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Lightning is a warrior of Materia in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. She is an Assassin-type character who represents Final Fantasy XIII, using a sword as her main weapon. Lightning returns from her previous appearance in Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, in which she had a slightly similar combat style.

Lightning's default player name is Nameless Flash. Her manikin counterpart is Evanescent Glimmer, and resembles her Equilibrium attire.



Lightning's default costume is her "Guardian Corps Uniform", her outfit from Final Fantasy XIII. Its first alternate coloration recolors her outfit to resemble her Equilibrium attire Lightning - LRFFXIII from Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. The second alternate coloration recolors the outfit to resemble her "Guardian Corps Uniform" from Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy.

Her first alternate costume is "Knight of Etro", her main attire from Final Fantasy XIII-2. Lightning wears a silver and gold armor with a large feathered sash. The Goddess's Grace shield is part of her costume, but is not used for gameplay as she functions identically to her normal playstyle. The first alternate coloration recolors her armor gold and her feathered sash a gradient of white to yellow. The second alternate coloration recolors her armor bronze and her feathered sash pink.

Her second costume is "Equilibrium", Lightning's main garb in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, and also her main attire in the story of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. The "Night Lotus" shield is featured on her garb in the opening and ending FMVs, but is absent in-game.

Her third alternate outfit is "Midnight Mauve", a garb obtained during the main scenario of Lightning Returns in Yusnaan. The first alternate coloration is blue. The second alternate coloration is white.


Lightning is warmer and more nurturing than in Dissidia 012, due to retaining her memories. She acts as a motherly figure towards Vaan and Squall, and helps initiate first-timer Noctis in the circumstances behind the war. She criticizes the gods who have once again summoned them against their will, namely Materia, with her main concern being to return to her world rather than blindly fight Spiritus's forces. Nevertheless, she has a certain fondness of the world of the gods, so much so that her memories of it inhabit a doppelgänger that continues to fight to protect it.


Lightning primarily equips swords, and all of her weapons can be used by her throughout the Lightning Saga. Unlike previous appearances, none of her weapons transform into a gun, due to Lightning's new playstyle and the addition of alternate weapons.

Her default weapon is the Blazefire Saber from Final Fantasy XIII.. Lightning's first alternate weapon is Omega Weapon, her ultimate weapon from Final Fantasy XIII, previously wielded by her in EX Mode in Dissidia 012. Her second alternate weapon is Overture, Lightning's main weapon as a servant of Etro. Her third alternate weapon is Femme Fatale, a rapier she can wield in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Her fourth alternate weapon is Crimson Blitz, a blade restored from its previously damaged encounter by Lumina which acts as Lightning's main weapon in the story of this game. Her fifth alternate weapon is Excalibur, also from Lightning Returns which was a downloadable weapon that was part of the Ultimate Savior garb set.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)

Lightning with Warrior of Light.

Materia summons Lightning back to World B. She rescues Noctis from a manikin version of herself, before briefing him on his newfound predicament. They are greeted by the Warrior of Light, and together decide to visit Materia's domain. Materia informs the reunited champions that they have been summoned to fight one another to provide the realm with energy that will maintain its existence. Lightning resents Materia for summoning her against her will, and after being introduced to Spiritus and his chosen warriors, decides to head off with Terra, Squall, and Zidane.

Squall and Lightning fighting together.

The four decide to find out more about this new realm, and following Terra's advice seek out the help of Eidolons. After picking up the trail of one of them, Terra picks up on a second Eidolon close by. After Squall decides to press forward alone, Lightning volunteers to accompany him. They end up in an illusion of Eden where they find Snow wandering, asking how they are supposed to get home. She tells him that they can only fight. Snow thinks she is going to fight him, but Lightning refuses. Snow summons Odin and Lightning and Squall fight the Eidolon. After bringing Odin down, Lightning tells Snow that they are going to find a way to get everyone home, even him. Snow departs and Lightning thanks Squall for helping her, but he shrugs it off.

Lighting and Squall reunite with Terra and Zidane, and are joined by the Onion Knight, Vaan, and Y'shtola. Lightning informs them of their findings, and in turn learns about the planesgorgers draining the world of energy. As Lightning berates Vaan for not taking the situation seriously, the group decides to return to Materia and report their findings.

Lightning clashes with Garland.

Lightning and the rest of Materia's champions engage in a final clash against Spiritus's forces to coax Shinryu out of hiding, the dragon god culpable for the planesgorgers. Lightning clashes with Garland, before dueling with Sephiroth alongside Noctis. Once Shinryu emerges, Lightning assists in bringing the malevolent force down once and for all. With the threat eliminated, Lightning and the others return home after bestowing her essence to Materia in the form of a crystal.

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Type: Assassin - Lightning can shift paradigms, thus changing her Bravery attacks. The Commando paradigm is used for up close enemies, and Ravager from a distance.

Lightning is a quick-hitting fighter with a focus on changing her Bravery moveset between close-range physical attacks and long-range magic spells. Unlike in Dissidia 012, she has no Medic paradigm and is focused on offensive attacks. She can change paradigms with L3, and can change at any time except while taking damage. Lightning can thus quickly change between movesets to combo them together and deal heavy damage with continuous attacks. While she has high combo potential, her spells in Ravager mode have low priority and less range than Marksmen-type characters, and she lacks vertical attack options. Her HP attacks have quick execution and are close to long range, but aside from Lightning Strike, are easy to dodge.


Move Damage Input Type Power Frame Data Image
Launch Bravery DFF2015 II Icon.png Ground (Commando) DFF2015 Launch.png
Unleash a series of attacks to send your foe up and away.
Blitz Bravery DFF2015 Up + II Icon.png Ground (Commando) DFF2015 Blitz.png
Close in with a spin attack, then send your opponent flying with a final strike.
Smite Bravery DFF2015 II Icon.png Aerial (Commando) DFF2015 Smite.png
Unleash a series of attacks that send your enemy hurtling toward the ground.
Heavy Slash Bravery DFF2015 Up + II Icon.png Aerial (Commando) DFF2015 Heavy Slash.png
Close in with a flurry of powerful swings of your sword, then send your opponent flying.
Beat Down Bravery DFF2015 II Icon.png Dash (Commando) DFF2015 Beat Down.png
Thrust your sword into your enemy. Creates an opportunity to cancel into another bravery attack.
Fire Bravery DFF2015 II Icon.png Ground (Ravager) DFF2015 Lightning Fire.png
Cast multiple fireballs that quickly accelerate. (Opponent cannot recover during combo)
Watera Bravery DFF2015 Up + II Icon.png Ground (Ravager) DFF2015 Watera.png
Cast an aqueous orb that slowly pursues your enemy.
Aerora Bravery DFF2015 II Icon.png Aerial (Ravager) DFF2015 Aerora.png
Cast an orb of wind magic that pursues your foe.
Blizzara Bravery DFF2015 Up + II Icon.png Aerial (Ravager) DFF2015 Blizzara.png
Spawn a shard of ice near your opponent that draws them into it.
Thundaga Bravery DFF2015 II Icon.png Rush (Ravager) DFF2015 Thundaga.png
Unleash a line of lightning bolts that strike sequentially in your foe's direction.
Crushing Blow HP DFF2015 IV Icon.png DFF2015 Crushing Blow.png
Run right through your foe using Zantetsuken.
Razor Gale HP DFF2015 IV Icon.png DFF2015 Razor Gale.png
Heave your blade to form a gust of wind that slowly pursues your opponent.
Lightning Strike HP DFF2015 IV Icon.png DFF2015 Lightning Strike.jpg
Cast a wall of bolts down directly in front of you that knocks your opponent back.
Thunderfall HP DFF2015 IV Icon.png DFF2015 Thunderfall.png
Call down lightning bolts to torment foes from afar. (Can move while prepping)
Paradigm Shift Other DFF2015 Paradigm Shift.png
Switch to the Commando/Ravager paradigm.
Army of One EX Skill DFF2015 I Icon.png DFF2015 Army of One.jpg
Perform an elegant series of sword attacks that allows you to recover HP on hit.



  • Her victory line "Hmpf." "That's how it's done" is also used in Final Fantasy XIII.
  • One of her opening lines is "You're flying awfully close to the sun." This alludes to when Lightning advised Sazh to fly towards Phoenix to get PSICOM off of their backs.
  • Another of her opening lines is "We can win if we stay focused." This refers to fighting Long Gui in Final Fantasy XIII with Lightning as the party leader.
  • Lightning resenting Materia summoning her in the new conflict refers to her similar sentiment towards Cosmos when she was summoned in the old conflict. Both refer to her distrust of the gods in the Lightning Saga.
  • Lightning's playstyle refers to Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII where she doesn't use gunblades and also thus uses the Blazefire Saber and the Overture Gunblades in sword mode.
  • Lightning briefly teams up with Noctis during the staged battle late in the game while fighting Sephiroth, indirectly referencing how the latter's home game was originally meant to be part of Lightning's home series as Final Fantasy Versus XIII.


  • Lightning was one of the first six characters announced for the Dissidia arcade game