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Lewphon is a historical character from Final Fantasy XIV. He was a famous sage of Sharlayan and author of The Five Ages.


Lewphon devoted two decades of his life from the year 210 to the year 230 of the Sixth Astral Era to compiling a comprehensive study on the merits of star gazing. By analyzing the expansive historical records of man's attempts to read his own fate, Lewphon hoped to separate the fables of superstition from the more reliable knowledge of evidence-based astrology. What his methodical scrutiny uncovered, however, was that much of the ancients' wisdom was founded in legitimate arcane theory. This revelation shifted the entire fucus of his research, and his subsequent efforts to reconstruct and adapt these principles resulted in the creation of "astromancy", an art which attuned the wielder's aether to the movement of the heavens.[1]

Following Lewphon's discoveries, the cards of the furtune teller-previously considered an amusement fit only for children-were re-evaluated from an academic perspective. The deck of arcana. with its cards representative of the constellations, was inregratcd along with the star globe into a uniquely Sharlayan discipline of magick.[1]

In the year 233 Lewphon pens The Five Ages in an attempt to unify the independent calendars used by each of the city-states in the Fifth Astral Era.[2] The book helped define Eorzean timekeeping, stating a "sun" to be twenty-four hours, a "moon" to be thirty-two suns, a year to be twelve moons, an "epoch" to be twelve years.[3]

Lewphon presented his star globe to the Holy See as part of his efforts to introduce Sharlayan astromancy to the nation of Ishgard. At Lewphon's instruction, the Ishgardian artisan who crafted the instrument took pains to capture aspects of the orthodox faith in its design, in a somewhat unsubtle attempt to sway the hearts of the conservative clergymen. Despite the exquisite quality of the work, however, the planisphere was overlooked in the constant flood of offerings made to the church, and consigned to gather dust in the comer of some lightless storeroom.[1]


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