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Lenna walks through lava without taking damage thanks to Light Step.

Light Step (ダメージゆか, Damēji Yuka?), also known as Antitrap, DmgFloor, Ignore Weather (移動距離天候無視, Idō Kyori Tenkō Mushi?), Any Weather, Ignore Terrain (移動距離地形無視, Idō Kyori Chikei Mushi?), Any Terrain, Lava Walking (溶岩上移動, Yōgan Jō Idō?), Move on Lava, Swim, Waterbreathing, or Dungeon Master is a recurring support ability in the series that lets the party walk over some or all types of damage floors without taking damage, or be able to walk across areas that they normally would not be able to cross.


Final Fantasy V[]

Light Step is the last ability of the Geomancer job, taking 100 ABP to master. It allows the party to walk across damage floors without taking damage.

Final Fantasy Tactics[]

Ignore Weather allows the user to walk over swamps, marshes, and poison marshes regardless of weather, and is learned by the Mystic for 200 JP.

Ignore Terrain allows the user to act in deep water, and Lava Walking lets the user walk over lava tiles. Both are learned by the Geomancer, first being 220 JP and second being 150 JP.

Swim allows the user to move over water, and is learned by the Samurai class for 300 JP. Waterwalking allows the user to walk over water, and is learned by the Ninja.

Fly allows the user to fly over enemies and obstacles, but they can only land on normal tiles. It is learned by Bards and Dancers.

Levitate and Teleport are learned by Time Mages. Levitate causes the user to float above the ground, allowing them to move pretty much anywhere, while Teleport allows the unit to instantly reappear on any tile, though it has an increased chance of failing the farther they move. Master Teleportation is an ability some enemies have, which is the same as Teleport, but without the chance of failure.

Waterbreathing is a monster exclusive ability of the Mindflayer family. It allows them to move and stop even when fully submerged in water of depth 3. It costs of 200 JP.

Another exclusive monster ability is called Cannot enter water, this ability makes monsters unable to walk in water, restricting them to land terrain. It costs 200 JP.

Non-Final Fantasy guest appearances[]

Bravely series[]

In Bravely Default, Dungeon Master is a support ability learned by the Freelancer class at job level 4, allowing the party to bypass traps as long as one member has the ability equipped. The following traps can be avoided: the Blind Gas in the Harena Ruins that inflicts Blind, the Poison Swamp in the Miasma Woods that inflicts Poison, the Hushleaf Spore in the Florem Gardens that inflicts Silence, and the magma in the Underflow that can damage the party's HP when it is not cooled down.