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Hundreds of years past, Lezaford created the Laws and the Judges who keep them. A powerful archmage sometimes called Runemaster, he is somehow connected with the magickal grimoire Luso discovers. Though long thought dead, Lezaford is very much alive. He guides Luso down the path he must walk.


Lezaford is a character from Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. An archmage known to many as the Runemaster, Lezaford is responsible for introducing the system of Laws and Judges to Ivalice hundreds of years ago. Luso relies on Lezaford's knowledge to get home and answer the questions of Jylland.


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Luso and Adelle first meet Lezaford on the Aldanna Range, after defeating a mark outside his house. Inside, Lezaford explains to Luso that the most likely way for him to get home would be to fill up the Grimoire with all that he sees in Jylland, like a journal.

Later, Adelle asks Lezaford what he knows about the Gifted. He tells her to seek out a man called Lennart, who should be able to tell her all he knows.

When the party return from Zellea, the Forbidden Land for the first time, they find themselves in Lezaford's house. Here, he explains all about the Jagd and how it is so unstable rifts tend to open up there all the time. He also tells Luso that the Grimoire he carries is the Grimoire of the Rift, capable of sealing any rift that is opened.

When Luso finally fills up the Grimoire, Lezaford is there to see him off.

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Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

Lezaford TCG.png

Lezaford appears in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game.


  • Though Lezaford is a Rev, like Cid, his sprite's stature and being a proficient high mage would suggest he would use nu mou classes instead.
  • Though Lezaford is never seen in battle, his job class, Runemaster, is very similar to an accomplished mage of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance: Babus Swain, the Runeseeker.
  • Given his long life span and friendship with Lennart, it is possible that Lezaford is one of the Gifted. However, this is also not likely as Lennart told Adelle that time has not done any change to him, possibly referring that Gifted ones may be immortal and do not age after a certain point.
  • Lezaford has at least one set of Judge armor inside his house. Their presence is never explained, but it could be that Lezaford used to be a judge himself.
  • He is also seen once to apologize to someone that he is "sorry for the pact he misused", this may also indicate that he was formerly a judge, but got some sort of trouble from it and quit.
  • The name "Lezaford" was one of the random names of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.