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Lia is a Japanese singer-writer, born December 20 in Ōta, Tokyo. She is mostly known for her work singing theme songs for visual novels and anime with the company Key, including Air, Clannad (visual novel), and Angel Beats!. She has also sung the theme songs for various other anime, and provides vocals for happy hardcore work under the name LIA (in capital letters). Lia is fluent in English and Japanese, and lived in the United States for a time where she graduated from the Berklee College of Music.[1]

Lia sung "Timeless Tomorrow", the theme song for Final Fantasy Dimensions II composed by Naoshi Mizuta with lyrics written by Takashi Tokita and Mizuta.

Lia's 2006 album Colors of Life was made in collaboration with Final Fantasy composer Hitoshi Sakimoto, who composed and produced the album, and arranged most of the tracks. The lyrics were written by Yukiko Mitsui who worked on the music for Final Fantasy Tactics and later wrote other songs with Lia.[2]

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