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Limberry is a region in Final Fantasy Tactics. The easternmost region in Ivalice, it is ruled by Messam Elmdore, one of the heroes of the Fifty Years' War who defended the borders of Ivalice from Romandan invaders.

Locations Edit

Limberry Castle Edit

Home to Marquis Elmdore, liege lord of Limberry, this beautiful white castle rests on the shores of Loch Dalla.

Dorvauldar Marsh Edit

Rich marshland in western Limberry. The Dorvauldar River carries fertile soil from here to the plains.

Lake Poescas Edit

Once a large body of water, this area is now nothing but a dried lake bed covered in white salt.

Beddha Sandwaste Edit

A wild desert covering much of western Limberry. The tombs of ancient emperors are buried in the sand.

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