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The weapon and armor section of Basch's License Board.

Hm, looks like you can't even equip that yet. Know why? You don't have the License for it. Think of Licenses as mile posts, marking your progress as your combat skills improve. Swords, Bows, Black Magicks, White Magicks... None of it does you a lick of good until you have the License to use it.


The License Board is the ability system used in Final Fantasy XII, which forms the basis of the job system. It was created by Hiroyuki Ito, the game's director. The system consists of different tiled boards for each job with hundreds of squares, each square representing an ability, spell, equipment piece or augment. By defeating enemies in battle, characters earn License Points, abbreviated as LP. Characters must spend their LP to activate squares on the License Board, granting them access to new abilities and allowing them to equip stronger weapons and armor.

The original License Board is identical for all six playable characters, while in the Zodiac versions, it differs for each job. Some licenses also cost different numbers of LP when compared to the original.


Vaan learning new Licenses.

The License Board is a checkered board, with numerous squares each relating to a license. Licenses that the player already has appear solid, squares adjacent to already activated squares appear glowing, while the rest of the squares on the board are blank. When highlighted, each square displays the name of the corresponding license, the amount of LP needed to activate it as well as what equipment pieces or abilities are connected to that square. When a player takes a new license, it turns solid and the licenses above, below and to the sides of the new license light up. Only licenses lit up in this fashion may be activated, as opposed to being able to activate any square any time.

While most licenses are available to all players, an exception is made for Espers (all versions) and Quickenings (original version), which appear for all characters until activated, at which point the square vanishes from the boards of the other characters. This means only one character may acquire a summon. Summon licenses have to be unlocked by beating the respective Esper in battle.

In the Zodiac versions, each board has four Quickening licenses. When a character learns their third Quickening license, the last one disappears. This can make things tricky, because the Quickening licenses often bridge to some other licenses. The Shikari job's ninja blade licenses are behind Quickenings, so the player cannot ever get all of them and needs to prioritize which ones they want.

License Points are earned towards activating squares by defeating enemies in battle. With the exceptions of rarer and stronger enemies, including bosses, most enemies give a single LP. Enemies killed by Poach or Zalera's Kill do not give LP. Unlike Experience Points, all characters gain LP regardless of if they are in the active party or not. Equipping the Golden Amulet doubles the LP earned for that party member.

Unlocking all licenses, including three Quickenings, requires 13,330 LP. This does not include the Esper licenses, which together cost 805 LP. Upon completing every character's License Board, including the Espers and Quickenings, the player earns Rasler's icon in the Sky Pirate's Den. In The Zodiac Age, the "Conqueror" trophy is unlocked for acquiring 48,000 total LP.


The License Board is significantly revamped in the Zodiac versions. When a character joins the party, the player can assign them one of twelve jobs. Unlike the original game where everyone uses the same License Board, each of the twelve jobs in the Zodiac versions has a different board. In the International Zodiac Job System version (exclusive to Japan), once a character chooses a job, they cannot change it. In the Xbox One, Steam, PS4 and Switch versions, the player can change boards and recover any spent LP at any time by talking to Montblanc at the Clan Centurio headquarters without any cost or limit to the number of board changes (the feature was patched in to the PS4 and Steam versions). Characters also start with a number of licenses, which remain after a job has been chosen, even if the corresponding board does not contain said licenses.

In Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, each player character can have two License Boards. Once a character unlocks "Second Board" on the License Board, they can select a second job to complement their abilities, and toggle between a view of one board and the other. Licenses are shared between boards owned by the same character; activating one will activate the corresponding one on the other board as well.

This has potential implications for the choice of first and second job, and even the licenses which are purchased before the second board is obtained. For example, all four of Shikari's ninja sword licenses are connected to the board by Quickenings, but a maximum of only three Quickenings can be bought; if another job is chosen first, the player may opt to purchase no Quickenings until after the Tomb of Raithwall to make sure they will not lock themselves out of a desirable ninja sword.

Duplication of licenses can also work in the player's favor: a Black Mage has Magick Lores easily available, near the start; they do not progress the character far towards the edges of their board. However, should the second board be something like the Archer, then those primary, nearby licenses are unlocked on the Archer board farther away from the start; nearer powerful late game licenses. This also works with jobs like the Monk, with its numerous Battle Lore and +HP licenses.

Another job can even unlock licenses behind Espers; for example, any of the eight jobs that get +310 HP can unlock Greatswords 2 for White Mage without having to buy Chaos. Espers can bypass Espers: getting Exodus for Red Battlemage can open up Heavy Armor 8, 9 and 10 for itself, but also Heavy Armor 10, 11 and 12 for Archer without needing Shemhazai (and vice versa), since 10 is activated on the Archer's board. Thus first jobs and their licenses can also be chosen for the access they give to abilities on the second board and vice versa. The corresponding weapons, magicks or technicks must also be obtained, however.

The difference between the +1 boosts to Strength from Battle Lore and +1 boosts to Magick from Magick Lore is a maximum of +16 each, whereas the biggest difference between the base strength of the characters is six, at level 99. Because the bonuses to damage-dealing stats come only from licenses, rather than the jobs themselves, combinations of similar jobs do not enhance damage. Instead, combining e.g. fast and light jobs with slow and heavy ones, or magick with melee, reduces the risk of redundant duplication of licenses. This way the light jobs gain more sturdiness and the heavy jobs more speed. Being able to choose between melee and magick damage makes characters more versatile.

Though there are twelve boards and six characters who can each have two boards, the player does not need to divide all boards evenly and use all of them; the same board can be used by more than one character, as often a board has good synergy with various combinations.

Job selection criteria can include the value of the licenses near the ones assigned to characters when they first enter the party, such as Vaan, Fran and Balthier's Steal. If any of these characters is given the Black Mage job, for example, they will not need to get the Zalera Esper to gain access to Poach. Characters can get licenses that are extremely rare; out of all the White Magick licenses and all the other jobs that can get them, only the White Mage can get White Magicks 1, yet all of the female characters get it from the start.

License LP Cost Vaan Balthier Fran Basch Ashe Penelo
Swords 2 25 Y Y
Bows 1 20 Y
Guns 1 30 Y
Daggers 1 15 Y Y
Shields 1 30 Y Y
Light Armor 1 10 Y
Light Armor 2 15 Y Y
Mystic Armor 1 10 Y
Heavy Armor 1 25 Y Y
Accessories 2 20 Y
Essentials 1 Y Y Y Y Y Y
White Magicks 1 15 Y Y Y
Black Magicks 1 15 Y
Steal 20 Y Y Y
Libra 25 Y
First Aid 20 Y Y

The twelve jobs.

The player may opt to play without assigning their characters jobs, but the characters will not learn new abilities. Multiple characters can share the same job. Any unlit licenses can be viewed without activating their adjacent license.

Each job has licenses, usually valuable high level ones, which are separated from the main area of the board by Espers, and since only one character can purchase each Esper license and bridge the gap, only that character can access these "bonus" licenses. This gives an advantage to certain combinations of Espers and jobs, although it is arguably not as important as the combinations of jobs.

List of jobs[]

The twelve jobs and their zodiac signs are:


For the licenses in the original PlayStation 2 version, see here.

* Node is located behind a Quickening or Summon node

License Category LP cost Board Items
Essentials Essentials 1 White Mage: I11
Uhlan: C12
Machinist: G5
Red Battlemage: G7
Knight: E9
Monk: G4
Time Battlemage: L9
Foebreaker: I5
Archer: K9
Black Mage: I7
Bushi: I8
Shikari: F8
Attack, Items
Second Board Second Board 30 White Mage: K7
Uhlan: G10
Machinist: G2
Red Battlemage: E5
Knight: F7
Monk: J1
Time Battlemage: J6
Foebreaker: K8
Archer: J13
Black Mage: G8
Bushi: G5
Shikari: D5
Allows the use of a second license board.
White Magick 1 Magick 15 White Mage: I12 Cure, Blindna
White Magick 2 Magick 20 White Mage: I13
Red Battlemage: F1*
Vox, Poisona
White Magick 3 Magick 25 White Mage: I14
Red Battlemage: H4
Protect, Shell
White Magick 4 Magick 30 White Mage: I15
Red Battlemage: I5
Monk: A8*
Time Battlemage: J1*
Archer: N6*
Cura, Raise
White Magick 5 Magick 40 White Mage: I16
Red Battlemage: K5
Dispel, Stona
White Magick 6 Magick 50 White Mage: I17
Red Battlemage: M5
Knight: A5*
Curaga, Regen
White Magick 7 Magick 60 White Mage: J17
Red Battlemage: K2*
Knight: A4*
Cleanse, Esuna
White Magick 8 Magick 70 White Mage: H17
Knight: B17*
Confuse, Faith
White Magick 9 Magick 80 White Mage: K17
Knight: C17*
Monk: A6*
Bravery, Curaja
White Magick 10 Magick 90 White Mage: G17
Monk: J15*
Dispelga, Arise
White Magick 11 Magick 100 White Mage: L17
Monk: P9*
Holy, Esunaga
White Magick 12 Magick 110 White Mage: F17
Monk: P10*
Shikari: J4
Protectga, Shellga
White Magick 13 Magick 155 White Mage: C8
Monk: L15*
Black Magick 1 Magick 15 Black Mage: I8 Fire, Thunder
Black Magick 2 Magick 20 Black Mage: I9 Blizzard, Blind
Black Magick 3 Magick 25 Red Battlemage: I4
Black Mage: I10
Aqua, Silence
Black Magick 4 Magick 30 Red Battlemage: K4
Black Mage: I11
Aero, Sleep
Black Magick 5 Magick 40 Uhlan: G3*
Red Battlemage: L4
Black Mage: I12
Fira, Poison
Black Magick 6 Magick 50 Uhlan: G2*
Red Battlemage: M4
Black Mage: H12
Thundara, Blizzara
Black Magick 7 Magick 60 Uhlan: N9*
Black Mage: G12
Bio, Blindga
Black Magick 8 Magick 70 Uhlan: N10*
Black Mage: F12
Aeroga, Silencega
Black Magick 9 Magick 90 Red Battlemage: L7*
Black Mage: E12
Firaga, Thundaga
Black Magick 10 Magick 90 Red Battlemage: M7*
Black Mage: D12
Blizzaga, Sleepga
Black Magick 11 Magick 100 Black Mage: D11 Toxify, Shock
Black Magick 12 Magick 120 Black Mage: D10 Scourge, Flare
Black Magick 13 Magick 165 Black Mage: D9 Scathe
Time Magick 1 Magick 20 Red Battlemage: H6
Time Battlemage: L8
Slow, Immobilize
Time Magick 2 Magick 30 Red Battlemage: H3
Time Battlemage: L7
Reflect, Disable
Time Magick 3 Magick 40 Red Battlemage: N4
Time Battlemage: L6
Vanish, Balance
Time Magick 4 Magick 50 Time Battlemage: L5 Gravity, Haste
Time Magick 5 Magick 60 Time Battlemage: J4 Stop, Bleed
Time Magick 6 Magick 70 Time Battlemage: G4 Break, Countdown
Time Magick 7 Magick 80 Time Battlemage: F5 Float, Berserk
Time Magick 8 Magick 90 Machinist: O10*
Time Battlemage: F8
Vanishga, Warp
Time Magick 9 Magick 100 Machinist: O9*
Time Battlemage: E10
Reflectga, Slowga
Time Magick 10 Magick 125 Machinist: P9*
Time Battlemage: C11
Graviga, Hastega
Green Magick 1 Magick 40 White Mage: H16
Machinist: B1*
Red Battlemage: H5
Time Battlemage: N15
Black Mage: N12
Decoy, Oil
Green Magick 2 Magick 50 White Mage: J16
Red Battlemage: J4
Time Battlemage: L15
Black Mage: G15
Drain, Reverse
Green Magick 3 Magick 90 White Mage: K15
Red Battlemage: L5
Time Battlemage: E15
Black Mage: P15
Bubble, Syphon
Arcane Magick 1 Magick 40 Red Battlemage: G6 Dark, Darkra
Arcane Magick 2 Magick 50 Red Battlemage: J5 Death, Darkga
Arcane Magick 3 Magick 110 Red Battlemage: N5 Ardor
Steal Technick 20 Machinist: G10
Red Battlemage: D1*
Archer: L11
Black Mage: N9*
Libra Technick 25 White Mage:F1*
Machinist: G8
Monk: J2
Archer: K7
Bushi: F6*
Shikari: E9
First Aid Technick 20 Uhlan: C14
Knight: E10
Monk: I2
Archer: K8
Shikari: E7
First Aid
Charge Technick 30 White Mage: J6
Red Battlemage: H10
Time Battlemage: I3
Black Mage: K13
Horology Technick 50 Machinist: K12
Time Battlemage: D7
Foebreaker: L7*
Poach Technick 30 Uhlan: D2
Machinist: L3
Time Battlemage: L3
Archer: K6
Black Mage: N8*
Souleater Technick 35 White Mage: D16*
Uhlan: K16
Red Battlemage: P15
Knight: C2
Monk: F15*
Bushi: I2*
Infuse Technick 30 Uhlan: E6
Knight: B12
Foebreaker: H4
Archer: A9*
Bushi: N9
1000 Needles Technick 40 Archer: A10*
Bushi: R7
Shikari: L15
1000 Needles
Traveler Technick 50 Machinist: I12
Monk: A4*
Foebreaker: J17*
Archer: I3
Shikari: M12
Shear Technick 50 Time Battlemage: I9*
Foebreaker: F3
Archer: D9
Charm Technick 30 Uhlan: B8
Machinist: F12
Archer: J4
Black Mage: I15
Addle Technick 50 Time Battlemage: H9*
Foebreaker: C14
Archer: D10
Expose Technick 50 Uhlan: L5*
Monk: F13
Foebreaker: D12
Shades of Black Technick 70 Uhlan: E4
Monk: J13
Foebreaker: D1*
Archer: F11
Bushi: Q9
Shikari: D1*
Shades of Black
Revive Technick 40 Uhlan: F16
Knight: M16*
Monk: F11
Archer: H2
Shikari: C15
Gil Toss Technick 30 Machinist: L9
Archer: L15
Bushi: R8
Shikari: H4*
Gil Toss
Numerology Technick 40 White Mage: D10*
Machinist: L11
Monk: C6
Time Battlemage: O15
Stamp Technick 40 White Mage: E4
Machinist: P13
Time Battlemage: D10
Bushi: F13*
Shikari: O6*
Sight Unseeing Technick 40 Knight: L13
Monk: P7*
Foebreaker: D10
Bushi: R6
Sight Unseeing
Achilles Technick 40 White Mage: O8
Uhlan: J12
Machinist: L7
Monk: I12
Archer: J16
Wither Technick 50 Uhlan: L17*
Monk: C13
Foebreaker: D14
Bonecrusher Technick 30 Uhlan: H12*
Monk: G11
Bushi: O9
Shikari: C12*
Telekinesis Technick 80 Knight: Q13*
Black Mage: A14*
Shikari: P8
+30 HP Augment 20 White Mage: H14
Uhlan: E8
Machinist: E13
Knight: C10
Monk: F4
Foebreaker: I7
Archer: K5
Shikari: D8
Increases max HP by 30.
+70 HP Augment 30 White Mage: E8
Uhlan: F8
Machinist: E14
Knight: C9
Monk: F5
Foebreaker: I9
Archer: K4
Black Mage: I1*
Bushi: H8
Shikari: E10
Increases max HP by 70.
+110 HP Augment 40 White Mage: O5
Uhlan: G8
Machinist: D14
Red Battlemage: L11
Knight: B9
Monk: F6
Time Battlemage: O14
Foebreaker: I11
Archer: J3
Bushi: H9
Shikari: D9
Increases max HP by 110.
+150 HP Augment 50 White Mage: E13*
Uhlan: H8
Machinist: D13
Knight: B11
Monk: F7
Time Battlemage: H1*
Foebreaker: I13
Archer: I4
Black Mage: L14
Bushi: H7
Shikari: E11
Increases max HP by 150.
+190 HP Augment 60 White Mage: I3*
Uhlan: I8
Machinist: C13
Red Battlemage: L15
Knight: A9
Monk: F8
Time Battlemage: D6
Foebreaker: I15
Archer: H4
Black Mage: F17*
Bushi: H5
Shikari: D10
Increases max HP by 190.
+230 HP Augment 70 White Mage: L1*
Uhlan: I7
Machinist: C14
Red Battlemage: M2*
Knight: D6
Monk: F10
Time Battlemage: O5*
Foebreaker: K15
Archer: G2
Black Mage: E17*
Bushi: I4
Shikari: C9
Increases max HP by 230.
+270 HP Augment 80 White Mage: A4*
Uhlan: I6
Machinist: B14
Red Battlemage: O16
Knight: C3
Monk: F12
Time Battlemage: H11*
Foebreaker: M15
Archer: G3
Black Mage: P12
Bushi: K4
Shikari: F13
Increases max HP by 270.
+310 HP Augment 90 White Mage: Q4*
Uhlan: I5
Machinist: B13
Knight: K11
Monk: M7
Foebreaker: N14
Archer: F3
Black Mage: K18*
Bushi: M4
Shikari: B10
Increases max HP by 310.
+350 HP Augment 100 Uhlan: I4
Machinist: N1*
Knight: M8*
Monk: M8
Foebreaker: O14
Bushi: O11*
Shikari: M11
Increases max HP by 350.
+390 HP Augment 115 Machinist: R12*
Knight: L16*
Monk: M9
Foebreaker: A6*
Archer: D3*
Black Mage: B4*
Bushi: P3*
Shikari: P10
Increases max HP by 390.
+435 HP Augment 130 Red Battlemage: D13*
Monk: D13
Archer: C5*
Bushi: E16*
Shikari: H13*
Increases max HP by 435.
+500 HP Augment 220 Monk: M10
Bushi: A12*
Increases max HP by 500.
Battle Lore Augment 30 Bushi: H17
Foebreaker: I14
Knight: L4
Monk: D2
Shikari: D14
Time Battlemage: K14
Uhlan: J11
White Mage: N3
Increases physical attack damage.
Battle Lore Augment 30 Bushi: G16
Foebreaker: I12
Knight: K3
Machinist: P3
Monk: C4
Red Battlemage: P7*
Shikari: E14
Time Battlemage: L14
Uhlan: I15
White Mage: O6
Increases physical attack damage.
Battle Lore Augment 30 Archer: Q10
Bushi: G15
Foebreaker: I8
Knight: G3
Machinist: O3
Monk: E4
Red Battlemage: K11*
Shikari: E12
Time Battlemage: N14
Uhlan: C13
White Mage: J9
Increases physical attack damage.
Battle Lore Augment 30 Archer: F6
Bushi: H16
Foebreaker: I10
Knight: I3
Machinist: O2
Monk: C5
Red Battlemage: O7
Shikari: E13
Time Battlemage: M14
Uhlan: B10
White Mage: M7
Increases physical attack damage.
Battle Lore Augment 50 Bushi: G17
Foebreaker: J15
Knight: L6
Monk: C3
Shikari: E15
Time Battlemage: J14
Uhlan: I16
White Mage: K19*
Increases physical attack damage.
Battle Lore Augment 50 Bushi: H18
Foebreaker: L15
Knight: L10
Monk: C7
Shikari: F15
Time Battlemage: I14
Uhlan: K10
White Mage: M10*
Increases physical attack damage.
Battle Lore Augment 50 Bushi: P2*
Foebreaker: N15
Knight: L12
Monk: C9
Time Battlemage: H14
Uhlan: J15
White Mage: D15*
Increases physical attack damage.
Battle Lore Augment 50 Bushi: O12*
Foebreaker: O15
Knight: M13
Monk: C10
Time Battlemage: D15
Uhlan: K11
Increases physical attack damage.
Battle Lore Augment 70 Foebreaker: N13
Knight: N12
Monk: C11
Time Battlemage: C15
Uhlan: J13
Increases physical attack damage.
Battle Lore Augment 70 Foebreaker: N12
Knight: N13
Monk: C12
Time Battlemage: B4*
Uhlan: K12
Increases physical attack damage.
Battle Lore Augment 70 Foebreaker: N11
Knight: I7*
Monk: N10
Time Battlemage: A9*
Uhlan: K13
Increases physical attack damage.
Battle Lore Augment 70 Foebreaker: G17*
Knight: Q12*
Monk: N11
Uhlan: K14
Increases physical attack damage.
Battle Lore Augment 100 Foebreaker: D17*
Monk: M14
Uhlan: K15
Increases physical attack damage.
Battle Lore Augment 100 Monk: O12
Uhlan: A7*
Increases physical attack damage.
Battle Lore Augment 100 Monk: O13 Increases physical attack damage.
Battle Lore Augment 100 Monk: N14 Increases physical attack damage.
Magick Lore Augment 30 Archer: L16
Black Mage: H6
Bushi: H6
Foebreaker: A10*
Machinist: M3
Red Battlemage: K15
Shikari: M13
Time Battlemage: K8
Uhlan: L12
White Mage: J12
Increases magick potency.
Magick Lore Augment 30 Archer: D12*
Black Mage: H5
Bushi: H4
Foebreaker: A11*
Machinist: N3
Red Battlemage: J14
Shikari: M14
Time Battlemage: K5
Uhlan: L13
White Mage: K13
Increases magick potency.
Magick Lore Augment 30 Archer: D13*
Black Mage: H3
Bushi: J4
Foebreaker: A12*
Machinist: O4
Red Battlemage: K16
Shikari: N14
Time Battlemage: K3
Uhlan: L14
White Mage: H15
Increases magick potency.
Magick Lore Augment 30 Archer: C13*
Black Mage: L10
Bushi: M4
Foebreaker: A13*
Machinist: J15*
Red Battlemage: J15
Shikari: N15
Time Battlemage: J3
Uhlan: L15
White Mage: G14
Increases magick potency.
Magick Lore Augment 50 Archer: B13*
Black Mage: M12
Bushi: M3
Foebreaker: O17*
Machinist: N16*
Red Battlemage: I15
Shikari: O14
Time Battlemage: H3
Uhlan: C18*
White Mage: J15
Increases magick potency.
Magick Lore Augment 50 Archer: B14*
Black Mage: O13
Bushi: M2
Machinist: O16*
Red Battlemage: I14
Time Battlemage: F3
Uhlan: B17*
White Mage: F15
Increases magick potency.
Magick Lore Augment 50 Black Mage: P13
Bushi: D10
Machinist: P16*
Red Battlemage: H14
Time Battlemage: E5
White Mage: L5
Increases magick potency.
Magick Lore Augment 50 Black Mage: D8
Bushi: C10
Red Battlemage: H15
Time Battlemage: E8
White Mage: F5
Increases magick potency.
Magick Lore Augment 70 Black Mage: D7
Bushi: C11
Red Battlemage: G15
Time Battlemage: B10
White Mage: N5
Increases magick potency.
Magick Lore Augment 70 Black Mage: D6
Bushi: C12
Red Battlemage: G14
White Mage: E7
Increases magick potency.
Magick Lore Augment 70 Black Mage: D5
Bushi: C13
Red Battlemage: F14
White Mage: N7
Increases magick potency.
Magick Lore Augment 70 Black Mage: D15
Bushi: C14
Red Battlemage: F15
White Mage: D8
Increases magick potency.
Magick Lore Augment 100 Black Mage: C15
Bushi: B16*
White Mage: D4
Increases magick potency.
Magick Lore Augment 100 Black Mage: D14
Bushi: C16*
White Mage: O7
Increases magick potency.
Magick Lore Augment 100 Black Mage: C14
White Mage: C7
Increases magick potency.
Magick Lore Augment 100 Black Mage: B15 Increases magick potency.
Focus Augment 70 Uhlan: J8
Knight: B13
Monk: L6
Foebreaker: F13
Archer: H3
Shikari: M9
Increases strength to x1.5 when HP is full.
Serenity Augment 70 White Mage: D5
Red Battlemage: N15
Time Battlemage: E9
Black Mage: K15
Bushi: N2
Increases magick when HP is full.
Adrenaline Augment 65 Uhlan: I2
Knight: D2
Monk: I13
Foebreaker: F9
Shikari: B8
Increases strength when HP Critical. (Physical damage doubled.)
Spellbreaker Augment 65 White Mage: L4
Red Battlemage: L13
Time Battlemage: M3
Black Mage: N13
Bushi: L4
Increases magick power when HP Critical.
Last Stand Augment 70 Uhlan: J10
Machinist: M9
Knight: B10
Monk: K7
Time Battlemage: E7
Archer: L13
Foebreaker: D3
Bushi: L8
Shikari: C8
Increases defense when HP Critical.
Brawler Augment 90 Monk: C2
Bushi: J17*
Shikari: O15
Increases attack power when fighting empty-handed.[note 1]
Shield Block Augment 25 Knight: E3
Foebreaker: F8
Bushi: D8*
Shikari: L9
Increases chance to block with a shield by 5%.
Shield Block Augment 45 Knight: K9
Foebreaker: F10
Shikari: M8
Increases chance to block with a shield by 5%.
Shield Block Augment 75 Knight: K13
Foebreaker: F12
Increases chance to block with a shield by 5%.
Inquisitor Augment 30 White Mage: F4
Uhlan: D15
Machinist: J5
Red Battlemage: K13
Knight: D8
Monk: F2
Time Battlemage: N10
Foebreaker: F7
Archer: M10
Black Mage: L12
Bushi: I5
Shikari: F12
Gain MP after dealing physical damage.[note 2]
Warmage Augment 30 White Mage: M8
Red Battlemage: K10
Time Battlemage: G3
Black Mage: K11
Gain MP after dealing magick damage.[note 2]
Headsman Augment 30 White Mage: M5
Uhlan: E5
Machinist: M5
Red Battlemage: N16
Knight: E2
Monk: C8
Time Battlemage: E4
Foebreaker: F11
Archer: N9
Black Mage: P14
Bushi: M5
Shikari: C10
Gain MP after defeating a foe.[note 3]
Martyr Augment 30 White Mage: H13
Uhlan: B11
Machinist: E4
Red Battlemage: F4
Knight: D4
Monk: G2
Time Battlemage: K10
Foebreaker: G3
Archer: M9
Black Mage: L6
Bushi: I11
Shikari: E8
Gain MP after taking damage.[note 2]
Swiftness Augment 30 White Mage: N8
Uhlan: E3
Machinist: N12
Red Battlemage: M15
Knight: M14
Monk: N9
Time Battlemage: H4
Foebreaker: C13
Archer: N10
Black Mage: M17
Bushi: I6
Shikari: D4
Reduces action time by 10%.
Swiftness Augment 50 White Mage: D7
Uhlan: I3
Machinist: O13
Monk: Q12*
Time Battlemage: F11
Foebreaker: F1*
Archer: K17
Black Mage: O17
Bushi: K5
Shikari: D15
Reduces action time by 10%.
Swiftness Augment 80 Machinist: Q13
Monk: Q13*
Time Battlemage: B11
Foebreaker: O8*
Archer: H16
Bushi: G18
Shikari: L14
Reduces action time by 10%.
Channeling Augment 30 White Mage: J14
Red Battlemage: L14
Time Battlemage: E3
Black Mage: H4
Reduces magick MP cost by 10%.
Channeling Augment 50 White Mage: L6
Red Battlemage: M16
Time Battlemage: E11
Black Mage: O12
Reduces magick MP cost by 10%.
Channeling Augment 80 White Mage: N6
Red Battlemage: A6*
Time Battlemage: F1*
Black Mage: F14
Reduces magick MP cost by 10%.
Spellbound Augment 30 White Mage: L16
Uhlan: J16
Machinist: F14
Red Battlemage: P16
Knight: K12
Monk: L7
Time Battlemage: D8
Foebreaker: D11
Archer: Q9
Black Mage: K17
Bushi: R9
Shikari: B9
Increases duration of status effects.
Potion Lore 1 Augment 20 Uhlan: E15
Machinist: K4
Knight: G6*
Monk: J6
Archer: O10
Shikari: L12
Potions restore 10% more HP.
Potion Lore 2 Augment 35 Uhlan: H16
Machinist: L6
Knight: K1*
Monk: F9
Archer: R9
Shikari: L13
Potions restore 15% more HP.
Potion Lore 3 Augment 70 Uhlan: N13*
Machinist: L10
Monk: A10*
Archer: R10
Shikari: M15
Potions restore 25% more HP.
Ether Lore 1 Augment 20 White Mage: J7
Machinist: L8
Red Battlemage: L12
Time Battlemage: D9
Black Mage: K9
Ethers restore 10% more MP.
Ether Lore 2 Augment 35 White Mage: E5
Time Battlemage: L4
Black Mage: M13
Ethers restore 15% more MP.
Ether Lore 3 Augment 70 Time Battlemage: H6*
Black Mage: O15
Ethers restore 25% more MP.
Remedy Lore 1 Augment 20 Uhlan: B9
Machinist: H12
Time Battlemage: O10
Archer: O9
Black Mage: J14
Bushi: M10
Shikari: F14
Remedies remove Sleep, Sap, Immobilize, and Disable.
Remedy Lore 2 Augment 30 Uhlan: K9
Machinist: J12
Time Battlemage: E6
Archer: P10
Black Mage: O14
Bushi: P9
Shikari: E3
Remedies remove Petrify, Confuse, and Oil.
Remedy Lore 3 Augment 70 Machinist: L12
Archer: C9
Shikari: C14
Remedies remove Stop, Doom, and Disease.
Phoenix Lore Augment 30 Uhlan: E7
Machinist: E12
Monk: J7
Archer: P9
Shikari: N1*
Phoenix Down restores more HP.[note 4]
Phoenix Lore Augment 50 Uhlan: E2
Monk: O5*
Archer: I17
Shikari: O1*
Phoenix Down restores more HP.[note 4]
Phoenix Lore Augment 90 Archer: C10 Phoenix Down restores more HP.[note 4]
Gambit Slot Gambit 15 White Mage: J11
Uhlan: D13
Machinist: G6
Red Battlemage: G5
Knight: D10
Monk: H3
Time Battlemage: M9
Foebreaker: I4
Archer: L8
Black Mage: I6
Bushi: M8
Shikari: F6
Adds a gambit slot.
Gambit Slot Gambit 20 White Mage: H12
Uhlan: D14
Machinist: G3
Red Battlemage: G4
Knight: C8
Monk: I3
Time Battlemage: M8
Foebreaker: J4
Archer: L7
Black Mage: I5
Bushi: M9
Shikari: E6
Adds a gambit slot.
Gambit Slot Gambit 25 White Mage: J13
Uhlan: E14
Machinist: F3
Red Battlemage: G3
Knight: C7
Monk: J3
Time Battlemage: K11
Foebreaker: I3
Archer: L6
Black Mage: J6
Bushi: N8
Shikari: F5
Adds a gambit slot.
Gambit Slot Gambit 30 White Mage: G13
Uhlan: F14
Machinist: E3
Red Battlemage: F3
Knight: C6
Monk: J4
Time Battlemage: M7
Foebreaker: J3
Archer: L5
Black Mage: I4
Bushi: O8
Shikari: E5
Adds a gambit slot.
Gambit Slot Gambit 35 White Mage: K14
Uhlan: F15
Machinist: D3
Red Battlemage: E4
Knight: C5
Monk: J5
Time Battlemage: M6
Foebreaker: G4
Archer: L4
Black Mage: I3
Bushi: P8
Shikari: F4
Adds a gambit slot.
Gambit Slot Gambit 40 White Mage: L15
Uhlan: G15
Machinist: D4
Red Battlemage: E3
Knight: C4
Monk: K6
Time Battlemage: M5
Foebreaker: F4
Archer: L3
Black Mage: K6
Bushi: Q8
Shikari: E4
Adds a gambit slot.
Gambit Slot Gambit 45 White Mage: G15
Uhlan: H15
Machinist: D2
Red Battlemage: L9
Knight: A10
Monk: M6
Time Battlemage: M4
Foebreaker: E4
Archer: K3
Black Mage: L8
Bushi: Q7
Shikari: F3
Adds a gambit slot.
Gambit Slot Gambit 50 White Mage: K16
Uhlan: H14
Machinist: C4
Red Battlemage: N9
Knight: A11
Monk: N6
Time Battlemage: D3
Foebreaker: D4
Archer: K2
Black Mage: L16
Bushi: Q6
Shikari: D3
Adds a gambit slot.
Gambit Slot Gambit 70 White Mage: G16
Uhlan: I14
Machinist: C3
Red Battlemage: O9
Knight: A12
Monk: N7
Time Battlemage: D4
Foebreaker: C4
Archer: J2
Black Mage: H14
Bushi: Q5
Shikari: C4
Adds a gambit slot.
Gambit Slot Gambit 100 White Mage: F16
Uhlan: J14
Machinist: C2
Red Battlemage: P9
Knight: A13
Monk: N8
Time Battlemage: D5
Foebreaker: D9
Archer: I2
Black Mage: N16
Bushi: R5
Shikari: C3
Adds a gambit slot.
Accessories 1 Accessory 5 White Mage: I10
Uhlan: D12
Machinist: G4
Red Battlemage: G8
Knight: F9
Monk: H4
Time Battlemage: L10
Foebreaker: J5
Archer: J9
Black Mage: J7
Bushi: J8
Shikari: F9
Orrachea Armlet
Accessories 2 Accessory 20 White Mage: I9
Uhlan: D11
Machinist: F4
Red Battlemage: G9
Knight: G9
Monk: I4
Time Battlemage: M10
Foebreaker: J6
Archer: J10
Black Mage: K7
Bushi: K8
Shikari: F10
Bangle, Firefly
Accessories 3 Accessory 25 White Mage: I8
Uhlan: D10
Machinist: F5
Red Battlemage: G10
Knight: F10
Monk: I5
Time Battlemage: M11
Foebreaker: J7
Archer: I9
Black Mage: K8
Bushi: L9
Shikari: G10
Diamond Armlet, Argyle Armlet
Accessories 4 Accessory 35 White Mage: I7
Uhlan: D9
Machinist: F6
Red Battlemage: F9
Knight: G10
Monk: I6
Time Battlemage: N11
Foebreaker: J8
Archer: I10
Black Mage: L7
Bushi: L10
Shikari: F11
Battle Harness, Steel Gorget
Accessories 5 Accessory 35 White Mage: I6
Uhlan: E9
Machinist: F7
Red Battlemage: F10
Knight: F11
Monk: I7
Time Battlemage: N12
Foebreaker: J9
Archer: H9
Black Mage: L9
Bushi: L11
Shikari: G11
Tourmaline Ring, Embroidered Tippet
Accessories 6 Accessory 35 White Mage: I5
Uhlan: F9
Machinist: F8
Red Battlemage: E9
Knight: G11
Monk: I8
Time Battlemage: N13
Foebreaker: J10
Archer: H10
Black Mage: K10
Bushi: M11
Shikari: H10
Golden Amulet, Leather Gorget
Accessories 7 Accessory 40 White Mage: J5
Uhlan: G9
Machinist: F9
Red Battlemage: E10
Knight: F12
Monk: J8
Time Battlemage: M13
Foebreaker: J11
Archer: G9
Black Mage: L11
Bushi: L12
Shikari: H11
Rose Corsage, Turtleshell Choker
Accessories 8 Accessory 45 White Mage: H5
Uhlan: H9
Machinist: F10
Red Battlemage: D9
Knight: G12
Monk: I9
Time Battlemage: L13
Foebreaker: J12
Archer: G10
Black Mage: I12
|Bushi: M12
Shikari: I10
Thief's Cuffs, Gauntlets
Accessories 9 Accessory 30 White Mage: K5
Uhlan: I9
Machinist: F11
Red Battlemage: D10
Knight: F13
Monk: J9
Time Battlemage: K13
Foebreaker: J13
Archer: G8
Black Mage: L13
Bushi: L13
Shikari: I11
Amber Armlet, Black Belt
Accessories 10 Accessory 40 White Mage: G5
Uhlan: J9
Machinist: F12
Red Battlemage: D4
Knight: G13
Monk: I10
Time Battlemage: J13
Foebreaker: J14
Archer: G11
Black Mage: K14
Bushi: M13
Shikari: J10
Jade Collar, Nishijin Belt
Accessories 11 Accessory 45 White Mage: K4
Uhlan: J7
Machinist: F13
Red Battlemage: D3
Knight: F14
Monk: J10
Time Battlemage: I13
Foebreaker: K14
Archer: F9
Black Mage: L15
Bushi: L14
Shikari: J11
Pheasant Netsuke, Blazer Gloves
Accessories 12 Accessory 60 White Mage: G4
Uhlan: K8
Machinist: G13
Red Battlemage: D8
Knight: G14
Monk: I11
Time Battlemage: H13
Foebreaker: L14
Archer: F10
Black Mage: J15
Bushi: M15
Shikari: K10
Gillie Boots, Steel Poleyns
Accessories 13 Accessory 60 White Mage: K3
Uhlan: J6
Machinist: H13
Red Battlemage: D5
Knight: E14
Monk: J11
Time Battlemage: G13
Foebreaker: M14
Archer: G7
Black Mage: K16
Bushi: M14
Shikari: K11
Berserker Bracers, Magick Gloves
Accessories 14 Accessory 70 White Mage: G3
Uhlan: L8
Machinist: I13
Red Battlemage: C4
Knight: F14
Monk: J12
Time Battlemage: F13
Foebreaker: M13
Archer: G12
Black Mage: L17
Bushi: K14
Shikari: L10
Sage's Ring, Agate Ring
Accessories 15 Accessory 70 White Mage: L3
Uhlan: J5
Machinist: J13
Red Battlemage: C9
Knight: G15
Monk: K12
Time Battlemage: F14
Foebreaker: M12
Archer: E9
Black Mage: I14
Bushi: L15
Shikari: L11
Ruby Ring, Bowline Sash
Accessories 16 Accessory 70 White Mage: F3
Uhlan: L9
Machinist: K13
Red Battlemage: C3
Knight: E15
Monk: K13
Time Battlemage: E13
Foebreaker: M11
Archer: F8
Black Mage: M16
Bushi: K15
Shikari: M10
Cameo Belt, Cat-ear Hood
Accessories 17 Accessory 80 White Mage: M3
Uhlan: J4
Machinist: L13
Red Battlemage: C10
Knight: D14
Monk: L12
Time Battlemage: E14
Foebreaker: M10
Archer: E10
Black Mage: H14
Bushi: J14
Shikari: N10
Bubble Belt, Fuzzy Miter
Accessories 18 Accessory 80 White Mage: E3
Uhlan: L10
Machinist: L14
Red Battlemage: C8
Knight: D15
Monk: L13
Time Battlemage: D13
Foebreaker: N10
Archer: F12
Black Mage: N17
Bushi: J15
Shikari: N9
Sash, Power Armlet
Accessories 19 Accessory 100 White Mage: M4
Uhlan: J3
Machinist: M14
Red Battlemage: D7
Knight: C14
Monk: M12
Time Battlemage: D14
Foebreaker: O10
Archer: G6
Black Mage: G14
Bushi: I14
Shikari: N8
Indigo Pendant, Winged Boots
Accessories 20 Accessory 115 White Mage: D3
Uhlan: L11
Machinist: N14
Red Battlemage: D6
Knight: C15
Monk: M13
Time Battlemage: C13
Foebreaker: O13
Archer: G13
Black Mage: O16
Bushi: I15
Shikari: O10
Opal Ring, Hermes Sandals
Accessories 21 Accessory 130 White Mage: N4
Uhlan: J2
Machinist: O14
Red Battlemage: C7
Knight: B14
Monk: N13
Time Battlemage: C14
Foebreaker: O12
Archer: F7
Black Mage: F15
Bushi: H14
Shikari: O9
Quasimodo Boots, Nihopalaoa
Accessories 22 Accessory 160 White Mage: C3
Uhlan: K3
Machinist: P14
Red Battlemage: C5
Knight: B15
Monk: M11
Time Battlemage: B14
Foebreaker: O11
Archer: F13
Black Mage: P17
Bushi: H15
Shikari: O8
Germinas Boots, Ring of Renewal
Ribbon Accessory 215 White Mage: O3
Uhlan: K2
Machinist: Q14
Red Battlemage: C6
Knight: A15
Monk: N12
Time Battlemage: B15
Foebreaker: C15
Archer: G4
Black Mage: E14
Bushi: G14
Shikari: P9
Shields 1 Armor 15 Red Battlemage: I10
Knight: E7
Foebreaker: G7
Leather Shield, Buckler
Shields 2 Armor 20 Red Battlemage: K9
Knight: E5
Foebreaker: G8
Shikari: I7
Bronze Shield, Round Shield
Shields 3 Armor 25 Red Battlemage: M9
Knight: F4
Foebreaker: G9
Shikari: K7
Golden Shield, Ice Shield, Flame Shield
Shields 4 Armor 30 Red Battlemage: P10
Knight: H4
Foebreaker: G10
Shikari: L8
Diamond Shield, Platinum Shield, Dragon Shield
Shields 5 Armor 35 Red Battlemage: P11
Knight: J4
Foebreaker: G11
Shikari: M7
Crystal Shield, Kaiser Shield
Shields 6 Armor 40 Red Battlemage: P12
Knight: K5
Foebreaker: G12
Shikari: M5
Aegis Shield, Demon Shield
Shields 7 Armor 65 Red Battlemage: P13
Knight: K7
Foebreaker: G13
Shikari: N4
Venetian Shield
Shell Shield Armor 90 Red Battlemage: P14
Knight: M12
Foebreaker: C3
Shell Shield
Ensanguined Shield Armor 100 Red Battlemage: E14
Knight: L14
Foebreaker: D13
Ensanguined Shield
Zodiac Escutcheon Armor 235 Red Battlemage: E15
Knight: N14
Foebreaker: D15
Zodiac Escutcheon
Light Armor 1 Armor 10 Machinist: H4
Monk: G3
Archer: K10
Shikari: G8
Leather Cap, Leather Clothing
Light Armor 2 Armor 15 Machinist: I4
Monk: F3
Archer: K11
Shikari: G7
Headgear, Headguard, Chromed Leathers, Leather Breastplate
Light Armor 3 Armor 20 Machinist: J4
Monk: E3
Archer: K12
Shikari: H8
Leather Headgear, Horned Hat, Bronze Chestplate, Ringmail
Light Armor 4 Armor 25 Machinist: L4
Monk: D3
Archer: K13
Shikari: I8
Balaclava, Soldier's Cap, Windbreaker, Heavy Coat
Light Armor 5 Armor 30 Machinist: M4
Monk: D4
Archer: K14
Shikari: J7
Green Beret, Red Cap, Survival Vest, Brigandine
Light Armor 6 Armor 40 Machinist: M6
Monk: D5
Archer: K16
Shikari: K8
Headband, Pirate Hat, Jujitsu Gi, Viking Coat
Light Armor 7 Armor 50 Machinist: M7
Monk: D6
Archer: J15
Shikari: L7
Goggle Mask, Adamant Hat, Metal Jerkin, Adamant Vest
Light Armor 8 Armor 60 Machinist: M8
Monk: D7
Archer: I15
Shikari: M6
Officer's Hat, Chakra Band, Barrel Coat, Power Vest
Light Armor 9 Armor 70 Machinist: M10
Monk: D8
Archer: H15
Shikari: L5
Thief's Cap, Gigas Hat, Ninja Gear, Gigas Chestplate
Light Armor 10 Armor 75 Machinist: M11
Monk: D9
Archer: G15
Shikari: L3
Chaperon, Minerva Bustier
Light Armor 11 Armor 80 Machinist: M12
Monk: D10
Archer: G16
Shikari: M4
Crown of Laurels, Rubber Suit
Light Armor 12 Armor 90 Machinist: M13
Monk: D11
Archer: F16
Shikari: N3
Renewing Morion, Mirage Vest
Light Armor 13 Armor 110 Machinist: N13
Monk: D12
Archer: F17
Shikari: O4
Dueling Mask, Brave Suit
Heavy Armor 1 Armor 25 Uhlan: C11
Knight: D9
Time Battlemage: K9
Foebreaker: H5
Leather Helm, Bronze Helm, Leather Armor, Bronze Armor
Heavy Armor 2 Armor 30 Uhlan: C10
Knight: D7
Time Battlemage: K7
Foebreaker: G5
Sallet, Iron Helm, Scale Armor, Iron Armor
Heavy Armor 3 Armor 35 Uhlan: C9
Knight: D5
Time Battlemage: K6
Foebreaker: F5
Barbut, Winged Helm, Linen Cuirass, Chainmail
Heavy Armor 4 Armor 40 Uhlan: C8
Knight: D3
Time Battlemage: K4
Foebreaker: E5
Golden Helm, Burgonet, Golden Armor, Shielded Armor
Heavy Armor 5 Armor 50 Uhlan: D8
Knight: F3
Time Battlemage: I4
Foebreaker: D5
Close Helmet, Bone Helm, Demon Mail, Bone Mail
Heavy Armor 6 Armor 55 Uhlan: D7
Knight: H3
Time Battlemage: F4
Foebreaker: C5
Diamond Helm, Diamond Armor
Heavy Armor 7 Armor 60 Uhlan: D6
Knight: J3
Time Battlemage: F6
Foebreaker: C6
Black Mage: R14*
Steel Mask, Mirror Mail
Heavy Armor 8 Armor 65 Uhlan: D5
Red Battlemage: O3*
Knight: L3
Time Battlemage: F7
Foebreaker: C7
Black Mage: O19*
Platinum Helm, Platinum Armor
Heavy Armor 9 Armor 70 Uhlan: D4
Red Battlemage: O2*
Knight: L5
Time Battlemage: F9
Foebreaker: C8
Black Mage: I17*
Bushi: E18*
Giant's Helmet, Carabineer Mail
Heavy Armor 10 Armor 80 Uhlan: D3
Red Battlemage: P2*
Knight: L8
Time Battlemage: F10
Foebreaker: C9
Archer: I19*
Bushi: D18*
Dragon Helm, Dragon Mail
Heavy Armor 11 Armor 90 Uhlan: C3
Knight: M11
Time Battlemage: D11
Foebreaker: C10
Archer: H19*
Bushi: D19*
Magepower Shishak, Maximillian
Heavy Armor 12 Armor 110 Uhlan: C2
Knight: O11
Time Battlemage: C10
Foebreaker: C11
Archer: G19*
Grand Helm, Grand Armor
Mystic Armor 1 Armor 10 White Mage: H11
Red Battlemage: H7
Black Mage: H7
Bushi: I9
Cotton Cap, Magick Curch, Cotton Shirt, Light Woven Shirt
Mystic Armor 2 Armor 15 White Mage: H10
Red Battlemage: H9
Black Mage: H8
Bushi: I10
Pointy Hat, Topkapi Hat, Silken Shirt, Kilimweave Shirt
Mystic Armor 3 Armor 20 White Mage: H9
Red Battlemage: I9
Black Mage: H10
Bushi: H10
Calot Hat, Wizard's Hat, Shepherd's Bolero, Wizard's Robes
Mystic Armor 4 Armor 25 White Mage: H8
Red Battlemage: J9
Black Mage: H11
Bushi: H11
Lambent Hat, Feathered Cap, Chanter's Djellaba, Traveler's Vestment
Mystic Armor 5 Armor 30 White Mage: H7
Red Battlemage: L10
Black Mage: F11
Bushi: G10
Mage's Hat, Lamia's Tiara, Mage's Habit, Enchanter's Habit
Mystic Armor 6 Armor 40 White Mage: H6
Red Battlemage: M10
Black Mage: E11
Bushi: G11
Sorcerer's Hat, Black Cowl, Sorcerer's Habit, Black Garb
Mystic Armor 7 Armor 50 White Mage: G6
Red Battlemage: N10
Black Mage: E9
Bushi: F10
Astrakhan Hat, Gaia Hat, Carmagnole, Maduin Gear
Mystic Armor 8 Armor 60 White Mage: F6
Red Battlemage: O10
Black Mage: E8
Bushi: F11
Hypnocrown, Gold Hairpin, Jade Gown, Gaia Gear
Mystic Armor 9 Armor 70 White Mage: E6
Red Battlemage: O11
Black Mage: E6
Bushi: E10
Celebrant's Miter, Cleric's Robes
Mystic Armor 10 Armor 75 White Mage: D6
Red Battlemage: O12
Black Mage: E5
Bushi: E11
Black Mask, Black Robes
Mystic Armor 11 Armor 80 White Mage: C6
Red Battlemage: O13
Black Mage: D4
Bushi: D11
White Mask, White Robes
Mystic Armor 12 Armor 90 White Mage: C5
Red Battlemage: O14
Black Mage: E3
Bushi: D12
Golden Skullcap, Glimmering Robes
Mystic Armor 13 Armor 110 White Mage: C4
Red Battlemage: O15
Black Mage: D3
Bushi: D13
Circlet, Lordly Robes
Genji Armor Armor 190 Knight: O13
Foebreaker: C12
Bushi: D14
Genji Shield, Genji Helm, Genji Armor, Genji Gloves
Swords 1 Weapon 1 15 Knight: E8 Broadsword
Swords 2 Weapon 1 25 Knight: E6 Longsword, Iron Sword
Swords 3 Weapon 1 35 Knight: E4 Zwill Blade, Ancient Sword
Swords 4 Weapon 1 50 Knight: G4 Lohengrin, Flametongue
Swords 5 Weapon 1 55 Knight: I4 Demonsbane, Icebrand
Swords 6 Weapon 1 60 Knight: K4 Platinum Sword, Bastard Sword
Swords 7 Weapon 1 70 Knight: K6
Time Battlemage: G16*
Diamond Sword, Runeblade
Swords 8 Weapon 1 80 Knight: K8
Time Battlemage: G17*
Deathbringer, Stoneblade
Swords 9 Weapon 1 90 Knight: K10
Time Battlemage: C17*
Durandal, Simha
Blood Sword Weapon 1 50 Knight: A14
Bushi: K2*
Blood Sword
Karkata Weapon 1 80 Knight: K14
Bushi: K1*
Bows 1 Weapon 1 20 Archer: L9 Shortbow, Silver Bow
Bows 2 Weapon 1 30 Archer: L10 Aevis Killer
Bows 3 Weapon 1 35 Archer: L12 Longbow, Killer Bow
Bows 4 Weapon 1 45 Archer: L14 Elfin Bow, Loxley Bow
Bows 5 Weapon 1 60 Archer: K16 Giant Stonebow, Burning Bow
Bows 6 Weapon 1 70 Archer: J17 Traitor's Bow, Yoichi Bow
Bows 7 Weapon 1 90 Archer: I16 Perseus Bow, Artemis Bow
Sagittarius Weapon 1 130 Archer: H17 Sagittarius
Dhanusha Weapon 1 200 Archer: G17 Dhanusha
Spears 1 Weapon 1 20 Uhlan: B12 Javelin, Spear
Spears 2 Weapon 1 25 Uhlan: B13 Partisan, Heavy Lance
Spears 3 Weapon 1 35 Uhlan: B14 Storm Spear, Obelisk
Spears 4 Weapon 1 60 Uhlan: C15 Halberd, Trident
Spears 5 Weapon 1 40 Uhlan: B15 Holy Lance, Gungnir
Dragon Whisker Weapon 1 70 Uhlan: C16 Dragon Whisker
Vrsabha Weapon 1 100 Uhlan: D16 Vrsabha
Zodiac Spear Weapon 1 240 Uhlan: E16 Zodiac Spear
Axes & Hammers 1 Weapon 1 20 Foebreaker: I6 Handaxe
Axes & Hammers 2 Weapon 1 25 Foebreaker: H6 Iron Hammer, Broadaxe
Axes & Hammers 3 Weapon 1 35 Foebreaker: G6 War Hammer, Slasher
Axes & Hammers 4 Weapon 1 50 Foebreaker: F6 Sledgehammer, Hammerhead
Axes & Hammers 5 Weapon 1 60 Foebreaker: E6 Francisca, Morning Star
Axes & Hammers 6 Weapon 1 65 Foebreaker: D6 Greataxe, Golden Axe
Axes & Hammers 7 Weapon 1 85 Foebreaker: D7 Scorpion Tail
Vrscika Weapon 1 175 Foebreaker: D8 Vrscika
Katana 1 Weapon 1 35 Bushi: I7 Kotetsu, Osafune
Katana 2 Weapon 1 50 Bushi: J5 Kogarasumaru, Magoroku
Katana 3 Weapon 1 70 Bushi: L5 Murasame, Kiku-ichimonji
Katana 4 Weapon 1 90 Bushi: N5 Yakei, Ame-no-Murakumo
Katana 5 Weapon 1 100 Bushi: N3 Muramasa
Masamune Weapon 1 130 Bushi: M1 Masamune
Kumbha Weapon 1 200 Bushi: N1 Kumbha
Greatswords 1 Weapon 1 50 White Mage: B9*
Red Battlemage: R13*
Knight: L7
Greatswords 2 Weapon 1 70 White Mage: Q5*
Red Battlemage: R12*
Knight: L9
Defender, Save the Queen
Greatswords 3 Weapon 1 80 Red Battlemage: N18*
Knight: L11
Ultima Blade
Greatswords 4 Weapon 1 100 Red Battlemage: G12*
Knight: N11
Excalibur Weapon 1 135 Knight: O12 Excalibur
Excalipur Weapon 1 150 Knight: N16* Excalipur
Tournesol Weapon 1 225 Knight: O14 Tournesol
Rods 1 Weapon 2 20 White Mage: J10 Rod, Serpent Rod
Rods 2 Weapon 2 30 White Mage: J8 Healing Rod, Gaia Rod
Rods 3 Weapon 2 40 White Mage: K6 Power Rod, Empyrean Rod
Rods 4 Weapon 2 50 White Mage: M6 Holy Rod
Rod of Faith Weapon 2 130 White Mage: O4 Rod of Faith
Staves 1 Weapon 2 15 Black Mage: H9 Oak Staff
Staves 2 Weapon 2 25 Black Mage: G11 Cherry Staff, Wizard's Staff
Staves 3 Weapon 2 30 Black Mage: E10 Flame Staff, Storm Staff
Staves 4 Weapon 2 40 Black Mage: E7 Glacial Staff, Golden Staff
Staves 5 Weapon 2 65 Black Mage: E4 Judicer's Staff, Cloud Staff
Staff of the Magi Weapon 2 115 Black Mage: P16 Staff of the Magi
Maces 1 Weapon 2 30 Red Battlemage: H8 Mace, Bronze Mace
Maces 2 Weapon 2 40 Red Battlemage: J10 Bhuj, Miter
Maces 3 Weapon 2 60 Red Battlemage: K12 Thorned Mace, Chaos Mace
Maces 4 Weapon 2 65 Red Battlemage: K14 Doom Mace, Zeus Mace
Maces 5 Weapon 2 50 Red Battlemage: L16 Grand Mace, Bone of Byblos
Measures 1 Weapon 2 40 Machinist: G7 Gilt Measure
Measures 2 Weapon 2 50 Machinist: G9 Arc Scale, Multiscale
Measures 3 Weapon 2 70 Machinist: G11 Cross Scale, Caliper
Measures 4 Weapon 2 100 Machinist: G14 Euclid's Sextant
Daggers 1 Weapon 3 15 Shikari: F7 Dagger
Daggers 2 Weapon 3 20 Shikari: H7 Mage Masher, Assassin's Dagger
Daggers 3 Weapon 3 35 Shikari: J8 Chopper, Main Gauche
Daggers 4 Weapon 3 45 Shikari: L6 Gladius, Avenger
Daggers 5 Weapon 3 60 White Mage: E10*
Shikari: L4
Orichalcum Dirk, Platinum Dagger
Daggers 6 Weapon 3 80 Shikari: M3 Zwill Crossblade
Shikari Nagasa & Mina Weapon 3 220 Shikari: O3 Shikari Nagasa, Mina
Guns 1 Weapon 3 30 Machinist: H5 Altair
Guns 2 Weapon 3 50 Machinist: I5 Capella, Vega
Guns 3 Weapon 3 60 Machinist: K5 Sirius, Betelgeuse
Guns 4 Weapon 3 70 Machinist: L5 Ras Algethi, Aldebaran
Guns 5 Weapon 3 90 Machinist: N4
Shikari: D17*
Spica, Antares
Guns 6 Weapon 3 100 Machinist: P4
Shikari: C17*
Arcturus, Fomalhaut
Mithuna Weapon 3 190 Machinist: P2 Mithuna
Poles 1 Weapon 3 20 Monk: G5 Oaken Pole
Poles 2 Weapon 3 30 Monk: G6 Battle Bamboo, Cypress Pole
Poles 3 Weapon 3 35 Monk: G7 Musk Stick, Iron Pole
Poles 4 Weapon 3 40 Monk: G8 Six-fluted Pole, Gokuu Pole
Poles 5 Weapon 3 50 Monk: G9 Zephyr Pole, Ivory Pole
Poles 6 Weapon 3 60 Monk: G10 Sweep, Eight-fluted Pole
Whale Whisker Weapon 3 90 Monk: G12 Whale Whisker
Kanya Weapon 3 180 Monk: G13 Kanya
Crossbows 1 Weapon 3 25 Time Battlemage: L11 Bowgun, Crossbow
Crossbows 2 Weapon 3 40 Time Battlemage: O11 Paramina Crossbow, Recurve Crossbow
Crossbows 3 Weapon 3 60 Time Battlemage: M15 Hunting Crossbow, Penetrator Crossbow
Crossbows 4 Weapon 3 115 Time Battlemage: G14 Gastrophetes, Tula
Hand-bombs 1 Weapon 3 35 Foebreaker: G14 Hornito
Hand-bombs 2 Weapon 3 55 Foebreaker: F14
Black Mage: K3*
Fumarole, Tumulus
Hand-bombs 3 Weapon 3 75 Machinist: F16*
Foebreaker: G15
Black Mage: G2*
Caldera, Volcano
Hand-bombs 4 Weapon 3 105 Machinist: A12*
Foebreaker: F15
Black Mage: O10*
Ninja Swords 1 Weapon 3 100 Shikari: A7* Ashura, Sakura-saezuri, Kagenui, Orochi
Ninja Swords 2 Weapon 3 120 Shikari: B5* Iga Blade
Ninja Swords 3 Weapon 3 120 Shikari: A15* Koga Blade
Yagyu Darkblade & Mesa Weapon 3 180 Shikari: N17* Yagyu Darkblade, Mesa
Belias Summon 20 White Mage: K8
Uhlan: F10
Machinist: F2
Red Battlemage: F5
Knight: F6
Monk: I1
Time Battlemage: J7
Foebreaker: K7
Archer: J12
Black Mage: G9
Bushi: G6
Shikari: D6
Mateus Summon 30 White Mage: G8
Uhlan: C17
Machinist: D5
Red Battlemage: H2
Knight: B5
Monk: K10
Time Battlemage: N5
Foebreaker: K11
Archer: J6
Black Mage: G3
Bushi: K6
Shikari: G4
Zalera Summon 30 White Mage: M16
Uhlan: G16
Machinist: E8
Red Battlemage: B10
Knight: D13
Monk: B4
Time Battlemage: H5
Foebreaker: J16
Archer: M4
Black Mage: M9
Bushi: L2
Shikari: G13
Adrammelech Summon 35 White Mage: E15
Uhlan: B7
Machinist: J3
Red Battlemage: E11
Knight: H13
Monk: L5
Time Battlemage: F2
Foebreaker: G16
Archer: M14
Black Mage: J3
Bushi: I3
Shikari: D2
Shemhazai Summon 50 White Mage: L2
Uhlan: F5
Machinist: F15
Red Battlemage: K3
Knight: K2
Monk: B10
Time Battlemage: P15
Foebreaker: B4
Archer: I18
Black Mage: Q14
Bushi: D9
Shikari: D16
Hashmal Summon 50 White Mage: H18
Uhlan: I12
Machinist: H10
Red Battlemage: D2
Knight: B16
Monk: B8
Time Battlemage: J2
Foebreaker: F2
Archer: J1
Black Mage: O11
Bushi: M6
Shikari: C11
Cúchulainn Summon 50 White Mage: F2
Uhlan: K17
Machinist: J14
Red Battlemage: L6
Knight: J7
Monk: D1
Time Battlemage: J15
Foebreaker: D2
Archer: O11
Black Mage: M18
Bushi: E13
Shikari: K4
Zeromus Summon 65 White Mage: B4
Uhlan: C1
Machinist: A13
Red Battlemage: B6
Knight: J12
Monk: O7
Time Battlemage: G9
Foebreaker: B13
Archer: H7
Black Mage: I16
Bushi: C15
Shikari: K13
Exodus Summon 65 White Mage: M9
Uhlan: H6
Machinist: B2
Red Battlemage: O4
Knight: M8
Monk: F14
Time Battlemage: C4
Foebreaker: B10
Archer: Q8
Black Mage: O18
Bushi: B12
Shikari: N6
Famfrit Summon 100 White Mage: E9
Uhlan: M13
Machinist: N10
Red Battlemage: O8
Knight: N10
Monk: J14
Time Battlemage: B9
Foebreaker: O16
Archer: E3
Black Mage: F16
Bushi: J13
Shikari: N12
Chaos Summon 100 White Mage: P4
Uhlan: M9
Machinist: O1
Red Battlemage: N17
Knight: L15
Monk: O9
Time Battlemage: H12
Foebreaker: P15
Archer: E12
Black Mage: D16
Bushi: I17
Shikari: P3
Ultima Summon 115 White Mage: P7
Uhlan: K5
Machinist: N15
Red Battlemage: Q13
Knight: P13
Monk: P12
Time Battlemage: G15
Foebreaker: O9
Archer: B9
Black Mage: B14
Bushi: G13
Shikari: N2
Zodiark Summon 200 White Mage: B8
Uhlan: L3
Machinist: Q12
Red Battlemage: G13
Knight: N15
Monk: M15
Time Battlemage: C16
Foebreaker: P10
Archer: B10
Black Mage: E2
Bushi: F18
Shikari: P14
Quickening Quickening 50 White Mage: F13
Uhlan: A9
Machinist: J6
Red Battlemage: F2
Knight: H11
Monk: K4
Time Battlemage: N7
Foebreaker: J2
Archer: M6
Black Mage: I2
Bushi: J11
Shikari: A8
Quickening Quickening 75 White Mage: I4
Uhlan: G14
Machinist: D1
Red Battlemage: M3
Knight: G2
Monk: B6
Time Battlemage: H2
Foebreaker: G2
Archer: H13
Black Mage: K18
Bushi: O10
Shikari: B4
Quickening Quickening 100 White Mage: K18
Uhlan: H3
Machinist: N7
Red Battlemage: I16
Knight: M5
Monk: L9
Time Battlemage: C7
Foebreaker: B6
Archer: C8
Black Mage: F7
Bushi: O3
Shikari: B15
Quickening Quickening 125 White Mage: N2
Uhlan: J1
Machinist: P15
Red Battlemage: D14
Knight: M15
Monk: O6
Time Battlemage: E16
Foebreaker: D16
Archer: G1
Black Mage: C4
Bushi: F16
Shikari: N16

Other appearances[]

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy[]

Vaan's EX Mode is called Obtained all Licenses!, in which he changes his Brave attack low-level weapons from Final Fantasy XII to the best of their kinds. This EX Mode allows Vaan to put away his current weapon without having to use another one.

Behind the scenes[]

Final Fantasy XII was initially envisioned as having a job system, but the idea was scrapped when the developers thought it too overwhelming to players in lieu of the newly introduced gambit system, and the ideas were condensed into the License Board seen in the final game.[1] The battle director, Hiroyuki Ito, wanted a system that gave the player a lot of freedom to develop their party how they wanted to, but simultaneously keep it from becoming overly complicated. By putting it into a board layout and giving the player a visual cue to see which direction they were developing a character in, he felt he was able to strike a good balance between the freedom.[2]

Hiroyuki Ito, who was appointed as the game's director along with Hiroshi Minagawa after Yasumi Matsuno left the project, has commented that the plan was for players to customize their characters freely using the board; however, what players did instead was to just acquire every license, not differentiating the characters as the developers had intended.

The job selection menu (PS4).

Seeing this, the developers went back to their original idea of using a job system for the Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac Job System version. With the system where the player cannot change their mind after having chosen a job, Ito wanted to call back to the games of the past where players could not redo things even by resetting the game, to recreate this kind of feeling of tension and finality.

With the International version, I was determined to get players to experience that 'flavor', focusing on a different style for each player. Thinking about how to implement that, a different license board for each job seemed to be the best. I didn't want to have a kind of [forgiving] 'suspended sentence' system where players could make changes in midstream; I wanted to make it so that they couldn't advance without making a decision at each point.

Hiroyuki Itō


The idea to use twelve jobs came about because the game is the twelfth main installment to the series, and because there are also twelve zodiac signs, a recurring theme in Ivalice.[3] The game already had fifteen different types of weapons in place, and the jobs were planned around the idea that what kind of weapon would belong to what kind of job.[3]

Original License Board in The Zodiac Age.

A slightly modified version of the original single License Board board exists in the files for The Zodiac Age PC version. It is not officially supported and requires hacking the game. This version of the original board does not include any licenses added for the Zodiac versions. Using this board would not be the same as playing the original, however, as the game still has no damage cap or spell queue.



The License Board is part of the Zodiac Job System in the Zodiac versions. In both astrology and historical astronomy, the zodiac is a circle of twelve 30° divisions of celestial longitude that are centered upon the ecliptic: the apparent path of the Sun across the celestial sphere over the course of the year.

The term zodiac derives from Latin zōdiacus, which comes from the Greek ζῳδιακὸς κύκλος (zōdiakos kyklos), meaning "circle of animals", as half of the signs of the classical Greek zodiac are represented as animals (besides two mythological hybrids).


  1. Without Brawler, a character's barehanded attack power is as follows:
    With the Brawler augment purchased, power increases to:
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 Damage 1–499=1 MP
    Damage 500–1499=2 MP
    Damage 1500–2599=3 MP
    Damage 3000–4999=4 MP
    Damage 5000–5999=5 MP
    Damage 6000–6999=7 MP
    Damage 7000-7999=10 MP
    Damage 8000–8999=15 MP
    Damage 9000–9998=20 MP
    Damage 9999+ =30 MP
  3. MP recovery = Enemy's level / 4
  4. 4.0 4.1 4.2 Base=20% of Max HP
    1 Phoenix Lore=30% Max HP
    2 Phoenix Lores=40% Max HP
    3 Phoenix Lores=50% Max HP

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