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Quest selection scene.

Quests are completed to advance the story, boost stats and earn items, gil and extra days in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

Each quest includes:

Name – help in identifying a certain quest.
Difficulty – a three-star level of difficulty in completing the quest.
Description – the exposition of the quest.
Client – a person who request certain objectives to be completed.
Quest Item – an item which should be obtained for the quest to be completed.
Expiry Date – date before a quest becomes unavailable or its provided completion time expires.
Reward – item obtained for the quest's completion.

Along with getting item rewards, completing quests increases Lightning's HP, Strength and Magic stats.

Quests are split up into three types:

Main Quests – quests which follow the plot of the game.
Side Quests – quests received from NPCs.
Canvas of Prayers Quests – quests accepted from Chocolina.

A quest item dropped by an enemy is converted to a ground-orb in the event that the enemy which drops it has become extinct.

Completing each main quest earns an achievement. Completing five side quests earns the Deliverer of Salvation achievement. Completing twenty-five side quests earns the Angel of Salvation achievement.

List of quests[edit | edit source]

Click on the name of the quest for a guide.

Main quests[edit | edit source]

Depending on which day the player decide to complete the main quests, they may fight a different version of the boss for that quest. This applies to main quests 1, 2, and 4. Completing the main quests may award any or all of the following: HP boost, STR boost, MAG boost, EP counter boost, ATB bar boost, Item slot expansion, and gil.

Main Quest 1: Luxerion[edit | edit source]

Name Area Character Objectives
1-1 An Evil Savior Luxerion Noel Kreiss Initiated upon entering Luxerion.
A grisly scene greets Lightning as she steps into Luxerion. A young girl has been murdered, and the Order's inquisitors have locked down the area to search for suspects. Lightning should talk to the inquisitor in charge of the investigation to get the blockade lifted—especially in light of this grim message, found near the body: The evil savior will die at the hands of the Shadow Hunter. The area where the body was found has been locked down, and Lightning can do nothing until the blockade is lifted. She must assist in the murder investigation by looking for witnesses and searching for clues that might identify the culprits.

Based on the testimony of the witnesses, a clearer picture of the crime is emerging. The dead girl is but the latest in a series of victims, all young women with the same rose-colored hair as Lightning. Many of the city residents suspect the Children of Etro in having a hand in the crimes. It is time for Lightning to report this information to the inquisitor. The inquisitor has lifted the blockade around the North Station. Although the authorities still lack definite proof, the Children of Etro appear to be involved somehow in the murder—and if so, they know about the savior. The evil savior will die at the hands of the Shadow Hunter, read the message. What could it mean?

1-2 In the Shadow of the Heretics Luxerion Noel Kreiss Investigate the Congregation of the Order between 0:00 and 6:00.
At midnight, the Children of Etro gather in huddled groups in front of North Station. It seems likely that these heretics, worshippers of the Goddess Etro, are behind both the murders and the grim message threatening the savior. The heretics are alert and cautious, Lightning must follow them stealthily, as it is her only chance to learn more. Lightning follows the heretics to a graveyard where they conduct nightly rites that seem to have some connection with the murders—but the gate is closed to outsiders. To open the gate, Lightning must collect the four numbers of the pass code. This code is distributed to all the heretics in the city. Somewhere out in the streets of Luxerion is hidden the key to the graveyard...
1-3 Find the Code Luxerion Noel Kreiss Find the cipher for the encryption of the four numbers.
The mysterious rites that the Etro heretics attend each night appear to be connected to the murders of the young girls. To get into the place where they are held, Lightning needs the pass code. After 6 AM, four numbers will appear on walls across the city. Lightning must find them and then return to the Forsaken Graveyard in time for the next rites.
Warehouse District Code
Lighting has found a number to the pass code in the warehouse district. No one knows what the heretics' endgame might be, but it seems likely there will be more victims before they are done. Lightning needs to open the gate to the Forsaken Graveyard and infiltrate the rites that take place there each night.
The Centrum Code
Lightning has found a number to the pass code in the Centrum. Many residents of the city are suspicious of the heretics and their plans. Lightning must move quickly to stop the heretics and bring an end to the sinister rites that take place in the Forsaken Graveyard.
South Station Code
Lightning has found a number to the pass code near South Station's public phone booth. Clearly, the heretics do not fear the Order, if they are hiding their codes in the shadow of the Cathedral itself. Lightning must stop the rites in the Forsaken Graveyard before more blood is spilled.
Warren Code
The heretics' stronghold lies deep in the Warren. There Lightning finds an Oracle Drive that shows the savior being killed by Noel, the so-called Shadow Hunter. Noel appears and tells Lightning that he intends to make the prophecy come true. He then disappears deeper into the Warren. Lightning wants to follow, but she has more pressing business. Check the walls near the Oracle Drive!

Lightning has the four numbers of the pass code. Now all she needs to do is go to the Forsaken Graveyard, and speak the numbers into the phone booth at midnight. One inside the graveyard, she will be able to observe the rites with her own eyes—and stop them, if need be. Lightning speaks the four numbers she has found. They must have been the correct ones, because the gate at last opens. Now she can see for herself the rites that the heretics hold. But what hazards are waiting for, inside that grim graveyard shrouded in darkness?

1-4 Rites for a Goddess Luxerion Noel Kreiss Stop the sacrifice at 0:00.
The gate to the Forsaken Graveyard where the heretics gather stands open. It now seems clear that Children of Etro are behind the calls for the savior's death. The rites have already begun, and the heretics may be murdering another young woman at this very moment. Lightning cannot afford to delay. It is time to bring an end to the heretics' deadly games. Just as Lightning arrives at the site of the heretics' gathering, Noel appears. Although the Children of Etro hail the Shadow Hunter, he wants nothing to do with them and their murders. Just like Lightning, he has come to put an end to their grim rites. But this does not make him Lightning's ally. He still wants to fight her, just as the Oracle Drive prophesizes. He issues a challenge, then slips into the night as the Order security forces arrive.
1-5 Hunter in Light and Shadow Luxerion Noel Kreiss Chase and defeat Noel.
Noel has helped put an end to the Children of Etro's bloody rites, but the man they hailed as the Shadow Hunter still believes he must kill Lightning. He issues a challenge to Lightning and then disappears into the Warren. Deep within that maze of narrow streets lies the chosen battleground. Lightning has little choice but to follow. Strangers are not welcome in the Warren. The door leading further inside is shut fast, and will only be opened for those who can show that they belong. If Lightning does not find a way through, she will not be able to reach Noel.

Lightning is inside the Den of Shadows. The clock is ticking toward the end of the world—it is time for the final showdown with Noel. Lumina appears within the Chaos, and tells Lightning why Noel is so intent on making the prophecy come true. She explains that Noel is a prisoner of the past, consumed by grief over the death of Yeul. Only her promise that they will meet again has kept him going. When he saw the recording in the Oracle Drive, he was gripped by the idea of making it come true. All of it—including the death of Lightning. Is there any way to change his mind? Can his soul be saved?

Noel believed that if he slayed Lightning, a future would come about where he is reunited with Yeul. But even so, he could not bring himself to deliver the killing blow, and instead he destroyed the Oracle Drive, choosing to forge his own future instead of remaining in the thrall of a prophecy. It was never in Noel to kill an innocent person, even if it meant saving the world.

Main Quest 2: Yusnaan[edit | edit source]

Name Area Character Objectives
0-1 A Different Snow Yusnaan Snow Villiers Defeat the enemies and find Snow.
Lightning steps into the grand ballroom that lies at the heart of Yusnaan and confronts Snow, ruler of the city. He makes it clear that the reunion is not welcome, and the pair cross swords. But before their conflict can escalate, they must deal with monsters that have emerged from the Chaos. Eventually, Snow slips away through the Chaos, and Lightning is left trapped in the ballroom. If she is to catch Snow, she must first kill the monsters and get the doors open again.

Lightning manages to slay all the monsters in the ballroom and the automated defenses unseal the doors. Lightning hurries towards the upper floors of the palace in pursuit of Snow. Snow is not the man that he used to be. He has changed—but then, so has Lightning. She is the savior now, and she wants Snow's soul. As Lightning desperately chases Snow, a mysterious young girl appears in front of her. Lightning defeats the monster that the girl summons, but when Lightning tries to continue the pursuit, she finds her way blocked. With palace guards right on her heels, she has no choice but to give up the chase and return to the Ark.

2-1 The Great Break-In Yusnaan Snow Villiers Gather information about Snow.
Lightning returns to Yusnaan, determined to find out what is happening with Snow. But he is holed up in his palace, which has been locked down tight in the aftermath of Lightning's previous "visit." She might be able to snake into the palace through the delivery entrance, but first she has to get into the exclusive Augur's Quarter... Lightning's goal is the palace—but first, she has to find a way into the Augur's quarter. Anyone passing through the main gate must show an ID card, which is not easy to acquire. However, there is another way in, a secret back route that needs no ID card.To use it, she must find the so-called Tour Guide and purchase one of his tickets.

Only the rich and privileged are allowed through the main gate into the Augur's Quarter—but there is another route, along the cargo train track. To avoid the trains, Lightning needs to be at the Industrial Area gate at 6:00 PM and traverse the route fast. But the way is blocked with Chaos infusions and monsters, and any delay or misstep will foil the plan. Lumina's interference causes the back route into the Augur's Quarter to literally collapse, and Lightning falls into the warehouse district. This was not part of the plan, but if she hurries, she can still make it to the palace in time. First, she must head for the Augur's Quarter.

Lumina causes Lightning to fall outside of the Augur's Quarter, but this turns out to be a blessing in disguise. Lightning recovers an ID card to the quarter, and now she can enter and leave at will. The palace accepts deliveries only once per day. Lightning needs to hurry to the Augur's Quarter or she will miss her change to get into the palace. Lightning gets inside the Augur's Quarter, but the delivery entrance that she hoped to use to infiltrate the palace has been locked down along with all the other entrances. But she can't stop now. According to Hope, Chaos readings inside the palace are spiking out of control. Lightning has to get into the palace more urgently than ever. They need a new plan...

2-2 The Legend of the Savior Yusnaan Snow Villiers Infiltrate the Palace via the Arena.
Hope comes up with a plan B. He thinks that if Lightning can somehow topple the giant statue that forms the main set of the theater show, she will be able to use it as a bridge to get over the palace walls. In order for Lightning to be in position when the statue is brought down, she must talk to the director of the show no later than 12:30 AM. Lightning wants to increase the number of fireworks that are launched at the show's climax, and the director Sarzhak agrees. He's bored of the show and leaps at the chance to shake things up. Lightning now needs to scour the city for fireworks and deliver them to the crew chief. She needs lots of them—that statue is not going to come down easily.

Hope has a surprise for Lightning. He tells that the only way she can be in the right position when the statue falls is to be on stage as a performer. The director agrees to give Lightning the starring role—but only if has her own costume. Lightning needs to fight in the arena, win the perfect costume, and get back to the show in time for her 3:00 AM cue. Zoe is the owner of the Slaughterhouse and a former actress who once played the role of the savior. She gives Lightning her old costume as a reward for Lightning's victory in the battle arena. The grand plan is about to go into effect. Lightning just has to get into costume and talk to Sarzhak by 3:00 AM, in time for the show's grand finale.

At the climax of the show, Lightning appears on stage in her role as the savior. Sarzhak suspects what she i up to, but has decided to play along and give her the fireworks show she asked for. The towering statue is shaken to its foundations, and then with a massive roar, it topples onto the palace walls.

2-3 A Solitary Patron Yusnaan Snow Villiers Head to the throne of l'Cie to fight Snow.
It was an elaborate plan, but Lightning has finally reached the grounds of Snow's palace, which are infested with thick clouds of Chaos. It could be just a natural outbreak—of something much more sinister. Snow is the last remaining l'Cie, cursed with tremendous powers and an evil destiny. When a l'Cie reaches the end of his strength and falls into despair, he is transformed into a grim creature known as a Cie'th. Beyond the sealed door, Lightning senses the dim presence of Snow. But the door is encased in ice, created with the otherworldly powers of the l'Cie. The ice is the very manifestation of Snow's torment, and Lightning cannot break it with brute strength. Elsewhere in the palace will be a key. Something important to Snow. Something that will resonate with his heart.

The private room of the man who rules Yusnaan looks more like a torture chamber than a place of repose. On the table in the middle of the room, Lightning finds the pendant that Snow gave to Serah as a token of their love. Did he leave it here because he has abandoned his love—or because he wanted to keep it safe? Everything depends on the answer. If this does not melt the ice, then nothing ever will. Snow has been using his l'Cie powers to absorb the Chaos, fighting a solitary battle against the rising tide. In a last desperate act, Snow allows himself to be transformed into a Cie'th and attacks Lightning. But she cries out one last appeal: Don't let your love for Serah disappear into the Chaos! Somehow, Snow hears her—and returns to human form.

Main Quest 3: Wildlands[edit | edit source]

Name Area Character Objectives
3-1 The Angel of Valhalla Wildlands Caius Ballad Find the Angel of Valhalla and defeat the Chocobo Eater.
The Wildlands is nature's last refuge in a dying world. When Lightning first arrives here, she hears a strange voice, whispering on the wind. It speaks of an Angel of Valhalla, and an encounter ordained. An Angel of Valhalla? Lightning has no idea whose voice it is, but given her own past in Valhalla, it might be a lead worth following. She resolves to ask the locals if any of them have heard of this angel.

The Angel of Valhalla is a white chocobo saint to herald the end of the world. It is part of and old legend told throughout the Wildlands. In a village called Canopus Farms, there lives a famed veterinarian by the name of Dr. Gysahl. Apparently, he is the best man to ask about legendary chocobos.

At first, Dr. Gysahl wants nothing to do with Lightning. But when she tells him about the voice she heard, his attitude changes immediately. The doctor reveals he has heard the same voice, and goes on to explain more about the legend of the angel. He then suggests that Lighting talk to his assistant, Seven, who is an expert on tracking chocobos.

3-2 Healing an Angel Wildlands Caius Ballad Take care of the Angel of Valhalla.
Thanks to Dr. Gysahl's emergency surgery, the Angel of Valhalla is out of immediate danger. Lightning is strangely concerned for the animal—she still cannot shake the feeling that they know each other. She decides to find out more from Dr. Gysahl about the chocobo's prognosis.

Gysahl admires the animal with satisfaction. He had pursued the legend of the angel for half a lifetime and now his quest is at an end. He is so moved that he tells the story of his daughter, and her death a century ago. The angel is still not fully recovered. If Lightning continues to nurse the creature, it may grow strong enough to take her to the temple of the goddess.

3-3 Where Chaos Sleeps Wildlands Caius Ballad Head to Etro's Temple to defeat Caius.
At last, the Angel of Valhalla has recovered the use of his wings. The source of the voice that brought Lightning and the angel together remains a mystery. It is time to go to the temple of the goddess where the great Chaos lies, just as the voice foretold: The encounter is ordained. You have been led to the fountainhead whence the Chaos flows.

Lightning now knows the true nature of the great Chaos. It is made up of the very substance of Yeul's souls, that over countless generations of birth and rebirth have become threaded together to form the fabric of the Chaos. Yeul's existence is too dangerous, too destructive to be allowed in the new world, and that is why Caius refuses Lightning's salvation. He is inextricably bound to Yeul. He cannot die, but he can watch over the conflicted soul of Yeul, and descend with them into the darkness at the end of the world.

Main Quest 4: Dead Dunes[edit | edit source]

Name Area Character Objectives
4-1 Bandits of the Desert Dead Dunes Oerba Yun Fang Find the Bandit's Hideout
Somewhere in the Dead Dunes lies the holy clavis, a treasure with the power to draw the souls of the dead and open doors to the otherworld. The Order is anxious to find it—perhaps Lightning should search, too. Bandits operate in the desert, making a living from plundering the ruins. They might have information about this clavis. Lighting should seek them out. The barren sands of the Dead Dunes are not a fit place for human habitation. People are drawn here only for some powerful reason—and in the case of the bandits who form the majority of desert dwellers, that reason is treasure. If anyone knows where the clavis is, it is them. The question is: will they share their knowledge with an outsider?

The settlement of Ruffian is run by a bandit gang calling itself Monoculus. They are a cagey, secretive group, and they are not willing to share information about the clavis with strangers. Lightning does not particularly want to join the gang, but she has little choice. She is going to have to take this trial that Adonis has presented to her. Lightning isn't going to get information about the clavis or anything else until she joins the Monoculus gang. She has little choice but to take their absurd trial, however impossible it sounds. She must find the sandstorm known as God's Wrath that rages near the bandit settlement...and somehow make it stop.

4-2 Aspiring Bandit Dead Dunes Oerba Yun Fang Help Adonis calm the Sandstorm.
If Lightning wants to join the bandit gang, she must quell God's Wrath, a sandstorm that rages near Ruffian. The key to breaking it is held by a monster that can be found nearby. No ordinary human has ever been able to make the key work, but then, the savior is no ordinary human. God's Wrath rages in the area around the Giant's Sandbox. Lightning does something that no human has ever done: she activates the crux and ends the storm. Adonis is impressed—but not exactly surprised. Apparently, his boss had already determined that Lightning possesses special powers. In any case, Lightning is now part of the gang. She should follow Adonis back to the settlement and meet her new boss.

Lightning has become an official member of the Monoculus gang. When she is taken to meet the bandits' leader, she finds herself face-to-face with Fang, an old comrade from centuries past. Fang has also been searching for the clavis—she wants to find it before the Order does. But she doesn't explain why, nor does she offer a reason for leaving Vanille alone with the Order, back in Luxerion...

4-3 Where the Clavis Lies Dead Dunes Oerba Yun Fang Head to the Ruins near the Giant's Hand and investigate the suspicious door.
Fang has been using her position as head of the bandit gang to search for the clavis, but she does not disclose why she wants an ancient relic that gathers the souls of the dead. Meanwhile, the Order is redoubling their efforts to find the clavis. If Lightning and Fang are to reach it first, they must head quickly to the ruins which it is buried. The entrance stands near the Giant's Hand. Fang is unwilling to discuss her reasons for wanting the clavis. She does reveal that it is ultimately meant for Vanille, but why, and for what purpose, she remains silent. Fang will reveal all in her own good time; for now, Lightning needs to concentrate on the search.

Inside the ruins is a sealed door that Fang and her gang have not been able to open. It seems the obvious place to begin... Within the desert ruins, Fang and Lightning at last arrive at the place where they believe the clavis rests. They can feel powerful energy surging within the chamber, but the way is barred by a massive door, sealed shut. Somewhere else in the ruins are strange murals that hold the key to breaking the seal. Lightning has to find them.

4-4 Murals of the Gods Dead Dunes Oerba Yun Fang Decode the Mural of the Gods by collecting lithographs.
Three murals depicting events of the crystal legends are the key to unsealing the door to the clavis chamber. Only those who have seen the three murals and know the deeds of the gods may pass through the Sacred Gate and into the presence of the holy treasure. Each mural is displayed in its own gallery, located in different parts of the ruins. Lightning must visit each one in turn.
4-5 The Holy Clavis Dead Dunes Oerba Yun Fang Find the Clavis and defeat Grendel.
Lightning and Fang have seen the three murals. They have the three pieces of the crux, and now they can open the Sacred Gate. Soon, the holy clavis will be in their hands. But the Order is closing in on the treasure as well. The pair will have to hurry to the chamber if they are to claim the prize and keep it out of the Order's hands.

The Order plans to use the clavis in the Soulsong. The ceremony will not ease the suffering of the dead—it will obliterate them once and for all. Vanille does not know this, but she does know the ceremony will kill her. These is one more chilling fact: if the Soulsong is carried out, Lightning will lose all hope of finding Serah again.

Main Quest 5: Wildlands[edit | edit source]

Name Area Character Objectives
5-1 Father and Son Wildlands Sazh Katzroy Find Sazh's fallen airship/home.
Far in the North, Lightning encounters her old ally Sazh living in a wrecked airship with his son, Dajh. Except that living is hardly the right word for the coma in which the unresponsive Dajh lies. His soul has left his body, and no pleas, no cries, seem to reach him. Sazh is a shadow of the man that Lightning used to know. He clings a coffer of souls given to him by Lumina, his face harrowed and taunt with despair. Someone has told him that if he can collect enough souls fragments, his son will wake again...

All the soul fragments are places in the coffer, but still Dajh does not respond. As Sazh rages in despair, Lumina tells him that it's because of his "scary face." It sounds like mere mockery, but she is speaking the truth. Sazh has allowed his anguish to overcome him, and this is why Dajh remains in the grip of the coma. In a very literal sense, his son is afraid to wake up. Sazh understands at last. Together with the chocobo chick - who turns out to be none other than Chocolina - he begins to fly airship home with laughter. then, like a miracle, Dajh's eyes flutter open.

5-2 Follow the Chocobo Chick Wildlands Sazh Katzroy Follow the chocobo chick to find the Fragment of Mischief.
As soon as Sazh walks out of his house a chocobo chick appears in the same doorway. This chick beats its wings frantically, for all the world as it is trying to communicate something to Lightning. Sazh refused to talk to Lightning, but perhaps the chocobo chick can tell her what she needs to know...

Lightning follows the chocobo chick outside, and there, next to the wrecked airship she finds the Fragment of Mischief. This must be one of the soul fragments that Sazh was talking about. If she could find the rest, would she be able to revive Dajh?

5-3 Wishes on a Canvas Wildlands Sazh Katzroy Collect the Beloved's Gift from the Dead Dunes and Fragment of Smiles from the Wildlands.
Chocolina is a strange woman who looks after the Canvas of Prayers, into which is woven the hopes and dreams of people all across the world. Sazh refused to talk to Lightning, but perhaps with the help of Chocolina and her Canvas of Prayers, Lightning can still find out what is in his heart.

Chocolina produces the Fragment of Smiles from her own heart. When she first met Lightning, she claimed she was not human, and it seems she was telling the truth. Perhaps, by collecting all of Dajh's soul fragments, Lightning will not just help Sazh and his son—she will also uncover the mystery behind Chocolina.

5-4 What Soul Seed Traders Want Wildlands Sazh Katzroy Gather the Moogle Fragment from the Moogle Village and collect soul seeds. Give them to a seedtrader to receive the Fragment of Radiance.
The traders who have Dajh's soul fragment have representatives in all four regions of the world. Easily recognized by their unusual headwear, these merchants offer bounties for a certain material. To start doing business with them, Lightning should talk to their leader, who can usually be found in Luxerion, in the Arcade.

Lightning has obtained the Fragment of Radiance in a deal with one of the soul seed traders. The traders are collecting soul seeds on behalf of a certain organization. Could the fragment have come from that same organization?

5-5 Battle's Bounty Wildlands Sazh Katzroy Defeat Zaltys at the Slaughterhouse in Yusnaan to collect Fragment of Courage.
It appears that one of the soul fragments is in Yusnaan's battle arena, the Slaughterhouse. Rumors are flying that a "special match" is being held with a most unusual prize being offered to the winner. Could that be the soul fragment? There's only one way to find out...

Lightning emerges victorious in the battle arena special match and claims the Fragment of Courage as her prize. One question lingers, though. How did Zoe of the Slaughterhouse get the fragment in the first place? Could she have looted it from the body of a losing contestant?

5-6 Beyond the Sandstorm Wildlands Sazh Katzroy Head to Dead Dunes to beat the Cactair to get the Fragment of Kindness.
A unique creature called a Cactair roams the Dead Dunes, and it appears that it might hold the key to finding one of Dajh's soul fragment. It looks like a regular Cactuar, reports say, but for one unusual feature. What could that be? Whatever this "Cactair" looks like, the best place to search for it is the area near the Oasis Lighthouse.

Lightning has recovered the Fragment of Kindness. But what in the world was that Cactair? Where did it come from? And what was it doing with Dajh's soul fragment?

Side quests[edit | edit source]

There are sixty-six side quests; Luxerion has twenty, Yusnaan has sixteen, Wildlands has twenty-two, and Dead Dunes has eight. The maximum amount of completed side quests on the first playthrough is sixty-four, and sixty-five on any subsequent playthrough. The "The Avid Reader" in Luxerion must be failed to access "To Save the Sinless" side quest. Completing side quests may award any or all of the following: HP boost, STR boost, MAG boost, Item slot expansion, gil, garb, weapon, shield, and adornment.

Luxerion side quests[edit | edit source]

Name Difficulty Client Quest Item Expiry Date Availability Location
Whither Faith ★★☆ Inquisitor Day 1, 06:00 From 21:00 to 23:45, Day 1 only North Station, Plaza
Quest Begins:
The body of a woman has been found in the plaza in front of Luxerion's North Station. It is just the latest in a string of murders in which the victim was a woman with the same color hair as Lightning. Could someone be going after the savior herself?

Lightning needs to question witnesses in the area and report whatever she learns to the inquisitor in charge of the investigation.

  • This quest has a time limit.
Reward: 800 gil, Scholar's Glasses, Max HP +80, Strength +6, Magic +6

Subsequent Rewards: 1200 gil, Max HP +40, Strength +3, Magic +3

Where Are You, Holmes? ★☆☆ Thornton Day 1 06:00 From 21:00 to 06:00, Day 1 only North Station, Plaza
Quest Begins:
Inside Luxerion North Station, station attendant Thornton is worried about his colleague Holmes, who has failed to turn up for his shift. Can Lightning help find him? The quest must be completed by 6 AM. Try searching for a man in uniform near the town hotel in the station plaza.
Current Status
Holmes was not far from the North Station. He had seen the people who hung the dummy from the clock tower and went into hiding, fearful that her would become their next victim.
He will share what he knows with Lightning, but only if she escorts him safely to Luxerion's North Station, where his colleague Thorton anxiously awaits.
Quest Complete:
Lightning has safely escorted the wayward Holmes to the station, to the great relief of his supervisor, Thorton. The latter explains that he had lost Holmes's predecessor in similar circumstances.
Hearing this, Holmes vows not to put Thorton through such worry ever again, and their souls are saved.
Reward: 300 gil, Railworker's Cap, Rail Railworker's Beret, Max HP +30, Strength +3

Subsequent Rewards: 450 gil, Max HP +10, Strength +1

The Thing She's Lost ★☆☆ Dolce Green Carbuncle Doll x1 Complete main quest 1-2, from 21:00 to 06:00 on subsequent days North Station Plaza
Quest Begins:
A tearful Dolce tells Lightning that she has lost her prized treasure, a green Carbuncle doll, somewhere near North Station.

Perhaps Lightning can find it—but it won't be easy, if the toy has come into contact with another dimension.

Reward: 100 gil, Carbuncle Figurine, Max HP +30, Magic +3

Subsequent Rewards: 150 gil, Max HP +10, Magic +1

Like Clockwork ★★☆ Armena Complete main quest 1-4, between 08:00 and 18:00 thereafter North Station Plaza
Quest Begins:
In the plaza in front of Luxerion's North Station, Lightning meets Armena, who is terrified that if the clocks of Luxerion stop, the end of the world will follow. Lightning can help put Armena's mind to rest by checking all the clocks of the city and making sure that they are still ticking.
Reward: 1200 gil, Brass Gear, Max HP +80, Strength +4, Magic +8

Subsequent Rewards: 1800 gil, Max HP +40, Strength +2, Magic +6

Dying Wish ★★☆ Blythe Spectral Elixir x1 From Day 2, between 06:00 and 22:00 The Residences
Quest Begins:
On the Gallery Steps in the commercial district, Lightning meets a girl called Blythe. She has made a journey here to buy special medicine for her father, who is gravely ill, but was told by the potions shop that they are out of ingredients. There is only one such shop in the commercial district. Lightning should pay a visit.
Current Status
It appears that the well-known Chocobo Emporium in the commercial district can brew a batch of the medicine that Blythe needs for her father. Lightning should drop by during opening hours.
Reward: Tonberry's Lantern, Max HP +80, Strength +8, Magic +4

Subsequent Rewards: Max HP +40, Strength +6, Magic +2

Suspicious Spheres ★☆☆ Virgil From Day 2 between 08:00 and 17:00 The Residences
Quest Begins:
Someone has been dropping Order supply spheres willy-nilly all over the city. The spheres are cloaked in a sinister red light.
Virgil wants Lightning to check all these suspicious spheres and then report back to him. He will be waiting for her in the Plaza of Players in the Residences.
Reward: 300 gil, Millionaire's Mustache, Max HP +40, Strength +4, Magic +2

Subsequent Rewards: 450 gil, Max HP +20, Strength +4

Born from Chaos ★★★ Solandra Cursed Dragon Claw x1 After main quest 1-2 Arcade
Quest Begins:
In the North-South Corridor that extends south from the warehouse district, a mighty Zomok from the Chaos is terrorizing local residents.
Thirteen hardened bounty hunters tried to slay the menace, but only a fighter called Solandra survived to tell the tale.
Can Lightning defeat the Zomok on her behalf?
Reward: 6000 gil, Brigand's Tricorne, Pendragon, Max HP +120, Strength +12, Magic +10

Subsequent Rewards: 3000 gil, Max HP +80, Strength +12, Magic +6

Soul Seeds ★☆☆ Baird Soul Seed x1 After main quest 1-2 on Day 1 Arcade
Quest Begins:
In the North-South Corridor, in the Arcade, Lightning encounters Baird, a merchant of sorts. He tells her that he will pay handsomely for any soul seeds she can find. A select group of daring seedhunters make a living by jumping into the Chaos and grabbing soul seeds. Lightning can join their ranks and sell any seeds she finds to the soul seed traders. Easily spotted because of their distinctive hats, one of each trader can be found in Luxerion, Yusnaan, the Wildlands and the Dead Dunes.
Reward: 400 gil, Black Tattoo, Max HP +40, Strength +2, Magic +4

Subsequent Rewards: 600 gil, Max HP +20, Magic +4

Faster Than Lightning ★☆☆ Lamont From Day 2, between 10:00 and 15:00 The Residences
Quest Begins:
In the Saint's Hill area of the Residences, Lightning encounters a would-be challenger by the name of Lamont. Lightning, never one to turn down a summons to a contest, agrees to the race.
Now she has to make sure she keeps up with the fleet-footed kid and beat him to the goal. But with a name like Lightning, how can she lose?
Reward: 200 gil, Gold Medal, Max HP +30, Strength +6

Subsequent Rewards: 889 gil, Max HP +10, Strength +4

Treasured Ball ★☆☆ Talbot Rubber Ball x1 From 10:00 to 20:00 daily 1st Avenue
Quest Begins:
On 1st Avenue near Luxerion's South Station, Lightning encounters a boy who has lost his ball on a rooftop.
It looks like Lightning can reach the roof from the top of a nearby stone wall. Maybe she could fetch the rubber ball for the boy.
Reward: 100 gil, Salvage Pilot's Badge, Max HP +30, Strength +3

Subsequent Rewards: 150 gil, Max HP +10, Strength +2

The Angel's Tears ★★☆ Luka Between 16:00 and 21:00 South Station Plaza
Quest Begins:
Every evening on the plaza at the end of Idol Avenue, near Luxerion's South Station, a young street merchant called Luka appears to sell bottles of her own tears. Hers must be a curious story—she might be willing to share it with Lightning but only if Lightning agrees to buy some of the girl's unusual offerings.
Current Status
Luka sells the tears. But for some reason, she refuses to give any to Lightning. Instead, Luka talks of her past, how she once was a child performer, but then she had to quit...and there she ends her story. If Lightning wants to know more, she will have to talk to Luka again. She comes every evening to the plaza at the end of Idol Avenue, near South Station. Despite demanding a higher price than before, Luka refuses to hand over her tears. Instead, she tells Lightning about the death of her beloved acting coach and mentor. For a century, she cried, until she could no longer cry for herself. Now, the only tears she produces are for sale, and if Lightning wants to buy some, she will have to come back another day.
Reward: 2400 gil, Crystal Tear, Max HP +80, Strength +4, Magic +8

Subsequent Rewards: 3600 gil, Max HP +40, Strength +2, Magic +6

The Saint's Stone ★☆☆ Servant Aremiah Crystal Shard x1 Complete main quest 1-5, available from 22:00 to 06:00 Cathedral Plaza, Holy District
Quest Begins:
In the Cathedral Plaza of the holy district, Lightning encounters Aremiah, a member of the Order, who gives Lightning some news about her old ally Vanille. Apparently Vanille is being kept under close watch by the Order elders, who have designated her a "saint." Unfortunately, a stone that she treasured has been stolen and this has plunged her into despondency. There are few leads, but it might be worth questioning the warehouse employees down in the warehouse district first.
  • Hint: Warehouse Employee next to boxes in the Back Alleys.
Reward: 500 gil, Fragment Crystal, Paladin, Service Entrance Key, Max HP +40, Magic +6

Subsequent Rewards: 750 gil, Max HP +20, Magic +4

The Avid Reader ★★☆ Ranulph Ranulph's Journal x1 Complete main quest 1-5, available from 05:00 to 23:00 Pilgrim's Passage
Quest Begins:
Every day, on Pilgrim's Passage, near South Station, a quiet, dignified gentleman called Ranulph can be seen engrossed in his journal and nibbling on muffins brought to him by the baker, Marlon. Ranulph's life is contented and ordered, marred only by one small wrinkle—the notebook containing the entries from the first 50 years of his life is missing. Perhaps Lightning can find it for him.
Current Status:
Ranulph smilingly tells Lightning that there is nothing of interest in his lost journal, so she needn't read it if she does find it. According to Ranulph, the book may have ended up in a secondhand shop run by a woman called Mitka. It is a slim lead, but the only that Lightning has got. Lightning manages to find the woman Mitka. She once ran a secondhand shop, but she is retired now and devotes her days to God and the Order. Mitka claims she doesn't know where the notebook has gone—but then again, she seems to know more than she is letting on. The mystery goes deeper than a simple missing journal. If Lightning wants to learn more, it looks like she will have to go to the Warren and find a man with no name. In the Warren, Lightning finds a man with a past so dark that he has cast away his own name in a bid to escape it. At one time, he was called Reddick. When he hears that Lightning is helping Ranulph, he tells her that a woman called Erine has the missing journal, and that she can be found in Yusnaan, on a balcony famous for its view of the city and the monorail tracks beyond.
Reward: 900 gil, Dull Grudge Knife, Max HP +60, Strength +6, Magic +4

Subsequent Rewards: 1350 gil, Max HP +20, Strength +3, Magic +3

Buried Passion ★★☆ Armand Quill Pen x1 Complete main quest 1-4, between 10:00 and 19:00 The Residences
Quest Begins:
On Saint's Hill, in the Residences, Lightning meets a sad-looking man by the name of Armand. He asks Lighting if she would care to hear the tale of his dead friend...
Reward: 1300 gil, Black-rimmed Glasses, Max HP +80, Strength +8, Magic +4

Subsequent Rewards: 200 gil, Max HP +40, Strength +6, Magic +2

The Girl Who Cried Wolf ★☆☆ Louise Complete each step within 24 hours of previous step Complete main quest 1-5 North Station Plaza
Quest Begins:
Lightning answers a phone and hears a plea for help. A young woman called Louise is being chased by a mob armed with weapons. She said something about the north side of town, near the graveyard. That could be none other than the Forsaken Graveyard. Lightning will have to hurry if she wants to save the girl.
Note: This quest has a time limit. If you don't hurry, the quest may end in failure.
Quest Failed
Lightning is too late to save Louise. Her body has been found, another victim of the Etro fanatics. A sacrifice in place of the savior... What was she thinking at the moment of her death?
Reward: 500 gil, Leather Rucksack, Max HP +40, Strength +2, Magic +4

Subsequent Rewards: 750 gil, Max HP +20, Magic +4

Stuck in a Gem ★★☆ Gem Starlit Spice x1 After main quest 1-2 on Day 1, from 15:00 to 03:00 every day after Pilgrim's Passage
Quest Begins:
On Pilgrim's Passage in the holy district, Lightning meets a talking cat who begs for help. Can this really be part of the savior's mandate? Must Lightning help cats as well as people?
Current Status"
The talking cat is really a young boy called Ronan, whose soul has ended up in a cat's body thanks to Lumina's trickery. The only way to return him to his true form is a dose of an antidote called starlit spice. The first step is to find a merchant in Luxerion who sells the concoction. Lightning has found a merchant who can sell her a vial of starlit spice, which she needs to rescue Ronan from his jam. Rubrio sells his wares down by the Wall of Joy in the Warren. If Lightning can slay some Niblets, she should be able to collect a couple of niblet hairballs. Then Rubrio will mix the concoction for her. Lightning has the starlit spice, and now she just needs Ronan to take a whiff of the tincture. He can usually be found somewhere around daybreak in the company of cats. The problem is, if the other cats catch the scent they will surely try to steal the spice. Lightning has to get close to Ronan while avoiding the rest of the caterwauling cluster. The cats have stolen the precious vial of starlit spice. Perhaps Rubrio, the merchant down by the Wall of Joy in the Warren, can brew Lightning another batch.
Reward: 1600 gil, Black Cat Ears, Max HP +80, Magic +12

Subsequent Rewards: 2400 gil, Max HP +40, Strength +2, Magic +6

Get the Girl ★★☆ Lackley Complete main quest 1-5, between 00:00 and 06:00 The Warren
Quest Begins:
Down in the Warren, at the bottom of Mangled Hill, slumps a forlorn former officer with a sad tale to tell. His name is Lackley, and he was abandoned on his wedding day by his bride-to-be.
For decades he searched for his fair Philiana, to no avail. He has given up hope now, but perhaps Lightning can succeed where he could not.
Reward: 1500 gil, Exotic Shades, Max HP +80, Strength +4, Magic +8

Subsequent Rewards: 2250 gil, Max HP +40, Strength +2, Magic +6

A Rose by Any Other Name ★★★ Alrick Phantom Rose x1 Complete main quest 1-5 The Warren
Quest Begins:
By the Wall of Wealth, down in the Warren, Lightning encounters a young boy called Alrick. However, it is not Lightning he wants to speak to-it is a look-alike called Myka, who believes is the real savior.
Myka had promised to bring the boy and his mother a legendary flower known as the phantom rose. But Myka is a fraud, and it is up to Lightning to deliver on the promise.
Reward: 3200 gil, Crystal Rose, Red Bow Tie, Purple Lightning, Max HP +120, Strength +10, Magic +12

Subsequent Rewards: 5200 gil, Max HP +80, Strength +4, Magic +10

Voices from the Grave ★☆☆ Complete main quest 1-5 Clock Tower/Pilgrim's Passage
Quest Begins:
Residents of Luxerion speak of seeing the ghosts of women, wandering late in the night. Lightning should research the city and find out the truth behind the reports.
Reward: 400 gil, Halo, Max HP +40, Strength +6

Subsequent Rewards: 600 gil, Max HP +20, Strength +4

To Save the Sinless ★★★ Ranulph Must fail "Avid Reader" quest by reading Ranulph's Journal. Complete "Buried Passion" quest and either "Born from Chaos" or "Fuzzy Search". Available between 5 AM and 11 PM. The southern area by the Clock Tower
Quest Begins:
The forgotten truths that lay in Ranulph's journal told the tale of his wife and child's murder--and a man who would give up all in his quest for revenge. When Lightning reminds Ranulph of the cruel reality he tried to forget, he says in a clipped tone that he needs to know who was responsible. He is prepared to face the truth, no matter how much it may hurt him. His resolve demands that Lightning see this through to the end.

There might be others who know more about the murder of Ranulph's family. Lightning should seek out the reporter who wrote the article about the case.
The reporter who was assigned the case of Ranulph's family is none other than Armand, who is in his usual spot on Saint's Hill in the Residences. He tells Lightning that he will look into the case again, but that he wants her to report back to him about her own adventures, so he can write stories to inspire the people. When Lightning completes either of these quests, she should talk to Armand:
  • "Born from Chaos" (Luxerion, North-South Corridor, entrance to the warehouse district)
  • "Fuzzy Search" (Wildlands, Aryas Village)
    Armand's investigations have turned up new information. The prime suspect in the murder was a man called Reddick. The world believes he is dead, but Lightning knows him as the "man with no name." But if Reddick is the killer, why did he preserve Ranulph's journal so carefully? Why not just burn the evidence? Maybe it is time Lightning paid another visit to the Wall of Joy, down in the Warren.
    Quest Complete"
    Lightning gets the whole story from Reddick. He confesses that he killed Ranulph's wife and daughter. But at the same time, he reveals another key fact, one that might have tragic consequences. Marlon, the baker's boy whom Ranulph is so fond, is Reddick's stepson. When Ranulph learns this, his whole world may come crashing down again. With a heavy heart, Lightning knows she must talk to him once more.
Rewards: 4500 gil, Dark Knight, Max HP +120, Strength +12, Magic +10

Subsequent Rewards: 6800 gil, Max HP +80, Strength +10, Magic +4

Yusnaan side quests[edit | edit source]

Name Difficulty Client Quest Item Expiry Date Availability Location
Fireworks in a Bottle ★☆☆ Drunk Pyrotechnician Bacchus's Brew x1 01:00 on same evening quest is started During main quest 2-2 only; between 19:00 and 00:00 Central Avenue
Quest Begins:
On Yusnaan's Central Avenue, a drunk pyrotechnician refuses to hand over any fireworks to Lightning. But if Lightning were to bring him a bottle of Yusnaan's finest, he might be inclined to change his mind.
Reward: 300 gil, Ceremonial Headdress, Max HP +40, Strength +2, Magic +4

Subsequent Rewards: 450 gil, Max HP +20, Magic +4

The Fighting Actress ★★☆ Slaughterhouse Zoe Exclusive to the events of main quest 2-2 Slaughterhouse
Quest Begins:
In the Champion's Quarter stands the Slaughterhouse battle arena. Zoe, the owner, has given Lightning the go-ahead to fight in tonight's special match. The grand prize will be a gown that Zoe herself once wore on stage. But it isn't enough for Lightning to just win the battle - she has to do it with style and grace. In other words, she must put on a show.
Reward: 1500 gil, Midnight Mauve, Crystal Medal, Silvered Medal, Bronzed Medal, Max HP +80, Strength +6, Magic +6

Subsequent Rewards: 2300 gil, Max HP +40, Strength +5, Magic +5

Songless Diva ★★☆ Olga Music Satchel x1 From 11:00 to 19:00 daily Fountain Square
Quest Begins:
In the Fountain Square, Reveler's Quarter, Lightning meets a singer called Olga who has been abandoned by Berdy, her lover and songwriting partner. If Lightning were to find the wayward Berdy, it could help the diva get her voice back.
Reward: 1400 gil, Queen's Mask, Max HP +80, Strength +6, Magic +6

Subsequent Rewards: 2100 gil, Max HP +40, Strength +4, Magic +4

Stolen Things ★☆☆ Gregory From 12:00 to 04:00 daily Reveler's Quarters
Quest Begins:
On Yusnaan's Central Avenue, Lightning is waylaid by a gentleman named Gregory. He tells her about a pickpocket called Pickett who works the area. Gregory is worried about the young man, and wants Lightning to help him. Lightning has to try and track down Pickett in the Reveler's Quarter and give him his father's Letter.
Reward: 400 gil, Formal Silk Hat, Max HP +50, Strength +2, Magic +4

Subsequent Rewards: 600 gil, Max HP +20, Magic +4

Fireworks for a Steal ★★☆ Funicula Fireworks x5 During the events of main quest 2-2 Glutton's Quarter
Quest Begins:
Just off Hawker's Row in the Glutton's Quarter, Lightning meets Funicula, a fireworks lover set to open the world's first fireworks specialty shop...except that his entire stock has been stolen by monsters. Can Lightning recover the fireworks before time runs out?
Reward: 1300 gil, Vanguard Headdress, Max HP +80, Strength +8, Magic +4

Subsequent Rewards: 2000 gil, Max HP +40, Strength +6, Magic +2

Last Date ★☆☆ Lennet Show up on the evening quest is started or two that follow Complete main quest 2-3; available from 11:00 to 18:58 Glutton's Quarter
Quest Begins:
Lightning runs into a crestfallen young man by the name of Lennet who makes a surprising suggestion—he asks Lightning for a date, in place of the girl who cancelled on him. If Lightning feels sorry enough for the young man, she should don her best outfit and meet him at the Banquet of the Lord, in the Glutton's Quarter.
Reward: 500 gil, Crystal Heart, Max HP +50, Strength +3, Magic +5

Subsequent Rewards: 750 gil, Max HP +20, Magic +4

Friends Forever ★★☆ Primrose Complete main quest 2-3; available from 11:00 to 03:00 Pleasure Alley steps before Augur's Quarter
Quest Begins:
In the Reveler's Quarter, Lightning meets a young woman called Primrose, who is watching the chocobo show with rapt attention. Primrose claims that she herself is a chocobo, and that she is looking for her six chocobo companions. The girl looks human enough to Lightning, but her worry is real. Perhaps Lightning can help.
Reward: 1800 gil, Chocoberet, Chocobo Figurine, Max HP +80, Strength +8, Magic +10

Subsequent Rewards: 2700 gil, Max HP +40, Strength +3, Magic +6

Family Food ★★☆ Seedy's Owner From Day 1 Glutton's Quarter
Quest Begins:
In the Glutton's Quarter, on Hawker's Row, Lightning meets the owner of Seedy's restaurant. The food is top-notch but the owner's business sense isn't, and his restaurant teeters on the edge of collapse. Even his own son has given up on the business. The only person who can save the restaurant now is the renowned epicurean known as Gordon Gourmet.
Reward: 1500 gil, Chef's Hat, Max HP +120, Strength +8, Magic +4

Subsequent Rewards: 2300 gil, Max HP +40, Strength +6, Magic +3

Tanbam's Taboo ★★★ Tanbam Complete main quest 2-3; available from 19:00 to 03:00 Slaughterhouse
Quest Begins:
In the Champion's Quarter, in front of the battle arena, Lightning encounters a man gripped by remorse. Tanbam is his name, and he broke an alchemic taboo to create an enscorcelled machine. Powered by Chaos itself, the machine has already slain many brave fighters. The only person who can stop it now is the Slaughterhouse's knight of light—but even for her, it is a tall order. Can Lightning defeat the dread machine Desmond?
Reward: 4200 gil, Nickel Gear, Crystal Medal, Max HP +140, Strength +12, Magic +8

Subsequent Rewards: 6300 gil, Max HP +80, Strength +10, Magic +4

Play it for Me ★★☆ Morris Nostalgic Score: Coda x1, Nostalgic Score: Refrain x1, Nostalgic Score: Chorus x1 From 11:00 to 19:00 daily Cactuar Plaza
Quest Begins:
In the Champion's Quarter, just off Armor Alley, stands a famous Cactuar statue where Lightning encounters a young trumpeter by the name of Morris playing a very familiar tune. He can only play a few notes of the melody. If Lightning wants to hear more, she will have to collect the rest of the score from the musical spheres. This is another of Lumina's games—but maybe it's worth Lightning's while to play along.
Reward: 1500 gil, Crown of Youth, Max HP +80, Strength +8, Magic +4

Subsequent Rewards: 2300 gil, Max HP +40, Strength +6, Magic +2

Adoring Adornments ★★★ Candice Complete main quest 2-1; from 19:00 to 03:00 every day Augur's Quarter
Quest Begins:
Near the entrance to the Augur's Quarter, Lightning meets Candice, an aspiring baton twirler who just can't seem to get noticed. Candice believes that she needs to jazz up her wardrobe, and after seeing the dashing figure that Lightning cuts, decides she is just the person to help. Lightning's mission? To collect as many adornments as she can and deliver them to Candice.
Reward: 5000 gil, Carnival Mask, Max HP +140, Strength +8, Magic +12

Subsequent Rewards: 7500 gil, Max HP +80, Strength +4, Magic +8

Adoring Candice ★★☆ Tomesso Gift Glasses x1 Complete main quest 2-3 and "Adoring Adornments"; available from 19:00 to 03:00 Pleasure Alley
Quest Begins:
The baton twirler Candice is the talk of the Augur's Quarter. Everyone knows her now, but her biggest fan remains Tomesso. He wants to confess his love by giving Candice a present, but the shop is always sold out. Tomesso is a busy young man, but maybe Lightning can go to the shop in his stead and buy the special adornment.
Reward: 1400 gil, Heart Glasses, Onion Knight's Helm, Max HP +80, Strength +8, Magic +4

Subsequent Rewards: 2100 gil, Max HP +40, Strength +6, Magic +3

Death Safari ★★☆ Gatekeeper Niblet-Defeater Emblem x30 Complete main quest 2-1 Industrial Area
Quest Begins:
The suspicious gatekeeper, who once punched tickets for the Sneaking-in Special is still at his post by the industrial area gate, but he is running a new event now. In Death Safari: A Battle Against Ferocious Monsters!, paying customers get to go around the industrial area slaying as many Niblets as they can. Sounds like fun.
Reward: 1200 gil, Dark Devil Ears, Dazzling Devil Ears, Pure Angel Ears, Cautious Devil Ears, Death Game Ticket, Max HP +80, Strength +8, Magic +4

Subsequent Rewards: 1800 gil, Max HP +40, Strength +6, Magic +3

Death Game ★★★ Biggs Death Game Point x30 Complete "Death Safari" Industrial Area
Quest Begins:
Lightning has a ticket to enter a special event run by Wedge's friend, Biggs. It is called the Death Game, and it promises to live up to its billing. In the Death Game, contestants try to slay as many monsters as possible inside the sealed warehouse district. Multiple attempts are allowed.
Reward: 3800 gil, Emergency Beacon, Dragoon, Max HP +120, Strength +12, Magic +6

Subsequent Rewards: 5700 gil, Max HP +60, Strength +10, Magic +4

A Testing Proposition ★★★ Alchemist Velno From Day 1 Champion's Quarter
Quest Begins:
In the Champion's Quarter, next to the battle arena, Lightning meets a potion-peddling alchemist called Velno who makes an interesting proposition. Velno has made a fortifying tincture by mixing two deadly poisons, and she wants Lightning to test it out. It sounds dangerous, but the potion might prove useful in battle. Hint: You must free up a slot for the potion in your recovery items inventory.
Reward: 3500 gil, Scholar's Mortarboard, Nektar of the Gods Ω, Max HP +120, Strength +8, Magic +12

Subsequent Rewards: 5300 gil, Max HP +60, Strength +4, Magic +10

Free Will ★★★ Diviner I Desert Flame x3 Must speak to Diviner II between 06:00 and 17:59, day after quest is started From Day 1 Reveler's Quarter
Quest Begins:
Fountain Square, the Reveler's Quarter. Lightning encounters a mysterious diviner who tells her that his colleague has used alchemic arts to acquire an eye that can see the future. If the two diviners are telling the truth, it might be worth Lightning's while to do as they bid her and follow her "true path as the savior."
Reward: 4500 gil, Summoner's Mask, Blue Mage, Max HP +140, Strength +8, Magic +12

Subsequent Rewards: 6800 gil, Max HP +80, Strength +4, Magic +8

Wildlands side quests[edit | edit source]

Name Difficulty Client Quest Item Expiry Date Availability Location
A Father's Request ★★☆ Sarala Vegetable Seed Begin Saving an Angel quest; between 07:00 to 21:00 Canopus Farms
Quest Begins:
In the farming village of Canopus Farms, Lightning encounters a young woman called Sarala tending her field. Sarala grows gysahl greens, a favorite of chocobos, but at the moment her field lies barren for want of fertilizer. Her father was supposed to bring some back, but he is prone to wandering off for days at a time, and this time, too, he has failed to return. Lightning should head to Jagd Woods and find a wayward farmer by the name of Cole.
Reward: 800 gil, Girlish Glasses, Max HP +80, Strength +4, Magic +8

Subsequent Rewards: 1200 gil, Max HP +40, Strength +2, Magic +6

The Hunter's Challenge ★★☆ Hunter Chief Monster Mince x3, AMP Chip x1 Complete "The Right Stuff" quest, available between 20:00 and 08:00 Jagd Village
Quest Begins:
Lightning meets the chief of the Jagd hunters in their settlement in the woods, who asks her to slay certain monsters. By performing the deed, he hopes that Lighting will become a role model for the young hunters of his village. The first challenge is a warm-up of sorts. Lightning must battle wild Valis and Hanumans, collect three clumps of monster mince, and report back to the chief.
Reward: 1200 gil, Soldier of Peace, Golden Insignia, Max HP +80, Strength +8, Magic +4

Subsequent Rewards: 1800 gil, Max HP +40, Strength +6, Magic +2

A Final Cure ★★☆ Cardesia Chocoborel x4, Luminous Mushroom x4, Crimm Mushroom x1 Begin "Saving an Angel", between 08:00 and 22:00 Jagd Village
Quest Begins:
Lightning meets Cardesia, the apothecary of Jagd Village. She is suffering from a mysterious ailment, but worse than the illness is the fact that she is unable to brew a cure for a certain patient. Lightning can help, though. She just has to find a red Crimm mushroom and deliver to Cardesia.
Reward: 1600 gil, Suspicious Mushroom, Toxic Mushroom, Max HP +80, Magic +12

Subsequent Rewards: 2400 gil, Max HP +40, Magic +8

Fuzzy Search ★☆☆ Dr. Sheep From Day 2, between 06:00 and 18:00 Aryas Village
Quest Begins:
Disaster has struck in the village of Aryas—three of Dr. Sheep's prize specimens have broken out of their pen! Can Lightning round up the strays? They are much larger than regular sheep, so they should be easy to spot.
Reward: 400 gil, Fuzzy Sheep Figurine, Canned Sheep Logo, Max HP +40, Strength +6, Fuzzy Sheep Milk

Subsequent Rewards: 600 gil, Max HP +20, Strength +4

Round 'Em Up ★★☆ Dr. Sheep Complete "Fuzzy Search" quest; available from 06:00 to 18:00 Aryas Village
Quest Begins:
Over in Aryas Village, Dr. Sheep is having more trouble with his charges. This time, three whole flocks have managed to escape the pen and are at large in the Wildlands. To round them up, Lightning will need to ride some kind of large animal. A chocobo, for example. Once she has the wayward sheep safely corralled, she should report back to Dr. Sheep.
Reward: 1200 gil, Cowboy Hat, Max HP +80, Strength +8, Magic +6, Creamy Sheep Milk

Subsequent Rewards: 1800 gil, Max HP +40, Strength +6, Magic +2

Chocobo Cheer ★☆☆ Nadia Complete "Saving an Angel" quest Jagd Village
Quest Begins:
Nadia of Jagd Village tells Lightning about a rare medicinal herb that works well on chocobos. It is called Yeul's flower, and she has heard that some specimens are blooming near the ruined city to the east. The flower starts to lose its potency almost the moment it is picked. The Angel of Valhalla should be taken to the flower, rather than the other way around.
Reward: 300 gil, Golden Flower, Chocobo Chick, Max HP +80, Magic +6

Subsequent Rewards: 450 gil, Max HP +20, Magic +4

Peace and Quiet, Kupo ★☆☆ Talk to Moogles in the center of Moogle Village Between 19:00 and 07:00 Moogle Village
Quest Begins:
Lightning find a moogle village deep in Jagd Woods—and just in the nick of time, as it turns out, as their peaceful existence is under attack by menacing Dryads. Monster slaying? Sounds like the perfect job for Lightning.
Reward: 555 gil, Moogle Fragment, Mog Figurine, Max HP +60, Strength +7, Magic +7, Recovery Item Capacity +1

Second Reward: 999 gil, Max HP +20, Strength +2, Magic +2, Recovery Item Capacity +1 Subsequent Rewards: 999 gil, Max HP +20, Strength +2, Magic +2

Saving an Angel ★★☆ Dr. Gysahl Any chocobo recovery item to restore it to riding strength Complete main quest 3-1 Canopus Farms
Quest Begins:
Thanks to the desperate efforts of Dr. Gysahl and his staff, the Angel of Valhalla is out of immediate danger. But now he needs food to regain his strength. It is time to see if Lightning really is the chosen one. She must take the gysahl green from the doctor and try feeding it to the proud chocobo.
Reward: 1200 gil, White Chocobo Chick, Max HP +80, Strength +8, Magic +8

Subsequent Rewards: 1800 gil, Max HP +40, Strength +5, Magic +5

Omega Point ★★☆ Research Leader Complete main quest 3-2 Research Camp
Quest Begins:
In the Wildlands is the Omega Point, the location where the Chaos first burst into the world 500 years ago. At a nearby camp, scientists conduct a research mission that most of the world has forgotten. In the difficult, inhospitable terrain, there are many areas beyond the reach of the scientists—but not for Lightning and her healthy chocobo. Lightning should help the dogged scientists solve the many mysteries that surround the Omega Point.
Reward: 1600 gil, Aerial Guard's Badge, Max HP +80, Strength +4, Magic +6

Subsequent Rewards: 2400 gil, Max HP +40, Strength +2, Magic +6

The Old Man and the Field ★☆☆ Stubborn Old Man Gysahl Greens x1 Complete "A Father's Request" quest; available after harvesting first crop of Gysahl Greens at Canopus Farms Research Camp
Quest Begins:
An old man's tantal greens or the gysahl greens of Canopus farms—which are better? Lightning should collect some gysahl greens from Sarala in Canopus Farms and help the old man settle this burning question. If she does, he promises, he will let Lightning use his field as she pleases.
Reward: 500 gil, Yellow-rimmed Glasses, Max HP +40, Strength +6

Subsequent Rewards: 750 gil, Max HP +20, Strength +4

Land of Our Forebears ★★★ Cole Complete "The Old Man and the Field" quest; between 09:00 and 22:00 Aryas Village
Quest Begins:
The wandering man was in fact Cole, Sarala's father, who faked his own death to force Sarala to become more independent. Hearing the story, Lightning is reminded of another man she has met—the grumpy old farmer over at the Research Camp. Didn't he seem to have a special interest in Sarala and her father?
Reward: 3500 gil, Pink-rimmed Glasses, Max HP +150, Strength +12, Magic +10

Subsequent Rewards: 5200 gil, Max HP +80, Strength +10, Magic +4

A Taste of the Past ★★☆ Chef Aryas Aryas Apple x2, Rocky Crag Mole x2 Complete "Saving an Angel" quest; between 09:00 and 22:00 Aryas Village
Quest Begins:
In Aryas Village, a master chef is anxious to work his culinary magic, but cannot until he has the right ingredients. For his special recipe, the chef needs three drops of vibrant ooze and six moonsoul blooms. Both are fairly easy to find—vibrant ooze, for example can be harvested from Miniflan. On the other hand, the chef's legendary recipe is a greater challenge, which requires two rocky crag moles and two Aryas apples.
Reward: 1200 gil, Ripe Apple, Crystal Apple, Max HP +80, Strength +2, Magic +6, Mystical Meal

Subsequent Rewards: 1800 gil, Max HP +40, Strength +2, Magic +6

Dog, Doctor, and Assistant ★☆☆ Assistant Thirteen Dayring Blossom x4, Moonsoul Bloom x2, Goopy Goo x5 Complete "Saving an Angel" quest Research Camp & Canopus Farms
Quest Begins:
Dr. Gysahl's assistant Thirteen has prescribed medicine for a sickly dog. A doctor called Tilda is looking after the dog over in the Research Camp, but she's missing key ingredients to make the cure. Specifically, she needs four dayring blossoms, two moonsoul blooms, and five clumps of goopy goo. Goopy Goo can be harvested from Triffids.
Reward: 500 gil, Orange Newsboy Cap, Max HP +40, Strength +2, Magic +4, Animal Potion

Subsequent Rewards: 750 gil, Max HP +20, Magic +4

The Right Stuff ★☆☆ Hunter Hopeful Vibrant Ooze x6 Begin "Saving an Angel" quest Jagd Woods
Quest Begins:
At the entrance to the Jagd Woods, Lightning is waylaid by a young hunter hopeful. He offers a deal—if she can defeat certain monsters, he will give her chocobo feed. Lightning simply has to hunt down some Miniflan, collect six samples of vibrant ooze, and deliver them to the hunter.
Reward: 300 gil, Chocobo Feather Pin, Max HP +40, Strength +4, Magic +2, Mystical Meal

Subsequent Rewards: 450 gil, Max HP +20, Strength +4

The Secret Lives of Sheep ★★★ Cornelia Mystery Egg x1 Complete "Round 'Em Up" quest; available between 18:00 to 05:59 Aryas Village
Quest Begins:
Outside of Aryas Village, biologist Cornelia is risking her life to investigate the breeding habits of wild Fuzzy Sheep. If Lightning were to shadow the sheep in her stead, she would have a better chance of fighting off the monsters and solving the mystery of the Fuzzy Sheep nesting grounds.
Reward: 3200 gil, Cool Glasses, Max HP +120, Strength +10, Magic +12

Subsequent Rewards: 4800 gil, Max HP +80, Strength +4, Magic +10

Where Are You, Moogle? ★★☆ Moggel Complete "Peace and Quiet", Kupo; between 19:00 and 07:00 Moogle Village
Quest Begins:
Deep in the Jagd Woods lies a village inhabited by moogles. There, Moggel has realized that three of his fellow moogles left ten days ago and failed to return. They must not be allowed to die out there in the forest alone—it's up to Lightning to find the lost moogles!
Reward: 1300 gil, Mog Mask, Retro Mog Mask, Maximum HP +80, Strength +6, Magic +8

Subsequent Rewards: 2000 gil, Max HP +40, Strength +2, Magic +6

Mercy of a Goddess ★★☆ Taleb Cardesia's Cure x1 45 in-game minutes before cure goes bad Complete "A Final Cure" quest, speak to Taleb in Poltae Poltae
Quest Begins:
In the village of Poltae, a man suffers under the heavy burden of a curse. Taleb is his name, and he believes death is the only way to escape the pain. But will Cardesia's potion really give him what he wants?
Reward: 1600 gil, Delicious Mushroom, Max HP +80, Strength +8

Subsequent Rewards: 2400 gil, Max HP +40, Strength +8

The Grail of Valhalla ★★★ Professor Lathom Goddess Glyphs x1, Chaos Glyphs x1

Silvered Metal Fragment x1, Plate Metal Fragment x1, Golden Metal Fragment x1

From first visit to Poltae Poltae
Quest Begins:
In the village of Poltae, Lightning encounters Professor Lathom, a scholar who is searching for something called the grail of Valhalla. If Lightning truly is the chosen one, then she and the angel may be the only ones who can find it for him. Hint: Lightning must find two sets of glyphs inside the temple to decode the legend of the grail.
Reward: 3800 gil, Sacred Knight, Crest of Etro, Max HP +150, Strength +10, Magic +16

Subsequent Rewards: 5700 gil, Max HP +80, Strength +6, Magic +10

To Live in Chaos ★★★ The Angel of Valhalla Complete main quest 3-3, chocobo must be fully healed Canopus Farms
Quest Begins:
The entire village of Canopus Farms has been swallowed up by a Chaos infusion. The villagers are forced to abandon their home, leaving behind the chocobos that were under Dr. Gysahl's care. Odin, in his incarnation as the Angel of Valhalla, cries out as he leaps into the Chaos to help his trapped friends. Inside awaits his mortal foe—the dreaded Chocobo Eater.
Reward: 4200 gil, Gagnrad, Odin's Horn, Max HP +150, Strength +16, Magic +12

Subsequent Rewards: 6300 gil, Max HP +80, Strength +12, Magic +4

Killing Time ★☆☆ Waiting Man Complete "Saving an Angel" quest Poltae
Quest Begins:
In the village of Poltae, a man stands gazing out toward the temple of the goddess, awaiting the end of the world. His only wish before he dies is to see the Angel of Valhalla take wing across the chasm and reach the entrance of the temple.
Reward: 100 gil, White Chocobo Figurine, Max HP +30, Magic +3

Subsequent Rewards: 150 gil, Max HP +20, Strength +2, Magic +2

Matchmaker ★☆☆ Tilda Moonsoul Bloom x4, Rocky Crag Mole x2, Green Leather x5 Complete "Dog, Doctor, and Assistant" and "Round 'Em Up" quests Research Camp
Quest Begins:
Tilda, the doctor based at the Research Camp, wants to give Dr. Sheep some ingredients as a present—but she cannot find them herself. She needs four moonsoul blooms, two rocky crag moles, and five strips of green leather. Green leather can be collected from Goblins.
Reward: 1600 gil, Yellow Ribbon, Max HP +80, Strength +8, Magic +6

Subsequent Rewards: 2400 gil, Max HP +40, Strength +6, Magic +3

Mother and Daughter ★★☆ Brella Complete "Saving an Angel" quest; between 06:00 and 22:00 Train Station
Quest Begins:
As usual, Brella is hanging out on the road near Wildlands Station. But when Lightning approaches her, she seems sadder than usual. She tells Lightning about a dog she once had called Clove. She adored the animal like her own daughter; together they made a family. But then, one terrible day, Clove disappeared. It happened quite recently. Perhaps there is a chance that Lightning can find the dog.
Reward: 1200 gil, Leopard Tail, Max HP +80, Strength +6, Magic +4

Subsequent Rewards: 1800 gil, Max HP +40, Strength +3, Magic +6

Dead Dunes side quests[edit | edit source]

Name Difficulty Client Quest Item Expiry Date Availability Location
The Life of a Machine ★★☆ Bhakti Bhakti's Oil x3 3 days after starting quest From Day 1 Temple Ruins (Floor 3)
Quest Begins:
In an isolated chamber of the Sacred Grove in the Temple Ruins, Lightning finds an exploratory rover bot called Bhakti. It seems he is almost out of fuel, but Lightning might be able to help.
This quest has a time limit.
Current Status:
The energia Bhakti needs can be found in three locations: Tobias's General Store in Ruffian, next to the Shrine of the Tablet in the Grave of the Colossi, and the foot of the Oasis Lighthouse. There might be other supplies elsewhere, too. Once Lightning has three energia of fuel, she should take them to Bhakti.
Quest Complete:
Fully mobile once again, Bhakti finally manages to open the chamber where he believes his comrades are waiting for him. But those comrades are not robots; they are humans, and long dead. When Bhakti learns that his friends cannot be repaired, his own systems shut down and he falls silent for good. Who can say if machines have souls? What is clear, is that in his final moments, Bhakti knew what it meant to be human.
Reward: Cyber Scanners, Max HP +80, Strength +4, Magic +4

Subsequent Rewards: Max HP +20, Strength +2, Magic +4

Old Rivals ★☆☆ Tobias From Day 1 Ruffian
Quest Begins:
Tobias is a wealthy merchant who runs several shops across the Dead Dunes. But the lack of competitors out in the desert means his selection is poor and his customer service worse. Tobias just can't bring himself to get excited about his business without competitors to spur him on. People like Ramon, for example, who was once a fierce rival but now does nothing but loiter around the Giant's Sandbox.
Quest Complete:
Now that Ramon has reopened his shop, Tobias is fired up about his business again—it's the competition that he really loved. His soul is released from the ennui that had gripped him, and now Lightning can expect to find much better wares in his shop. Maybe Lightning should visit Tobias's General Store some time and see what new merchandise is available.
Reward: 500 gil, Snakeskin Hat, Max HP +50, Strength +4, Magic +2

Subsequent Rewards: 750 gil, Max HP +20, Strength +4

His Wife's Dream ★★☆ Ramon Arithmometer x1 From Day 1, start "Old Rivals" quest Giant's Sandbox
Quest Begins:
Ramon was once a hardworking businessman, but he abandoned his shop and now spends his days lounging near the north entrance of the Temple Ruins. The only reason he hasn't left the Dead Dunes is because he is still hoping to find the arithmometer that belonged to his departed wife, Monica. Perhaps Lightning can help.
Current Status:
Ramon's wife, Monica, was killed by a monster out in the desert. Perhaps the monster that did the deed is still prowling the sands. Lightning should search for evidence of monster attacks on merchants and caravans. If Lightning can find Monica's arithmometer, she should take it to Ramon, who lounges near the north entrance of the Temple Ruins.
Quest Complete:
With his wife's arithmometer in his hands at last, Ramon remembers the dream Monica had for the both of them, in which they built a shop out here in the desert and made it a grand success. Ramon resolves to take up the dream once more. He reopens his shop, Ramon's Essentials, and Lightning becomes his first customer.
Reward: 1300 gil, Gold Padlock, Max HP +100, Strength +6, Magic +2

Subsequent Rewards: 1950 gil, Max HP +40, Strength +4, Magic +2

Tool of the Trade ★☆☆ Elmer Loupe x1 From Day 1 Ruffian
Quest Begins:
In Ruffian, Lightning meets a young man who speaks in a strange code. Elmer first came to the Dead Dunes to unlock the secrets of the ruins, and although he has given up on his research, he still knows a great deal about them. Lightning may help rekindle his motivation if she finds his old appraising tool, the loupe. 'Hint: The bandits discard their garbage in the Atomos's Sands area.'
Reward: 400 gil, Retro Scopes, Max HP +50, Strength +2, Magic +4

Subsequent Rewards: 600 gil, Max HP +20, Strength +2, Magic +2

Adonis's Audition ★★☆ Adonis From Day 1 Ruffian
Quest Begins:
In the outlaw settlement of Ruffian, Lightning encounters a character called Adonis, who appears to be an important figure in the bandit gang known as Monoculus. He tells her that they have information about the holy clavis, but they will only share it if she joins the gang. Monoculus runs everything in the desert. If Lightning wants to accomplish anything while she is here, it might be a good idea to do what Adonis suggests.
Current Status:
Out in the desert, a storm called God's wrath rages endlessly. If someone can activate the monument that stands nearby, the storm will finally cease—or so the locals believe. Lightning must battle the Gurangatch that prowls nearby and recover the key that activates the monument.
Quest Complete:
As soon as Lightning gains possession of the Anchorite's Crux, the monument is activated, and the storm that no one could calm suddenly grows still. This is proof that she is indeed a messenger from God. Lightning has passed the trial. Now it is time to return to Ruffian, talk to Adonis, and be introduced to the bandit boss.
Reward: 1500 gil, Monoculus Mask, Max HP +100, Strength +4, Magic +8

Subsequent Rewards: 2300 gil, Max HP +50, Strength +4, Magic +6

Skeletons in the Closet ★★★ Jamus Complete main quest 4-3 Ruffian
Quest Begins:
In Ruffian, Lightning encounters a former bandit by the name of Jamus, He is a tormented soul, who cannot forget the day when Skeletons attacked him and his children and left him as the only survivor. Jamus's life is in tatters, and the only thing that might save him is revenge. Lightning agrees to seek out all the Skeletons and destroy them once and for all.
Quest Complete:
Lightning has destroyed every last Skeleton in the world. It does not end Jamus's pain, but it does allow him to face his grief at last. Jamus declares that he will visit the graves of his children and tell them that the Skeletons are no more. The children are lost, but at least Lightning has saved the soul of a father.
Reward: 4500 gil, Pioneer's Eyepatch, Max HP +140, Strength +14, Magic +12

Subsequent Rewards: 6700 gil, Max HP +60, Strength +6, Magic +6

Last One Standing ★★★ Zanford From Day 1 Oasis Lighthouse
Quest Begins:
At the foot of the Oasis Lighthouse, Lightning meets a man called Zanford who seems to be the last researcher. Not the last remaining researcher, he clarifies, but one who investigates the phenomenon of Last Ones. Last One monsters are fearsome beasts that concentrate the strength of their... predecessors into one last ultimate incarnation. Lightning's task is simple, yet surely impossible. Can she eradicate all monster species and slay every Last One incarnation?
Quest Complete:
Reward: 12000 gil, Hermit's Cap, Bladed Lance, Max HP +160, Strength +18, Magic +16

Subsequent Rewards: 18000 gil, Max HP +100, Strength +10, Magic +8

What Rough Beast Slouches ★★★ Nolan Monster Flesh x1 From Day 1, Aeronite appears on Day 7 Giant's Sandbox
Quest Begins:
Inside the southern entrance to the Temple Ruins, on the upper level of Scorched Earth, Lightning meets a man who presents Lightning with a perilous mission. He claims that a terrible beast has appeared to herald the end of the world, and he wants Lightning to find this beast, the Aeronite, hunt it down, and bring back a sample of its flesh.
Quest Complete:
Nolan has been harboring a dream to age like all humans once did. Perhaps it is too late now, but he has found a way at last-he believes he must eat the flesh of an extra-dimensional beast. He grins with wicked satisfaction at the putrid mound of flesh, to which leathery skin still clings. His mind is set now, and only one questions remains-should he grill the meat, or stew it?
Reward: 8200 gil, Pro's Beret, Max HP +160, Strength +12, Magic +16

Subsequent Rewards: 12300 gil, Max HP +90, Strength +6, Magic +10

Canvas of Prayers[edit | edit source]

There are a total of eighty-three Canvas of Prayers quests; Luxerion offers thirteen quests, Yusnaan has fourteen, Wildlands has twenty-five, Dead Dunes has eighteen, and there are thirteen Global quests. Canvas of Prayers quests do not yield Eradia, but completing them will award gil, stat boosts, and adornments.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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