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Revive from KO


Life is a restore magic spell in Final Fantasy VIII. The spell is used to revive a KO'd character, and restore 25% of their HP; when used on a live character, the spell misses. It is a level below Full-life, which revives a character at full HP. The spell can also be junctioned to boost stats.


Life can be drawn from several enemies, likely first finding it from either the Sacred boss in the Tomb of the Unknown King, or the Creeps in the Deling City Sewers. It can also be refined from Life Rings using Siren's L Mag-RF ability. The player can get Life Rings early by playing Triple Triad and modifying Torama cards.



Life restores 25% of a KO'd character's HP when cast, and can also damage undead enemies. It can only be cast using the Magic command.

Casting Life in battle increases compatibility with Carbuncle and Alexander by 0.2, but lowers compatibility with Eden by 0.2 as well.

Junctioning 100 Life spells to Elem-Def-J grants 30% protection from all elements, while to ST-Def-J grants 20% protection from KO. It provides relatively good stat bonuses for HP, Vitality, and Spirit, though it is outclassed by many other spells.

Life is outclassed entirely by Full-life, meaning that Full-life should replace Life eventually. Unlike other spells with higher-level versions, High Mag-RF cannot refine Life spells to Full-life.

No enemies use Life.