Take damage intended for other party members.


Lifesaver is an ability for Barret in Final Fantasy VII Remake, provided by the Light Machine Gun Light Machine Gun. It provides Barret with a unique buff that redirects any damage taken by his allies to him. A glowing icon appears next to Barret's HP bar to signal that it is active.

This ability works similarly to the Cover Materia from the original Final Fantasy VII, but affects all allies automatically and doesn't require Barret to physically move to block attacks.

Use[edit | edit source]

With Lifesaver active, 70% of the damage taken by one of Barret's allies is projected onto him, for its 120 second duration. After this, Barret heals the character for the amount of damage Barret took himself. The damage Barret receives through Lifesaver is not reduced by any damage reduction effects he has on himself (for instance, Steelskin damage reduction does not apply to damage projected from other characters onto Barret), and healing effects such as Healing Carcanet do not affect the healing Barret applies back onto the character. However, it is nonetheless useful while Lifesaver is active to mitigate the damage Barret receives himself if he is also taking damage for other party members.

Lifesaver is one of Barret's abilities that, alongside Steelskin, serves his role as a "tank" type of character, allowing him to draw damage away from the party. When used, any kind of damage that allies take will be taken by Barret instead, regardless of his distance from other party members, meaning Barret can stay at a good and safe distance to reduce damage he receives himself while it is active. In addition, fatal damage redirected will not bring Barret's HP below 1.

Ideally, Lifesaver is useful mostly during battles where party members are expected to take heavy damage, particularly if the damage is single target and would otherwise cripple one character. An efficient strategy is to use Lifesaver, Steelskin, and Barrier Barrier/Manaward Manaward to make Barret very resilient, capable of taking more damage for his team while mitigating damage he receives himself. In addition, equipping Barret with Complete Materia Complete Materia such as HP Up Materia HP Up Materia, Steadfast Block Materia Steadfast Block Materia, and Provoke Materia Provoke Materia, further improves Barret's durability, allowing him to tank considerable damage and keep the rest of the party safe.

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