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Stats in the Schemata menu.

The following is a list of stats in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

List of statsEdit

All stats can be increased by equipping garbs, weapons, shields, or accessories.



HP is the unit's health. At 0 HP, the unit is knocked out. If Lightning's HP is 0, the start menu will automatically appear and the player is given the option to either use a recovery item or an EP ability. Using a Reraise Potion grants Reraise for 2.5 min. and automatically revives Lightning the next time she is knocked out.

In battle, HP is reduced when a unit takes either physical or magical damage. Suffering from Poison gradually decreases current HP, while Regen heals HP. HP can be replenished by using restorative items, or attacking or guarding at the right time using weapons or shields with Precise HP Restore +xx% or Defender's HP Restore 1%. Lightning's HP is replenished when the day is over and she returns to the Ark.



Strength increases the power of physical attacks. Suffering from Debrave reduces the damage of physical attacks, while Bravery increases its damage. Deprotect increases the damage of incoming physical attacks, while Protect reduces its damage.



Magic increases the power of magical attacks. Suffering from Defaith reduces the damage of magical attacks, while Faith increases its damage. Deshell increases the damage of incoming physical attacks, while Shell reduces its damage.



ATB determines the number of actions the unit has on its ATB Gauge. Each ability has its corresponding ATB cost. Executing abilities decreases the ATB gauge.

ATB SpeedEdit


ATB Speed determines the rate the ATB Gauge recovers. Suffering from Slow reduces the rate, while Haste increases it.

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