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Lilisa Meg is a former member of the Shinra Electric Power Company military who suffered from a severe case of mako poisoning. She appears in Final Fantasy VII Remake: Picturing the Past.


Born in the Midgar slums, Lilisa joined the Shinra military. She befriended fellow military recruits Joann Liu and Glen Reiner, both of whom enlisted on the same day as her, as well as clerical worker Geddie Bach. Early in their enlistment, an instructor blamed a mistake Lilisa had made on her being raised in the slums. Joann and Glen confronted the instructor and the incident brought the three recruits together.

Unlike Joann and Glen, Lilisa was content with her rank and status. Joann and Glen joined the Special Survey Unit tasked with finding the real-world counterparts to pictures Aerith drew, a child in Shinra#s custody with Cetra heritage. The drawings were allegedly pointing toward mako sources. Though the unit paid well, it was nonetheless dangerous: members were at higher risk of mako poisoning. Before Joann and Glen departed on their first SSU mission, Lilisa threw them a party. During it, she became upset and begged Glen to stay. She confessed that she had fallen in love with him. While Joann was gone, Geddie drugged their food with mako with the intent of taking over Glen's SSU mission. Joann returned to find all three ill. Geddie, who began to recover with medicine later that night, blamed Lilisa for drugging their meal.

Geddie assumed Glen's identity and departed for his mission alongside Joann, though under the pretense of fulfilling Glen's dream for him. Lilisa recovered physically from her mako poisoning, but not mentally, and Glen succumbed to his illness. Lilisa attempted to strangle Aerith, blaming her for Glen's death. Some time later, Joann became Lilisa's bodyguard. When Aerith's childhood playmate visited looking for information on Geddie and Glen, he heard Lilisa banging on a wall from another room. She had been tattooed with the number 24.

Joann revealed that she followed Lilisa on trips to the slums. Lilisa would group up with others who, like her, wear black robes and have number tattoos. Many of these people disappeared before reappearing years later; among them, Glen and Geddie.