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Levnato is an antagonist in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and the leader of the Orders next in line to become the Aldore Emperor. Levnato, along the emperor and Zeno of the Beta Star, serve as the leading triumvirate of Aldore.

Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Levnato is a tall man, dressing like a mage wearing bronze-colored armor. He wears a link dark cape, pointed mage's hat that is armored and covers his face. He carries a rather technologically elaborated staff, with mechanical components and flowing energy manifested in lights through different sections.

Personality Edit

Levnato is an enigmatic man who rarely displays what he's thinking. He displays loyalty to the current emperor and carries his orders efficiently. He doesn't talk much and only speaks the precise amount that needs to be said at any moment. His interactions with the rest of the Orders or the Emperor are minimal at best.

Story Edit

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Levnato is the Alpha Star of the Orders. He may have won the Order of Aldore tournament, and if so, he has held his rank for at least 10 years.

The emperor mentions Levnato in hologram form as he scolds Hyoh for his failure to defeat Lasswell, believing Hyoh had the potential to surpass Yego, Zeno and Levnato himself. Hyoh unleashes his power, demonstrating he is not done yet. Pleased, the emperor expects Hyoh to succeed.

Levnato notifies the emperor that Lasswell has passed the first round of the Order of Aldore, which the emperor deems the most entertaining one he has seen in a long time. The emperor questions if "he" has also progressed, which Levnato confirms. The emperor rejoices that Lasswell's party is unaware of a traitor amid their ranks.

As the Order of Aldore unfolds on its later stages, the Sworn Six of Paladia in conjunction with Hess' Four Sages carry an assassination operation on the Emperor by casting a force field that nullifies the Emperor's Paling, thus making him vulnerable to damage. Mombert tries to suicide implode with the Emperor, but this ends up in failure.

This forces Raegen to duel the Emperor, being able to be a fitting match and striking the emperor so fast he's unable to finish enchanting his spells. The Emperor then defenses himself with concentrated defensive magics and has Raegen fight his Elite Forces as a test. Raegen defeats them and as he's about to fight the Emperor once more, he's joined by the rest of his comrades who all launch a barrage of attacks on the Emperor, believing victory is possible.

Their joy is cut short when Levnato who has been watching from the sidelines interferes and swiftly rejects Raegen's attacks with a spell of his own. He then reveals frightenings truths, that he doesn't need incantations to cast powerful magical, that the Emperor is capable of the same feat, and that by proxy the Emperor has been holding back to put on a show for the public. The Emperor then proceeds to bombard them with powerful spells, but the Sworn Six are teleported away by the Children of Hess.

Levnato is not seen until much later during the open war between Aldore and the Children of Hess, when the Emperor summons all of The Orders in order to carry out the most important, to secure the ancient Weapon that will secure their victory and the tool to achieve the Emperor's ambitions.

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