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Reveals the target's level, HP, MP, and elemental weaknesses.


Libra, also known as Scan,[1][2] is an Effect spell in Final Fantasy VI. It details a target's HP, MP, level, and elemental weaknesses. It is learned naturally by Celes, and taught to other party members with magicite.

Libra is also an enemy ability used by Number 024.


Celes learns the spell naturally at level 18, while other party members learn the spell through magicite. Kirin teaches it at a rate of x5.


Libra is an inexpensive spell which reveals a target's weakness and level. The weakness can be helpful for most offensive spells and other elemental-based abilities and weapons, while the level is more specifically used to determine if an enemy is vulnerable to spells from Strago's Lore command. The main downside is that using Libra spends a turn and MP, and that other online resources (which were less available when the game originally released) make the spell less valuable.

Because Libra is unaffected by the caster's stats, it can be taught to and used by any party member. For instance, it can be used before an offensive spellcaster's turn, allowing said spellcaster to know which magic spell to cast to exploit a weakness.



Libra originates from the Latin for "book". This word root is present in multiple Romance languages, and is also found in English "library".