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Lian and Ayde hear many stories of Lady Yuna. Elder Kimahri tells of your journey together.


Lian and Ayde are two minor characters in Final Fantasy X-2. They are Ronso brothers, and important to the village, since they are its youngest inhabitants, known as "pups". They set out to investigate Spira and to find a way to repair Elder Kimahri's broken horn.



Lian and Ayde are identical in appearance. Diminutive when compared to the towering adults of their race, they have the same blue fur, white hair and horns on their foreheads, yet being juveniles theirs are still short. They have the Ronso's typical feline facial features with striking yellow eyes and pointy ears. Lian and Ayde wear tear-shaped necklaces, leather armor secured with a cord on their waists, and forearm and shin guards. They don't wear shoes, and have strong claws in both their hands and feet.


Lian and Ayde are curious about the wider world and don't want to be confined to their traditionalist village that is going through something of an upheaval with a new young elder and constrained relationship with the exiled Guado. Lian and Ayde want to discover the truth of what is going on in Spira with their own eyes, and Yuna can encourage them to visit various locations on their adventure around the world.


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When the Gullwings travel to Mt. Gagazet in Chapter 1, Kimahri will tell the girls of the Ronso youths that have run away from the mountain and a player will have to find them. The brothers can be found at the Calm Lands Travel Agency in Chapter 2, but after talking to Yuna, the brothers will run away. The player can catch up with them at the Thunder Plains in Chapter 3. Yuna can suggest that they go to either the Moonflow, Kilika, or Djose, which can then be followed up on during Chapter 4 by use of the Commspheres.

Eventually they go home to Mt. Gagazet. After telling the tribe of their adventures, Kimahri realizes that all Ronso should follow the example of Lian and Ayde in trying to find their own individual paths while working together to forge a better future for one another, and that he alone can not provide a single answer to what the future of the entire group should be.

If the player has earned an Episode Complete, they can also get the Sacred Beast Garment Grid from Lian and Ayde upon returning to Mt. Gagazet.

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Behind the scenes[]


In the English version, Lian is voiced by Rob Paulsen and Ayde is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.



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