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Libertas is a location from Final Fantasy Explorers. It serves as a home town and base of operations on the island of Amostra and includes an airship dock and variety of shops. The Explorers can accept requests here that cover the entire island. A large crystal with unknown purpose is located in the center of the town, where players can spend Crystal Points to learn abilities.[1]

Points of Interest[]

Libertas presents several locations for interaction with NPCs, purchasing items and upgrades, selecting objectives, and navigation.


NPCs who unlock new quests are shown with a yellow exclamation point on the map.


The gates lead to Leggi Steppe; the airship can be used to select from a subset of zones including the following:

  • Leggi Steppe
  • Hibat Foothills
  • Tinze Shores
  • Lake Filouz
  • Debbis Heights
  • Arha Marsh
  • Maxon Ravine
  • Mirah Dunes
  • Hibat Caverns
  • Porjio Cavern

If a navigation action is selected without a quest already active, the quest "Roam the world" is offered. If the quest is declined, the character remains in Libertas.


The Assignments desk can be used to assign generic tasks to teams of players and monsters; the time required depends on assignment level and is adjusted based on the accumulated total of a stat specific to that quest, with a multiplier applied to all monsters of a specific type.


The Quests desk is used to select the current Main Quest and Subquests.

Central Crystal[]

The Central Crystal is used to acquire new abilities.

"Learn Abilities" makes standard job abilities available to be assigned to action buttons; "Learn Custom Abilities" does the same for job abilities which have acquired mutations. This enforces a limit of one mutation per ability per quest, as mutations cannot be acquired without leaving Libertas but cannot be added to the available actions without returning to the Central Crystal.

"Change Magicite" determines the available trance and corresponding Crystal Surge. As stated in several points in the UI, this list is not limited by inventory; once an eidolon is defeated and its magicite acquired, its trance can be selected in this menu whether its magicite material is present in the character's inventory.


The Fortune-Teller is used to purchase a random bonus for the next quest; augury may be purchased for 100 gil, 5,000 gil, or 1 Play Coin. This can be done before or after selecting a quest; that is, the player can select a quest which maximizes the awarded bonus. Upon purchase the Fortune-Teller will always start with the following sequence:

  1. "Hmmm..."
  2. "Wait..."
  3. "I'm getting something..."

After this, one of several variations are possible (each can apply to gil drops or CP earnings):

Quote Increase
"Oh my... What a letdown." Lv 1
"Here are the results." Lv 2
"Oh, this is tremendous!" Lv 3

Monster Lab[]

Once the Monster Lab has been unlocked, it can be used to create and manage AI party members.


The Shop can be used to purchase consumable items and basic equipment with gil.


The Workshop can be used to purchase (Forge) and Upgrade items using gil, CP, and materials.



Libertus means "freedman" in Latin.


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