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Lich is an enemy in Final Fantasy XV fought in Steyliff Grove and during the Softly Now, Mighty Foes hunt and World of Ruin main quest. It is a tall floating daemon surrounded by green flames.

A Lv.24 lich fights in Cleigne Crossroads in Totomostro during the daytime under the team name 666th Heaven.

During Chapter 13 Verse 2 Ravus is surrounded by three liches in a cut scene, but it does not appear as an actual opponent.


A necrotic daemon plaguing Steyliff Grove and the Myrlwood. At first glance, the lich appears corpselike, seemingly suspended in midair, until it raises its bony limbs to strike or cast missiles.
Size: 10.27 ft. Weight: 423.9 lb.
The lich infesting Steyliff holds mystifying power, and threatens to bedevil even accomplished hunters.
Size: 10.33 ft. Weight: 430.7 lb.


Softly Now, Mighty FoesMeldacio Hunter HQ1
Red Hunt Icon.png
Lich x3Steyliff Grove (All Times)356,060 gil, Mega Phoenix★★★

Even though this Hunt is labeled as being available at all times, the entrance to Steyliff Grove dungeon is only open at night. As of patch 1.21, the player can fast forward time at havens.





Lich uses both physical and magical attacks. It employs fire-elemental attacks and is weak to ice, one-handed swords and firearms. Though similar to the necromancer, it doesn't use the triangle beam, and instead throws bones to deal physical damage. Lich can poison the party with noxious vapor and phase out, preventing the player from locking-on to them. It can attack with its green flames, which then explode, dealing magical damage.

When fought in Steyliff Grove as a hunt, there are no point-warp spots in the arena.


The player can play defensively and watch for parries, which may also trigger link-strikes with nearby allies. The player can hit their blindside as lichs are fairly slow.

In the Steyliff hunt, the player must fight three of them at once. They tend to stay close together, giving the player an opening to engulf them in ice magic. Prompto's Piercer Technique will also likely hit multiple targets in this battle, and Lichs are weak to firearms. The party will be poisoned unless they wear accessories that prevent it or eat meals that give Poisonproof or Resilient.

Creation and development[]

Global vs. Chinese version.

Lich's model was altered for the Chinese version by removing the face from its chest.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

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Etymology and symbolism[]

In fantasy fiction, a lich is a type of undead creature. Often such a creature is the result of a transformation, as a powerful magician or king striving for eternal life uses spells or rituals to bind his intellect to his animated corpse and thereby achieve a form of immortality.

In traditional Japanese folklore beliefs souls that died in a sudden or violent manner, or ones that did not get the proper burial rituals performed upon them, may linger in the physical plane as yūrei, analogous to western legends of ghost. Yūrei are frequently depicted as being accompanied by a pair of floating flames or will o' the wisps that are separate parts of the ghost rather than independent spirits, similar to how flames surround the ghostly lich and its ilk.

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