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Limit is a command ability in Final Fantasy VII Remake used to perform special abilities unique to a character, available once their limit gauge is full. These abilities consume ATB bars and either deal significant damage to enemies, or have other powerful effects. When used, the camera will focus on the character while they are performing their Limit, unless the player switches to another character.

Functioning much like the Limit command in the original Final Fantasy VII, a character's Limit ability is unlocked once their gauge fills by taking damage. However, unlike the original Final Fantasy VII, filling a character's Limit gauge does not replace the normal Attack command, or any similar ability. This means the player can save it until a strategic moment and still perform normal abilities.


Cloud StrifeEdit

Cloud Strife's first Limit ability is Cross-Slash, which is a powerful physical attack against one opponent.

Limit Description
Cross-Slash Damage your foe while making an ominous symbol with your slashes.

Cross-Slash was Cloud's second Limit in the original game. The first was Braver, which in Final Fantasy VII Remake is a normal ability.

Barret WallaceEdit

Barret Wallace's first Limit is Fire in the Hole, which deals heavy physical damage to one opponent.

Limit Description
Fire in the Hole Shoot an orb of energy that creates a large explosion.

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