copies of their exclusive 5★ 35 CP armor will be issued, allowing for the first of the three allotted Limit Breaks when fused. Armor for units issued per main story chapters, and all other instances of 5★ armor, must be purchased with Armor Tokens earned through mission completion awards or acquired via exchanges. Furthermore, armor with a base capacity of 90 CP can only be purchased when a corresponding 35 CP armor has been thrice broken and mastered. In either case, mastering the armor will grant its respective Affinity Bonus as a passive.

EXAMPLE: Rosa will need to win both Luminous Robes in A Prayer for One Dear, then spend 10 AT on two more. All four will then need to be fused and the result brought to LV 35 before she can acquire a single Protect Ring at 20 AT.

Armor rated at 5★ and 90 CP can be refined and enhanced using the same process as 35 CP armor, and can be realized upon mastery; but once realized, such armor requires Refuge's Adamantine ingots refined from materials obtained in advanced quests or exchanges.

Artifacts[edit | edit source]

For Artifacts, only the same type of Artifact will break or level the Artifact being augmented. When the thrice-broken Artifact reaches its absolute maximum level, the Artifact will gain a rarity rank and its latent ability grafted onto the unit for whom it is marked. The Artifact can then be reapplied to an underleveled Artifact. or sold for gil and inventory space.

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