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Lilja Sjasaris is a non-player character from Final Fantasy XIV. She is a new recruit to Garlond Ironworks introduced on "Save the Queen" story in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers.


Early life[]

Lilja first awakened to her talents as an engineer while receiving an imperial education in her native Rabanastre. Her academic accomplishments won her acceptance to the prestigious Magitek Academy in the imperial capital, but ere she could relocate to commence her studies, resistance forces launched a large-scale offensive that transformed Rabanastre into a battlefield. The young Viera was forced to seek refuge in Doma, where she sustained herself by repairing machina and designing custom contraptions. Word of her uncommon expertise chanced to reach the visiting Jessie, who offered her a place at the Ironworks. Having been an admirer of the organization due to its part in the liberation effort, she accepted without a moment's hesitation.[1]

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers[]

Lilja is sent to help Mikoto monitor the aether in Bozjan Southern Front. For the crystal focus to work properly, Mikoto asks for help from the Warrior of Light and Misija to install the spectrometers in key locations close to the region's largest aether currents. Once the crystal is loaded, Misija reveals that her loyalty is to the IVth Imperial Legion and takes Mikoto hostage with the crystal. Lilja uses her equipment to locate the crystal trail and discovers that Misija has fled to Castrum Lacus Litore.

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Lilja is a dark-skinned viera with long blonde hair. She wears the Garlond Ironworks Engineer Doublet, but wears a metallic red Cashmere Skirt of Healing, pure white Dhalmelskin Thighboots, and metallic sky blue False Nails in lieu of the rest of the uniform, along with a pair of Endless Summer Shades.


Despite her cheery and optimistic facade, Lilja was a conflicted soul. Like no few Dalmascan orphans, she was taken into imperial care and underwent schooling intended to instill a sense of allegiance to Garlemald. And while most of her peers remained fiercely loyal to their homeland, Lilja could not muster up the selfsame passion. For though she could not approve of Garlean rule, it seemed to her that the alternative, a Dalmascan monarchy, would not improve the lot of the common man. Further blurring the lines of her loyalty was the respect she came to hold for the occupying IVth Imperial Legion, however, she could not close its eyes to the many wrongs that the Garleans made against those that they subjugated.

All of this served to make of Lilja a woman who opposed the Empire, yet not strongly enough to take up arms against it, the seeming contradiction giving rise to a storm of self-doubt. In joining the Ironworks, however, she was able to quell her inner turmoil by focusing on a new objective: to simply be herself, a free spirit unburdened by whatever chaos may unfold around her.[1]


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