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Leynir is an undead/sleipnir-type enemy from Final Fantasy XII found in the Nabreus Deadlands. Its monograph drop is the Wargod's Band, needed for making Tournesol. They also rarely drop the Defender greatsword.

The Leynir shares its Japanese name and origin with the Wyerd from Final Fantasy IX.

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Being the manifest soul of a warhorse perished in the tragedy of Nabudis. The axe-like crest it wears was used for lowered-head charges into enemy formations. Training as a charger has refined its aggressive nature, and given it unswerving loyalty. Its barding is of the Nabradian style, method of its making now a lost art.

Page 2: Origin of Customs Edit

The leynir, possessing a wild and wholly untamable disposition, is a surprisingly social creature, able to share thoughts and feelings with its kin over great distances. Because of this, many people worship the leynir, especially such who wish to form a special bond with another. Indeed, it is customary for lovers to send a wargod's band to the object of their affections, this being the perfect expression of both violent passion and kindred feeling from afar.


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