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The Liberation of Fynn took place when the Wild Rose Rebellion attempted to retake the city. Spearheaded by Firion and his allies, the Rebellion defeated the invading forces and reclaimed the castle and the city of Fynn.

In game, the main battle itself is led by Firion and his party. While the Wild Rose Rebellion is laying siege to the Palamecian forces, Firion's party is able to infiltrate Fynn Castle and take out the enemy commander.


This victory brought a great morale boost to the Wild Rose Rebellion by pushing back the Palamecian forces and reclaiming their hometown. Gordon also proved himself an effective leader in battle and claimed the throne to Fynn along with Hilda. Kashuan and Fynn afterward became a single kingdom.

Despite this crushing victory, The Emperor stages a counter attack with a giant cyclone that devastates much of Fynn and the surrounding kingdoms. This leads to Firion and his party entering the eye of the cyclone to wage battle with the Emperor himself.