Template:FFVIGBA Enemies Leviathan is a boss in the Advance version of Final Fantasy VI, and can be fought by taking the ferry between South Figaro and Nikeah once the party has acquired the Falcon, but he will not appear unless the party has talked to a man in South Figaro who mentions seeing a shadow while fishing. Leviathan starts the battle with Tsunami and uses it periodically through the battle with Aqua Breath and El Nino. He also has a powerful physical and counters attacks with Entwine, which casts Slow. His water attacks hit the entire party and cannot be blocked, so he can be very dangerous. However, by equipping armor that absorbs Water, all his attacks will heal the party and only his physical will do damage. Upon his defeat he drops the Leviathan Magicite.

The battle against Leviathan also gives Mog (Final Fantasy VI) the last chance to obtain the Water Harmony Dance.


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