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The time has come. Bid farewell to your bloodstained past. Forsake the darkness you once embraced, or the light will find no hold!

Voice in the shrine atop Mount Ordeals

Light Against the Darkness was a Challenge Event in Final Fantasy Record Keeper. The event was set on Mount Ordeals and allowed the player to recruit Cecil as a Dark Knight and a Paladin to the party.

This was the first event in Japanese version. It was also one of only two events to be reissued, with the reissue adding both Elite Dungeons and the first Memory Crystals for each of Cecil's forms.


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After the attack on Fabul and a surprise duel with Kain that has left Cecil battered and bruised, with Rosa held hostage, he and his companions must devise another plan to return to Baron in hopes of bringing the King back to sense and obtaining an airship to pursue Golbez. The next morning, Cecil and Yang work on this plan; with the air routes covered by the Red Wings and overland routes swarming with monsters, the best way in is by sea. Yang speaks with Fabul's king, who grants a ship in return for Cecil's earlier attempt to defend the fortress, but also warns that his powers of darkness cannot overcome the darkness which now seeks to consume all. Cecil and friends receive a gracious send-off and are en route later that day.

During the voyage, a violent whirlpool forms from the ocean floor, and the monster Leviathan surfaces from within the vortex. Cecil's ship lists and lurches, the sailors unable to break free. Rydia falls overboard first, and Yang dives in after her. Edward is also thrown overboard, but it is not yet known what becomes of the three.

Cecil, meanwhile, washes ashore unconscious on the very isle where Baron's reign of terror began—Mysidia. As he comes to, he realizes he has lost everyone and everything he cares about, and so decides to head into town. Though he is met with a hostile reception from the mages who survived his raid, Cecil proceeds to Mysidia's Tower of Prayer and meets with its Elder. The Elder tells Cecil that he must now seek holy light and become a Paladin to defeat Golbez; to do that, he must ascend Mount Ordeals. As the mountain is the domain of the undead, the Elder sends twin apprentice mages Palom and Porom as support to Cecil. The three make their way to the mountain, and as they climb, the great sage Tellah joins them in search of spells that will allow him to exact his revenge upon the dark mage that killed his daughter. But will their combined force be enough?

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