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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII: Original Soundtrack PLUS (LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII オリジナル・サウンドトラック プラス, LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII Orijinaru Saundotorakku Purasu?) is an additional soundtrack for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. It contains trailer arrangements of several original soundtrack tracks, as well as arrangements of the Nintendo era mainstream Final Fantasy titles performed by in-game street musicians. It was released on March 26th, 2014.

Track list[]

  1. Lightning Returns (Special Trailer Ver.) — 1:31
    (ライトニングリターンズ - Special Trailer Ver. -, Raitoningu Ritānzu - Special Trailer Ver. -?)
    Track used in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Special Effects Trailer.
  2. High Voltage (Game Ver.) — 3:32
    (ハイボルテージ - Game Ver. -, Hai Borutēji - Game ver. -?)
    Game version of "High Voltage".
  3. The Captive Saint — 4:54
    (囚われの聖女, [missing rōmaji]?)
    Plays when Lightning meets Vanille in the Luxerion Cathedral for the first time and learns of her new ability to hear the dead.
  4. Sazh and Dajh (Complete Mix) — 3:46
    (サッズとドッジ - Complete Mix -, Sazzu to Dojji - Complete Mix -?)
    Full track of "Sazh and Dajh" that plays during the cutscene in the Wildlands when Lightning saves Sazh and Dajh's souls.
  5. Death Game (Synthesizer Ver.) — 3:43
    (デスゲーム - Synthesizer Ver. -, Desu Gēmu - Synthesizer Ver. -?)
    Synthesizer version of "Death Game".
  6. Desert Lullaby (Instrumental) — 7:36
    (デザートララバイ - Instrumental -, Dezāto Rarabai - Instrumental -?)
    The instrumental version of "Desert Lullaby".
  7. Snow's Theme - Final Words (Complete Mix) - — 6:27
    (スノウのテーマ ~遺言~ - Complete Mix -, [missing rōmaji]?)
    Full track of "Snow's Theme - Final Words -" that plays when Lightning saves Snow's soul.
  8. Lost Souls - Caius & Yeul — 4:18
    (救えぬ魂 ~カイアスとユール~, [missing rōmaji]?)
    The track that plays after Lightning's battle with Caius where he reveals his current status.
  9. A Dying World — 3:18
    (終わりゆく世界, [missing rōmaji]?)
    Plays when Noel confronts Lightning at the Oracle Drive in the Warren of Luxerion.
  10. The Dead Dunes (Live Edit Ver.) — 4:21
    (デッド・デューン ~熱砂の砂漠~ - Live Edit Ver. -, [missing rōmaji]?)
    Arrangement track of "The Dead Dunes" mixed with the track "City of Revelry".
  11. The Ark (Soundtrack Exclusive Ver.) — 2:53
    (箱舟 - Soundtrack Exclusive Ver. -, [missing rōmaji]?)
    Arrangement track of "The Ark" made specifically for the PLUS version of the soundtrack.
  12. Serah's Theme (Piano Ver.) — 2:17
    (セラのテーマ - Piano Ver. -, Sera no Tēma - Piano Ver. -?)
    The piano cover of "Serah's Theme - Memories -" which plays after completing the Songless Diva side quest in Yusnaan.
  13. Soul Seeds — 1:20
    (ソウルシード, Souru Shīdo?)
    Plays when an enemy appears in a Chaos infusion inside the Patron's Palace.
  14. Lightning Returns (Aggressive Mix) — 0:57
    (ライトニングリターンズ - Aggressive Mix -, Raitoningu Ritānzu - Aggressive Mix -?)
    Arrangement of "Lightning Returns".
    Plays when an enemy appears in a Chaos infusion and attempts to attack Lightning.
  15. The Onslaught — 0:50
    (魔襲, [missing rōmaji]?)
    Plays in the Dead Dunes when an enemy appears and tries to attack Lightning.
  16. Final Fantasy (Yusnaan Ver.) — 2:27
    (FINAL FANTASY - ユスナーン Ver. -, FINAL FANTASY - Yusunān Ver. -?)
    Arrangement of "Opening Theme" from Final Fantasy performed by wandering musicians in Yusnaan.
  17. Eternal Winds - The Dead Dunes (Japanese Ver.) — 2:59
    (悠久の風 - デッド・デューン Japanese Ver. -, [missing rōmaji]?)
    Arrangement of "Eternal Wind" performed in Japanese in the Dead Dunes in the Japanese release of the game.
  18. Battle at the Big Bridge (Yusnaan Ver.) — 0:55
    (ビッグブリッヂの死闘 - ユスナーン Ver. -, [missing rōmaji]?)
    Arrangement of "Battle at the Big Bridge" from Final Fantasy V performed by the Tour Guide in Yusnaan.
  19. Terra's Theme (Biggs & Wedge Ver.) — 0:58
    (ティナのテーマ - ビッグス&ウェッジ Ver. -, Tina no Tēma - Biggusu & Wejji Ver. -?)
    Arrangement of "Terra's Theme" from Final Fantasy VI performed by Biggs and Wedge after completing Death Safari and Death Game side quests in Yusnaan.
  20. A Home Far Away — 1:33
    (いつかのふるさと, Itsuka no Furusato?)
    Guitar arrangement of "New Bodhum" performed in English by a man in Luxerion.
  21. Ballad of a Vagabond — 1:59
    (旅人のバラッド, [missing rōmaji]?)
    A female bard near Luxerion Clock Tower, and a male bard near Yusnaan's Slaughterhouse, perform the ballad.
  22. Eternal Winds - The Dead Dunes (English Ver.) — 2:51
    (悠久の風 - デッド・デューン English Ver. -, [missing rōmaji]?)
    Arrangement of "Eternal Wind" performed in English in the Dead Dunes in the international release of the game.
  23. The Savior's Words (Japanese Ver.) — 1:56
    (解放者の詩 - Japanese Ver. -, [missing rōmaji]?)
    "The Savior's Words" performed in Japanese.
  24. The Savior's Words - Christmas in Nova Chrysalia — 5:50
    (解放者の詩 ~ノウス=パルトゥスのクリスマス~, [missing rōmaji]?)
    Christmas-themed arrangement of "The Savior's Words".
  25. Innkeeper — 0:20
    (宿屋, [missing rōmaji]?)
    Plays whenever Lightning rests at an inn.


  • Composed & Arranged by Mitsuto Suzuki (1, 5, 10, 11, 14, 20, 24)
  • Composed & Arranged by Naoshi Mizuta (4, 6, 8, 9, 13, 15, 25)
  • Composed & Arranged by Hiroshi Kaneko (21)
  • Composed by Naoshi Mizuta & Masashi Hamauzu / Arranged by Naoshi Mizuta (2, 3, 7)
  • Composed by Masashi Hamauzu / Arranged by Kengo Tokusashi (12)
  • Composed by Nobuo Uematsu / Arranged by Naoshi Mizuta (16, 17, 22)
  • Composed by Nobuo Uematsu / Arranged by Mitsuto Suzuki (18, 19)
  • Composed by Mitsuto Suzuki / Arranged by Mitsuto Suzuki & Wollny Andreas (23)


  • Prasertvithyakarn Prasert (17)
  • Yosuke Kakegawa (20, 23)
  • Kenneth Pinyopusarerk (22)
  • Wollny Andreas (24)

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