FFXI wiki icon Limbus is an interdimensional region in Final Fantasy XI. It is a curious amalgam of other realms, featuring the creatures of Vana'diel, the darkness of Promyvion, and the architecture of Lumoria. It can be reached only from the Celestial Capital Al'Taieu.

As it is far from the beaten path, Limbus is primarily a destination for treasure hunters.

Zones Edit

Temenos Edit


Temenos is a Zilartian tomb. Prior to final release, it was called the Ou'Hpat Obelisk. When the Celestial Capital shifted into an alternate dimension the nearby obelisk was deposited in Limbus. It can still be reached from northern Al'Taieu, which itself is linked to a dimensional portal at the Crag of Holla on the La Theine Plateau. Though Temenos closely resembles the Grand Palace of Hu'Xzoi, it is mostly free of the bizarre Luminians that wander Lumoria. Less exotic inhabitants, ranging from Beastmen to Pugils, survive here far from their natural habitats.

Three seven-story towers form the outer layer of Temenos. Special chips found atop each of these grant access to the first three floors of the central mausoleum. Additional chips in these locations unlock the fourth and final floor, the lair of Proto-Ultima.

Apollyon Edit


Apollyon is a component of the Emptiness that gnaws at Vana'diel and its inhabitants. Prior to final release, it was called Lower Promyvion. It is accessed from northern Al'Taieu, which itself is connected to dimensional portals at the crags in the Konschtat Highlands and Tahrongi Canyon.

Unlike the similar void of Promyvion, however, the insidious Empty do not dwell here. Instead the withering terrain is occupied by a wide variety of conventional fauna such as Buffalo and Treants. One section even boasts a population of Orc, Quadav, and Yagudo soldiers.

Gathering chips from the four corners of Apollyon grants access to a central island and its resident, Proto-Omega.

Etymology Edit

Limbus is Latin for "edge" or "boundary".

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