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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII demo thumbnail on PlayStation Store.

A trial version of "LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII". The final part of "FINAL FANTASY XIII" series. Come and experience a new battle with Lightning's "Style Change" system. Join the network communication "Outerworld Service", If you post a boss battle score, powerful Garb "Siegfried" can be used in "LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII".

Description on PlayStation Store Japan.

A playable demo of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII was released on November 26th, 2013, on the PlayStation Store Japan and on January 14th, 2014, on the Xbox Games Store available only to GOLD accounts. It was pulled from the Xbox Games Store shortly,[1] then re-added on January 21, 2014, where it remained available to Gold members for a week before it became available to Silver members as well.[2] The demo was free to download and requires 1.7 GB of free space on the PlayStation 3. It was released on the North American PlayStation Store on January 21st, 2014, and was released on the European PlayStation Store on the next day.[3] The demo had the Outerworld feature for players to post screenshots and battle scores on Twitter and Facebook.[4]

The demo ends with a new trailer showing off the game's features, locations and characters.


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Lightning, chosen by the god Bhunivelze as the savior, travels to Yusnaan where the palace is amidst of a party. Snow Villiers, the city's patron, has become burdened by guilt over Serah's death. As Lightning arrives at the palace there is an outburst of Chaos, and Snow and Lightning fight off the monsters it spawns. Afterward they fight each other, and Lightning defeats Snow. He asks whether she will "save [his] soul", and is shocked when she offers to "help" him. They are interrupted by a mysterious girl named Lumina, who breaks Lightning's blade and brings down the chandelier.

Snow escapes and Lightning pursues him deeper into the palace but is stalled by Lumina, who summons a Zaltys and then vanishes. Lightning defeats the Zaltys and continues her pursuit until she is blocked by a mass of Chaos. As Snow went inside, Lightning fears he's gone insane. After being spotted by the palace guards, Lightning is transported to safety by Hope Estheim. Lumina appears, indignant about Lightning's hope to save Snow.

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Lightning in her Black Mage garb fighting an Anubys.

As with the full version of the game, the demo starts with the opening cinematic showing Lightning in Yusnaan, and the player has to fight an Anubys in the first battle.

Unlike the full game, Lightning starts with three garbs instead of just two (Equilibrium, known under the name of "The Savior" in battle, Dark Muse, and Black Mage) with three additional being unlocked after deeming the area safe around the ice pillar (Red Mage, Heartstealer, and Dragoon), two vials of X-Potions instead of the normal Potions, and a Warrior's Potion. She also starts with 50,000 gil.

Tenio, a Black Market Dealer, will sell X-Potions for 640 Gil instead of free Potions in the full game.


The Siegfried garb can be obtained by posting a score from boss battle via the "Outerworld Service". Additionally, the North American PlayStation 3 version nets the Utsusemi garb when the player downloads the demo.