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An airship engineer from Dirnado, who grew from a kid toying with machines in her parents' workshop to the finest engineer in the Industrial City. Lid is determined to inherit the name Cid, an honor granted only to the greatest in her trade. Her only serious flaw seems to be her love of money.

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Lid is one of the main characters of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. An airship engineer from Industrial City Dilmagia, the capital of Dirnado, she aspires to be the next to inherit the Cid title, reserved only for the city's most outstanding airship technicians for generations.

She has an older brother Evan, who taught her about airships and currently is Dilmagia's master engineer.



Lid has amber eyes and red hair that's pulled back into a ponytail with goggles on top. She wears yellow overalls over a red top underneath and red cut-off pants with tools hanging from them. She also wears orange work gloves, armlets and red boots with yellow socks. She carries around a bag with a yellow chocobo doll and a Phoenix Down hanging from it.

In season 2, Lid has her hair down and wears a black tube top with a yellow vest and red shorts. Her feet has brown boots and her leg has a brown bag.


Lid had a learned aptitude for machinery from a young age, which was further developed as her brother who taught her the ropes. Her aptitude was such that she created a mechanized chocobo named Mechabo alongside her brother. After her brother left she became more attached to Mechabo. Determined to fix up her brother's abandoned shop and using the first Cid as an inspiration, she became the best airship engineer in Dilmagia. However, while she is an extremely skilled technician, she is not very good at thinking about things besides it, figuring things out later than the rest of the party except Jake.

Her love for gil is superficial at best as it belies a more noble agenda of using that money to build airships that can connect people all over the world – as she thinks airships should not be used as weapons of war, but rather as a key to unlocking human potential – rather than simply hoard it for herself. As such she is deeply passionate and motivated in pursuing her goals, no matter how difficult or long they may take, she keeps working hard to ensure her dream is a reality.

She deeply loves her brother, having worked with him with the same goal and idolizes him both as an engineer and as a fraternal figure, and does her best to attempt to bring him back to his senses after noticing his stark change of personality.


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Early life[]

Hailing from Industrial City Dilmagia, Lid and her brother Evan worked at their parents' workshop. They built Mechabo and used to go to the Mobreeze Airship Factory all the time, where she would see the displays of all the Cids, including the original one. Hearing stories about him, she came to view him as her hero, as he represented all she wanted to accomplish: namely, she dreamed of mass producing airships to connect the world.

One day, however, a soldier announced to Lid that the government would be cutting their budget due to them not producing any warships, needed due to lots of orders coming from Zoldaad. Evan could not help but overhear as Lid dared the soldier to fire them and stormed off. For her sake, Evan told the soldier he would accept to work for the military on two conditions: they had to double his pay, and they had to allow Lid to continue doing R&D at the factory. However, he kept this a secret from Lid (knowing she would make warships for his sake if she knew) and told her he was done making toys, saying he had volunteered.

Thinking he gave up his dream in pursuit of wealth, Lid could not make sense of Evan's change of heart, so she kept on working at the shipyards on her own projects. In "The Phantom Blueprint", she is seen interacting with Killian.

Season One[]

Lid meets Rain, Lasswell, and Fina when they arrive at Dilmagia looking to borrow an airship to easen their travels, but she denies them access to the vessels due to them being military property. After hearing the group talking about going to the Wind Shrine (where there are crystals she needs for building her own airship), she offers to guide them if they bodyguard her. Lid also introduces them to her mechanical chocobo, Mechabo. On their way to the shrine, they pass through the Dwarves' Forge, where after defeating the Liquid Flame, a dwarf tells them that his friends were taken away by an armor-clad man to the village of Ambel.

There they find a unconscious dwarf and the man in armor, who presents himself as Veritas of the Heavens, comes to claim him but Lid and the others drive him away. With him gone, the dward wakes, but is in shock at seeing Heavenlord without its mask. Still, they continue with the journey, until at the abandoned Mobreeze Airship Factory, they find the Invincible being constructed and Evan working on it on behalf of Heavenlord. She notices him changed, but is forced to flee with ther friends when he calls a Guardian.

At Galebreak, after witnessing Heavenlord's cruelty, she permanently joins the party. Soon afterwards, they reach the Wind Shrine, where they intercept the Veritas. Defeated, his helm breaks, revealing his identity as the first Cid, Lid's hero. Nevertheless, he destroys the Wind Crystal, breaking the seal on the Heart of Babel (the Invincible’s power source) and teleports away. Although shocked by the revelation, she carries on and requests an airship from the army so that they may travel to Olderion.

They soon meet Nichol, whom they help find his sister Luka and later escort to Lake Dorr, to end the monster attacks harassing the Aquapolis. At the lake, they find that Veritas of the Waters has polluted the waters by injuring the water god, Leviathan. Though the esper attacks them, it is pacified by Luka's prayers; after giving Fina access to the Water Crystal, Luka descends to the bottom of the lake to purify the waters and heal Leviathan. The next day, Waterlord floods the Aquapolis, and the party confronts her at the wharf. In the struggle, Dark Fina awakens and defeats Waters, forcing her to flee. The party pursues her on Mercedes's ship, and manage to take the Sacred Ring of Paladia away from her. They go to the Water Shrine where Fina uses the Water Crystal's shattered remains brimming with Elle's power to save the Aquapolis. In spite of the loss of his brother, Nichol permanently joins the party.

FFBE Lid and Evan fight.png

In imperial territory, they meet rebel leader Jake, who requests their help in stopping Emperor Sozhe's war efforts. As they attempt to destroy key facilities, they meet Veritas of the Flame and Darklord, whom they successfully fend off at the Fire Shrine. Jake, however, betrays the group and destroys the Fire Crystal in order to ensure his people's safety. Despite this, the party follows him to Downtown Zoldaad to help him rescue Prince Shera, where they are captured by Dr. Lazarov and Evan. Escaping their imprisonment thanks to Amelia's help, they free Shera and go after Lazarov.

At one of his laboratories, Lid learns that Evan was brainwashed by Lazarov and takes it upon herself to snap him out of that state. When they catch up with them at the Hangar, she manages to get through to Evan and learns why he had signed up with the army. When Lazarov takes off on Invincible, they board it thanks to Evan's Enterprise. In its interior, Veritas of the Heavens appears and kills Lazarov for attempting to steal the Invincible, and teleports the party out of the airship.

Back on Zoldaad's capital, Jake joins the party and the meet Sakura, who promises to provide answers related to the Sworn Six if they escort her back to Mysidia. The party travels with her as accorded. They are soon forced to protect the Light Crystal from Veritas of the Light and Veritas of the Earth; the latter infuses Fina with his own power in order to forcibly awaken Dark Fina (thus starting to slowly erase Fina) to satiate his lust for battle. Leaving the Light Crystal at their mercy, they escape their assault and use a book from the Magic Library to navigate Fina's memories and bring her back. The party so learns of the Sworn Six's past and the war between Aldore and Hess.

Though accosted by Lightlord, they witness the civil war's conclusion, the party returns to the real world with Fina saved but with Dark Fina existing in parallel. Lightlord and Earthlord then attack; once they are defeated, the Darklord teleports his comrades away and warns that the world will be destroyed in their revenge. The party travels to Gronoa in order to find and protect the Dark Crystal, the last one remaining. With Ilias and Fohlen's help, they reach the shrine, where they have to defend the crystal from Dark Elf. They pursue and battle him, but they are able to defeat him only with the wounded Lightlord's help. After killing Elf, she retreats promising to settle the score for good.

While clearing the shrine, Sakura senses the presence of Veritas of the Frost at a nearby village. When the party arrives, Frostlord freezes all the villagers and forces the party to fight with one another to fight the strongest amongst them—ending in Rain being victorious. Their part fulfilled, the party confronts and defeats Frostlord next to the crystal, just in time for the Sworn Six of Paladia to appear. They notice Frostlord and invite him back to their group, but he is revealed to be none other than Rain and Lasswell's father, Raegen, who sides with the party. When the shrine becomes unstable, Sakura and Raegen teleport the party and crystal to Pharm.

There, due to Nichol wanting to exact his revenge on Waterlord, they confront the Veritas one by one. After Earthlord, the party finds Heavens, whom Lid asks why he had left airship technology to the dwarves if he had always intended to destroy the world. Cid reveals the loss of his family due to Aldore's betrayal, and after deefating him, Lid asks Cid to wait a little longer for her and her brother to fill the sky with airships, encouraging him to look up to the sky so that his sorrow will be then gone. The party next encounter Flamelord, who perishes in the battle following the fate of Earthlord and Cid. Next is Waterlord, but Nichol lets her live so that she may atone for her sins.

The party then catches up with Raegen and, together, they prevent Darklord (who is revealed to be a vision of Raegen) and Lightlord from destroying the crystal. Before the party can rejoice, Sol and Behemoth K destroy the crystal, and knock the party out. Darklord is killed by Behemoth as the sages move to the dimensional gate in order to destroy Lapis. When they regain consciousness, they set out to climb the crystal tower to stop the two sages and close the gate. Later on, Waterlord and Lightlord join their efforts thanks to Nichol. The two remaining Veritas keep Behemoth busy, while Rain and the others catch up with Sol.

When he puts up a barrier, the group realizes that Fina is going to disappear, but Dark Fina sacrifices herself: she becomes the Earth Crystal, sealing the land once again, allowing Fina to carry on existing. Fina dispels Sol's barrier and the party makes it to the summit, where they find and defeat Sol. The sage, however, summons the Chaotic Darkness that blasts the land below, creating a floating continent. As they traverse the lands, they put Behemoth K (who defeated the Lightlord and Waterlord) to rest. At the Land of Darkness, they defeat Sol, but the sage declares his hatred of Rain, and retreats. Supported by the prayers of those they met during their journey, and Evan on the Invincible, the party defeat the Chaotic Darkness for good.

Raegen then uses Aldore's power to close the gate but is unsuccessful as his strength has been drained. Rain awakens to his own power and assists Raegen, and the gate begins to close. However, Sol appears and intends to force the Gate wide open, and Rain intercepts the sage, with the clash causing both of them to disappear. Lid and the other are saddened at Rain's apparent death, but Lasswell is confident that Rain is alive and vows to find him.

Season Two[]

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Lid's story variant is obtained at Rarity 3★ upon completion of the Galebreak dungeon, and can be awakened up to 5★. Her job is listed as Airship Tech, and her roles are Physical Damage and Support. As one of the main characters, Lid has several variants: "Black Cat Lid", available during the the Halloween events; the permanent 3-5★ Rare Summon "Summer Lid"; "Hunter Lid", available during a the Japan-only collaboration with Monster Hunter Explore; and "Artisan Lid", a reward unit for Paris Fan Festa attendees and the second anniversary celebrations.

She has another variant: "Heavenly Technician Lid" (星虹の技師リド, Seikō no Gishi Rido?). A 5-7★ Rare Summon, she has the same equipment selection as her story variant, but her stats are higher and her skill set was totally reworked. She is a "debuffer", decreasing the enemy's stats by large amounts which is a extremely-valuable role to have in a party due to some of the enemies' damage output. Like the other so-called CG units, Lid's Limit Burst ("Mechabo Custom Hammer") is a special CG movie and has a powerful effect: if maxed, it applies a 70% Full Break to all enemies, one of the strongest breaks in the game.

Lid also appears as a enemy boss. She is fought at Ruggles Underground Pass, alongside two Mechabos.

Lid's attack animation for Season Two was changed to a dropkick. This is likely inspired by her recurrent dropkicks on Jake when he irritates her. In fact, if CG Lid and CG Jake are in the same team, the player can see how Lid runs off the screen (CG Lid's victory animation) and how Jake starts with his flirting and receives Lid's dropkick (CG Jake's victory animation).

Other appearances[]

King's Knight -Wrath of the Dark Dragon-[]

Lid appeared as an obtainable unit during the Here Comes Brave! collaboration event. In the King's Knight job system, Lid is a Monk.

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Triple Triad[]

Lid appears on Triple Triad cards in the version available via Final Fantasy Portal App.

Non-Final Fantasy guest appearances[]

Brave Frontier[]

Lid appears alongside Rain, Lasswell, Fina, and Charlotte in a Brave Frontier collaboration event only in the international version. She wields Elulu's hammer, belonging to the character of the same name.

Lid is the only unit that requires more than 1,000,000 Karma (i.e. 1,133,700 Karma) for her Omni Evolution and the first unit to require more than 3,000,000 Zel (7,133,700 Zel) to evolve to Omni Evolution—most likely a reference to Lid's obsession for money.

Monster Hunter Explore[]

Lid's appearance is available to players in the Monster Hunter Explore collaboration event.

Other media[]

LINE FFBE Sticker5.png

Lid appears on a sticker set for the LINE communications app. The sticker set she appears in is titled "FFBEスタンプ Vol.1".[3]