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Aire on Liberte

Liberte (リベルテ, Riberute?) is a location in Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light. This settlement is divided between the port and the town by shallow shoals that becomes deluged by a whirlpool at night.


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When the Heroes of Light return to Horne and find its inhabitants petrified, they are met by representatives from the Baneful Magick Investigation Unit of Liberte, who offer to take the heroes to their town for their safety. Jusqua and Aire accept, thus parting ways from Brandt and Yunita.

Liberte Port.

Although Jusqua is content with doing nothing, Aire thirsts for adventure and treasure, and after exploring the town and learning that the young Apollo's parents have been kidnapped by the local pirates, she takes her reluctant companion along to save him. Aire frees a fairy of Arbor, Lilibelle, and becomes a friend only Lilibelle is visible to. Aire hears of the mysterious whirlpool that appears in town at night, and once again, drags Jusqua with her in search of treasure. At the end of it all, Jusqua is fed up with traveling with Aire and leaves. Aire opens the treasure and is sent back to Liberte as a cat.

Unable to speak to humans, Aire takes Lilibelle's suggestion to visit the Queen of Arbor for a solution, and goes solo. After Aire has departed Jusqua realizes he must help his feline companion, and after being met by a cat he mistakes for Aire, Jusqua travels north to Urbeth.

After being sent a decade into the past, the party travels to Liberte and meets a young Pione, who is struggling on his design for the annual Glassworks Fair in Liberte. The party travels to the Animal Burrow and finds Lilibelle trapped in a spider web. The party frees her and takes her to Liberte where the fairy inspires Pione to work on his next masterpiece for the fair. The next day the party learns that Captain Drake and his pirates had stolen the artworks and kidnapped Pione and Lilibelle.

Within the Pirate Hideout they find the possessed Captain Drake attempting to kill Lilibelle, but the party interrupts just in time. The party ventures to the bottom level of the hideout and obtains the Rusty Compass. After party returns to the museum in Liberte, they use the compass and awaken the legendary Cetus. The party takes the Cetus to sea and face Leviathan. After defeating Leviathan, the city of Liberte is finally at peace.

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Before Darkness[]


Item Cost
Potion 20 gil
Dragon Wing 60 gil
Torch 10 gil
Echo Herbs 20 gil
Fire Tome 500 gil
Water Tome 500 gil
Cure Tome 500 gil
Confuse Cape 250 gil
Rainbow Boots 5000 gil


Weapon Cost
Steel Sword 200 gil
Horne's Bow 190 gil
Magic Staff 95 gil
Knife 220 gil
Flame Dagger 530 gil
Harp 220 gil
Traveler's Garb 150 gil
Black Robe 350 gil
White Robe 350 gil
Ice Shield 350 gil

After Darkness[]


Item Cost
Hi-Potion 40 gil
X-Potion 400 gil
Ether 1000 gil
Dragon Wing 60 gil
Bomb Fragment 300 gil
Torch 10 gil
Water Tome 500 gil
Watera Tome 1500 gil
Waterga Tome 5000 gil


Weapon Cost
Fire Axe 1220 gil
Book of Shiva 675 gil
Flame Spear 640 gil
Flowing Harp 640 gil
Bandit Gear 350 gil
Poet Tunic 350 gil
Monk Robe 850 gil
Ice Shield 350 gil
Holy Shield 450 gil

Multiplayer Prize Shop[]

Item Points
Book of Secrets 4860
Avalon Scrolls 5280
Akashic Records 6690
Cat's Tunic 1000
Angel Toga 1000
Dancing Wear 1000
Blue Jacket 1000
Maximillian 1000
Old Shoes 6000
Music Score 2500


Item Location
Hi-Potion Tree near the house behind Jusqua and Aire's.
Potion On the king's left, in the right shrub.
Echo Herbs Bed in the round room of the inn.
Eye Drops Near the house next to the inn.
Dragon Wing Boat with the civilian (South side).
Phoenix Down Edge of the hill on the south side.
Potion Vase in the storage shop.
Gaia Drum Behind the item shop on the south side.
Giant's Ring Under the stairs in Apollo's house.

Musical themes[]

"Liberte, the Capital of Art" (芸術の都リベルテ, Geijutsu no Miyako Riberute?) is the background theme played during the day. There is also a "nighttime" (, Yoru?) version. Both tracks can be found in the original soundtrack as Tracks 17 and 18 respectively, and are composed by Naoshi Mizuta.


Liberté is the French word for "freedom".