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The Library (図書館, Toshokan?) is a dungeon in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time. It is one of the main attractions within the Town and can only be accessed via the main plaza. The Library has three different parts to it, each of which is visited at different times in the game.

When the player enters the Library during the third part or after defeating every enemy in the lobby, a portal will appear. This portal leads to a room where many bosses from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates can be fought.


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The Hero is directed to the Library by several townspeople, who say an old man inside can brew the cure for crystal sickness needed for Eryll. The protagonists enter and meet Larkeicus, the elderly gentleman who commands the Hero to retrieve a Buffasaur Horn from the Aqueducts to concoct the cure, and then complete some archeological research on Ice Mountain and Fire Mountain as payment.

After the ruins atop Fire Mountain are restored, Larkeicus thanks the Hero warmly and sends the party back to the Village.

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Phase 1 - Normal Mode
  • Blue Stone
  • Dark Dust
  • Iron
  • Iron Shard
  • Magic Stone
  • Red Stone
  • Yellow Stone
  • White Dust
Phase 2 - Normal Mode
  • Dark Dust
  • Gold Shard
  • Magic Stone
  • White Dust
  • Classic Misanga
  • Storm Misanga
  • Wind Earrings
  • Earth Earrings
Phase 3 - Normal Mode
  • Sui Gem
  • Princess Tiara (Scroll)


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