Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII: Original Soundtrack PLUS (LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII オリジナル・サウンドトラック プラス, LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII Orijinaru Saundotorakku Purasu?) is an additional soundtrack for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. It contains trailer arrangements of several original soundtrack tracks, as well as arrangements of the Nintendo era mainstream Final Fantasy titles performed by in-game street musicians. It was released on March 26th, 2014.

Track list[edit | edit source]

  1. "Lightning Returns (Special Trailer Ver.)" (ライトニングリターンズ - Special Trailer Ver. -, Raitoningu Ritānzu - Special Trailer Ver. -?) - 1:31
    Track used in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Special Effects Trailer.
  2. "High Voltage (Game Ver.)" (ハイボルテージ - Game Ver. -, Hai Borutēji - Game ver. -?) - 3:32
    Game version of "High Voltage".
  3. "The Captive Saint" (囚われの聖女, [missing rōmaji]?) - 4:54
    Plays when Lightning meets Vanille in the Luxerion Cathedral for the first time and learns of her new ability to hear the dead.
  4. "Sazh and Dajh (Complete Mix)" (サッズとドッジ - Complete Mix -, Sazzu to Dojji - Complete Mix -?) - 3:46
    Full track of "Sazh and Dajh" that plays during the cutscene in the Wildlands when Lightning saves Sazh and Dajh's souls.
  5. "Death Game (Synthesizer Ver.)" (デスゲーム - Synthesizer Ver. -, Desu Gēmu - Synthesizer Ver. -?) - 3:43
    Synthesizer version of "Death Game".
  6. "Desert Lullaby (Instrumental)" (デザートララバイ - Instrumental -, Dezāto Rarabai - Instrumental -?) - 7:36
    The instrumental version of "Desert Lullaby".
  7. "Snow's Theme - Final Words (Complete Mix) -" (スノウのテーマ ~遺言~ - Complete Mix -, [missing rōmaji]?) - 6:27
    Full track of "Snow's Theme - Final Words -" that plays when Lightning saves Snow's soul.
  8. "Lost Souls - Caius & Yeul" (救えぬ魂 ~カイアスとユール~, [missing rōmaji]?) - 4:18
    The track that plays after Lightning's battle with Caius where he reveals his current status.
  9. "A Dying World" (終わりゆく世界, [missing rōmaji]?) - 3:18
    Plays when Noel confronts Lightning at the Oracle Drive in the Warren of Luxerion.
  10. "The Dead Dunes (Live Edit Ver.)" (デッド・デューン ~熱砂の砂漠~ - Live Edit Ver. -, [missing rōmaji]?) - 4:21
    Arrangement track of "The Dead Dunes" mixed with the track "City of Revelry".
  11. "The Ark (Soundtrack Exclusive Ver.)" (箱舟 - Soundtrack Exclusive Ver. -, [missing rōmaji]?) - 2:53
    Arrangement track of "The Ark" made specifically for the PLUS version of the soundtrack.
  12. "Serah's Theme (Piano Ver.)" (セラのテーマ - Piano Ver. -, Sera no Tēma - Piano Ver. -?) - 2:17
    The piano cover of "Serah's Theme - Memories -" which plays after completing the Songless Diva side quest in Yusnaan.
  13. "Soul Seeds" (ソウルシード, Souru Shīdo?) - 1:20
    Plays when an enemy appears in a Chaos infusion inside the Patron's Palace.
  14. "Lightning Returns (Aggressive Mix)" (ライトニングリターンズ - Aggressive Mix -, Raitoningu Ritānzu - Aggressive Mix -?) - 0:57
    Arrangement of "Lightning Returns".
    Plays when an enemy appears in a Chaos infusion and attempts to attack Lightning.
  15. "The Onslaught" (魔襲, [missing rōmaji]?) - 0:50
    Plays in the Dead Dunes when an enemy appears and tries to attack Lightning.
  16. "Final Fantasy (Yusnaan Ver.)" (FINAL FANTASY - ユスナーン Ver. -, FINAL FANTASY - Yusunān Ver. -?) - 2:27
    Arrangement of "Opening Theme" from Final Fantasy performed by wandering musicians in Yusnaan.
  17. "Eternal Winds - The Dead Dunes (Japanese Ver.)" (悠久の風 - デッド・デューン Japanese Ver. -, [missing rōmaji]?) - 2:59
    Arrangement of "Eternal Wind" performed in Japanese in the Dead Dunes in the Japanese release of the game.
  18. "Battle at the Big Bridge (Yusnaan Ver.)" (ビッグブリッヂの死闘 - ユスナーン Ver. -, [missing rōmaji]?) - 0:55
    Arrangement of "Battle at the Big Bridge" from Final Fantasy V performed by the Tour Guide in Yusnaan.
  19. "Terra's Theme (Biggs & Wedge Ver.)" (ティナのテーマ - ビッグス&ウェッジ Ver. -, Tina no Tēma - Biggusu & Wejji Ver. -?) - 0:58
    Arrangement of "Terra's Theme" from Final Fantasy VI performed by Biggs and Wedge after completing Death Safari and Death Game side quests in Yusnaan.
  20. "A Home Far Away" (いつかのふるさと, Itsuka no Furusato?) - 1:33
    Guitar arrangement of "New Bodhum" performed in English by a man in Luxerion.
  21. "Ballad of a Vagabond" (旅人のバラッド, [missing rōmaji]?) - 1:59
    A female bard near Luxerion Clock Tower, and a male bard near Yusnaan's Slaughterhouse, perform the ballad.
  22. "Eternal Winds - The Dead Dunes (English Ver.)" (悠久の風 - デッド・デューン English Ver. -, [missing rōmaji]?) - 2:51
    Arrangement of "Eternal Wind" performed in English in the Dead Dunes in the international release of the game.
  23. "The Savior's Words (Japanese Ver.)" (解放者の詩 - Japanese Ver. -, [missing rōmaji]?) - 1:56
    "The Savior's Words" performed in Japanese.
  24. "The Savior's Words - Christmas in Nova Chrysalia" (解放者の詩 ~ノウス=パルトゥスのクリスマス~, [missing rōmaji]?) - 5:50
    Christmas-themed arrangement of "The Savior's Words".
  25. "Innkeeper" (宿屋, [missing rōmaji]?) - 0:20
    Plays whenever Lightning rests at an inn.

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