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Promotional Miqo'te Dress victory pose.

Party's over.

One of the exclamations Lightning can make when a battle is won.

In Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, Lightning performs victory poses upon winning a battle. The pose Lightning does depends on the garb she currently wears. She will also exclaim various things upon winning the battle, depending on the part of the story and the condition she wins the battle in.

List of victory poses[]


Lightning is the only playable character, and each pose is unique for each type of garb.

  • Equilibrium type: Turns to face straight ahead and feels the glowing symbol on her chest armor.
  • Dark Muse type: Turns sidelong and swings her weapon down.
  • Dust and Shadow type: Raises her weapon slightly, swings it round and turns away from where her enemy has been defeated.
  • Mist Wizard type:
    • E3 2013 demo: Stands in a relaxed pose, raises her arms and crosses them behind her head.
    • Final game: does a graceful half-turn, stands in a relaxed pose, places a hand on her hip and smiles.
  • L'ange Noir type: Lowers her weapon, places her shield hand on her hip and shakes in a lively fashion while smiling.
  • Midnight Mauve type: Spins round gracefully while swinging her weapon round and down with a hand on her hip.
  • Heartstealer type: Does two backward somersaults and lands it a crouched position with her head raised and her weapon held behind her.
  • Splendid Admiral type: Turns on the spot, swings her weapon out sidelong and holds it still.
  • Dragoon type: Slashes the air in front of her with her weapon, then rests it on her shoulder.
  • Nocturne type: Swings her weapon behind her back, then plunges it into the ground in front of her with both hands.
  • Miqo'te Dress: Spins, bends down, places a hand on her hip and smiles, based on part of the race specific "/pose" emote of the Miqo'te.
  • Guardian Corps: Twirls her sword and points it forward.
  • Knight of Etro: Twirls sword above her head and slashes it out to the side.
  • Samurai type: Swings her weapon down, then spins it and sheathes it in a manner similar to the classical Samurai method of sheathing a sword.
  • Spira's Summoner: Yuna's victory pose from Final Fantasy X.
  • Sphere Hunter: Tidus's victory pose from Final Fantasy X.
  • SOLDIER First Class: A more florid version of Cloud's victory pose from Final Fantasy VII.
  • Midgar's Flower Girl: Aerith's victory pose from Final Fantasy VII.
  • Cosmocrater: Tosses her weapon to the side, catches it with her left hand and holds her right one out in a clawed position.
  • Celestial Body: Spins her sword in front of her, then holds it aloft as the camera pans upwards to focus on it.
  • Moogle Queen: The moogles on her outfit cry out "kupo" as Lightning looks around and rubs the back of her head.
  • Tomb Raider: Stands with her arms at her side and lets out a sigh.


When fighting battles in the Luxerion Cathedral on the final day, Lightning and Fang forgo doing victory poses. Lightning and Fang also don't perform victory poses after boss battles.




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