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Restores HP by walking.

For the enemy ability in Final Fantasy IV, see Lifefont (Final Fantasy IV)

Lifefont (HP回復移動, Eichi Pī Kaifuku Idō?, lit. Recover HP Movement), also known as Move-HP Up , is a recurring ability in the series. While active, the user will recover HP while walking on the field. This ability is best used in conjunction with the abilities Encounter Half and No Encounters. There is also an MP variant of the ability, called MP Stroll, which first appeared in Final Fantasy X.


Final Fantasy VI[]

The Tintinnabulum relic restores HP every step equal to the character's Stamina divided by four. It only uses base Stamina and does not factor in bonuses from equipment. Tintinabar is received as an award for sending letters for the wounded soldier in Mobliz, getting a score of 77 points or higher during the banquet with Gestahl, or by betting a Growth Egg, Miracle Shoes or Megalixir at the Dragon's Neck Coliseum.

Final Fantasy VII[]

The accessory Cat's Bell allows the wearer gain HP as they walk on the field. Every step heals 2 HP rounded up to the next even HP value. Because the accessory only heals to even HP, it is impossible to attain All Lucky 7s through its use. Cat's Bell is acquired by playing the Chocobo Racing minigame in Gold Saucer. If a character in Death status has this accessory equipped, the status is bypassed and they'll move straight out of it into HP Critical, essentially removing the need for Phoenix Down items outside of battle.

Final Fantasy Tactics[]

Recover HP upon moving.


Lifefont (also called Move-HP Up) is a movement ability. It is learned by the Monk for 300 JP. Units will gain approximately one-tenth of their maximum HP (rounded up) if they move. Zalmour has this ability.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

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