Restores life and all HP


Life2 is a restore magic spell in Final Fantasy VII. It is granted by the Revive Materia at level two, and revives a fallen character at full HP. Life2 is a step above Life, which revives a character at a quarter of their max HP, but has a significantly higher MP cost.

When Sephiroth is a guest party member during Cloud's Nibelheim flashback and Cloud falls in battle, Sephiroth will revive him with Life2.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Magic Materia Revive, Master Magic
Effect Revive a party member with full health.
MP cost 100
Compatible Support Materia Added Cut, All, Final Attack, HP Absorb, Magic Counter, MP Absorb, MP Turbo, Quadra Magic, Sneak Attack, Steal as well
Reflect Yes

Use[edit | edit source]

Life2 can be used by characters with the Revive Materia at level 2. It revives a character at full HP. Its main drawback is its huge MP cost at 100, which is significantly greater than casting Life followed by a curative spell below Cure3. This means that, in most cases, it is better to use other curative spells and items.

Life2 is mainly useful against enemies whose attacks can deal more damage than a quarter of a character's health. In this case, Life2 is the safest way to revive a character while guaranteeing they will not immediately be knocked out again. Later on, as characters' MP increases, it will be more affordable to cast Life2 more often.

The spell may instantly defeat undead opponents, even the boss Gi Nattak, but has a chance of missing.

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