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Light of the Skies was a Challenge story in Mobius Final Fantasy. With respect to its roots in Old Ivalice, this event appeared set between Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. In the global release, the event commemorated the release of Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age.


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Wol and his Echo arrive at a barren island, part of a chain of floating islands that appears over Palamecia, Moggy has already found his way to this chain, where he promises the pair new loot and new challenges. The duo is then met by a group of sentient vegetable-men running amok and causing mischief, as well as a figure in dark armor. Moggy explains that these plant-men are looking for a sky pirate to challenge them. Unsure how this relates to the prophecy or whether he is actually the sky pirate being sought, Wol follows along, and the hunt for the Mandragoras is underway. All the while, Wol, the Echo, and Moggy are left to ponder this incursion from another world. Using a skystone they find at their point of origin, Wol and his Echo call an airship to assist in the hunt. But as they hop from island to island chasing the Mandragoras, the figure in the black suit begins pursuing them. If Echo can overcome her severe phasmophobia, she and Wol could become Palamecia's greatest sky pirates. As to what this means for the greater prophecy, no one really knows for sure.

As Wol reaches the northernmost isle, he prepares for a final confrontation with this "Judge Magister" that has been on his heels throughout the quest. Though the battle in intense, Wol prevails and lands a final blow, slicing the helmet to reveal a strangely empty suit falling to the ground. The Echo shudders with abject terror in her voice, as she has indeed seen a ghost.

Before the two can stop and reflect, the emptied helm starts to quiver, and Moggy pops free of it. He explains that he was extremely curious about the Mandragoras and their treasure, and so set out to follow them. In so doing, he observed their ritual to revive the Judge Magister. Moggy hid in the dark armor, but was soon accompanied by the spirit within it. Any loot he found, he claimed as his own, saving the best for Wol. As the tale ends, we find the trio standing before the Strahl, nestled among the sands. They look upon it with the hope that it will one day soar again, just as the prophecy foretells.

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