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Trophy: Lights Out
Complete "Light the Way". Bronze

Barret, Cloud, and Tifa follow the secret passageway from the corkscrew tunnel until they reach the interior of the Sector 4 plate. Mako Reactor 5 is now closer than ever, but they still must make their way through this rusted maintenance area to get there.


Light the Way is the sixth chapter in Final Fantasy VII Remake. The chapter comprises the events when Cloud Strife, Barret Wallace, and Tifa Lockhart traverse under the Sector 4 plate to reach Mako Reactor 5.

Completing the chapter unlocks the bronze trophy Lights Out.


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Cloud, Barret and Tifa find themselves on the underside of the Sector 4 plate on their way to Mako Reactor 5. They are in Section F and need to ride a cargo platform in Section H to reach the reactor support pillar where Biggs should be waiting for them. The sun is setting and Barret tells the group to get going.

Sector 4 sunlight diagram.
Sun lamp.

The party needs to turn off the sunlights in Sector 4 to free up power.

They arrive at a locked gate that does not open, and so find a control room and try to turn on electricity, but the section has insufficient power. They need to turn off the sun lamps to power up the control room. After shutting off one lamp, they open the gate, and reach Section G where they find more grashtrikes laying eggs. Some sentry rays are down, giving the group an advantage. The monsters who live here seem to enjoy the smog, with Barret saying they are attracted to mako as well. Cloud spots a blue materia, but the walkway collapses, with Barret saying they will need to take a detour to get to the other side. They need to walk across the walls and get through the large fans to reach Section H. They walk on the giant pipes next to the fans to cross to the other side with Barret leading and Tifa telling the group not to look at the fans. They spot a summoning materia inside one of the fans as they make it across.

The group finally reaches Section H, but realizes the cargo platform is out of power and they need to turn off three sun lamps. Tifa tells the others to regroup at the cargo platform should they get lost by using the H-01 sign. Tifa reminds Barret about a speech President Shinra gave that mentioned the sun lamps, with Barret thinking his speech will lead to a dark future. Once Cloud turns off the first sun lamp, they realize the intrusion prevention system is back on, with the sentry rays getting back up and running. Barret dismisses it as not a big deal. Once Cloud turns off the next sun lamp, they realize they can activate the power of the small lifts as they move around the plate. Tifa would like to show Cloud the Sector 4 slums sometimes, with Barret saying they will fall if they keep gazing down.

Inside a ventilation fan.

As Cloud and the others find an alternate path to the last sun lamp, and pick up the blue materia along the way, which is revealed to be an elemental materia. Once Cloud turns off the last lamp, they return to the cargo platform and turn on the power. Before they ride the platform, Barret asks them to check out the summoning materia they spotted in the fan. They ride a small lift to the ventilation system service room and access the maintenance terminal to temporarily shut down the fans. The ventilation system is switched to maintenance mode, telling the group to complete the maintenance access procedure within one minute. The group defeats a couple grashtrikes and sentry rays and opens a gate and disengages the timer. Cloud heads inside the fan and finds the Chocobo & Moogle materia and a manuscript for Tifa (if replayed on Hard Mode).

Cloud accosts Biggs.

The group returns and rides the cargo platform to the other side. After defeating a couple sentry rays, launchers and guns, they enter a small trail. Tifa realizes that no one has come for them yet, with Cloud saying they have security cameras everywhere, adding that it is too late to go back now. At the end of the trail, Cloud realizes that someone is there and holds him at the blade of his sword. The person is Biggs who begs for mercy before realizing it was Cloud, and asks where Jessie and Wedge are.

Barret tells Biggs to report, who explains the Sector 4 topside is "going nuts" after intruders jumped off a train. Biggs adds that the place where the group is right now is nice and quiet and that he secured a route to Mako Reactor 5. Barret wants to hug Biggs, but he dodges and again asks where the others are. Tifa explains that Jessie is injured and can't come and Barret explains Cloud is the replacement. Biggs thanks Cloud for dropping by and says that while the Shinra security is scouting Sector 4, the group can enter Sector 5 and head to the reactor. The group will need to squeeze through a narrow gap but should be able to get to where they need to go. He gives the group grappling guns, and gives Barret a light machine gun and everyone some healing items. Tifa asks Biggs to help clear the security and Biggs uses his grappling gun to fall inside a hole. Barret tells Cloud and Tifa that they will be using their grappling guns to escape after they are done with the mission and they attach them to their belts. They head inside Mako Reactor 5 by using the route.
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Main Scenario[]

The quests are a variety of exploration and combat quests through the lower Sector 4 Plate. From "Head for Section H" onwards, combat is fought against a variety of enemies, including the biological grashtrike and Blugu, as well as some mechanical turrets fought during "Power for the Platform" onwards. At the end of this is a battle against several powerful turrets, though there is no boss fought.


The two discovery sidequests lead to rare Materia that can be obtained while completing "Power for the Platform". "Collapsed Passageway" leads to Elemental Materia Elemental Materia, while "Inside the Ventilation Fan" leads to Chocobo & Moogle Materia Chocobo & Moogle Materia. On Hard, the path for "Inside the Ventilation Fan" also leads to Way of the Fist Vol. VI.