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Leviathan is an esper in the Advance and the now discontinued mobile/Steam releases of Final Fantasy VI who can be acquired as a magicite. Leviathan is a recurring summon in the Final Fantasy series.


Leviathan is a sea creature who appears similarly to an eel. He is largely purple with a turquoise underbelly.

Leviathan's sprite is a modified version of his Final Fantasy V appearance.


Leviathan was one of several espers captured by the Gestahlian Empire during their first raid on the esper world. The captive espers were taken back to the Magitek Research Facility at Vector, and for sixteen years they were experimented on and had their magic drained to develop the Empire's Magitek army.

Short before the Returners infiltrated the facility to shut it down, four espers including Leviathan staged an escape. A year later after the apocalypse in the World of Ruin, Leviathan prowled the waterways between Nikeah and South Figaro, its shadow frightening sailors.

When the party took a ship between Nikeah and South Figaro, Leviathan attacked them and they were pulled under the water. They defeated Leviathan and returned to the ship, and Leviathan's magicite washed onto the decks and was taken by them.


Leviathan costs 70 MP to summon and uses Tidal Wave, dealing heavy water-elemental damage to all enemies with a spell power of 130. His level up bonus is a +2 boost to Stamina.

Leviathan is not very useful as a summon because the water-elemental spell it teaches is not much weaker than Leviathan himself.


Leviathan teaches only a single spell, but it is the only water-elemental spell the party can learn. It is particularly useful against the Gold Dragon, who is weak to water and in its Dragons' Den rematch absorbs magic, but Flood cannot be absorbed.


Leviathan is encountered after the party retrieves the Falcon and takes the ferry between South Figaro and Nikeah. Upon winning, the party receives his magicite.

If Mog is in the party, he can learn the Water Harmony Dance. In versions that lack Leviathan, the Dance could be permanently lost if not learned in the World of Balance; the Leviathan fight gives players a second chance to acquire it in the World of Ruin.



Leviathan (Biblical Hebrew לִוְיָתָן or לווייתן Liwyāthān) is a violent sea creature referred to in the Hebrew Bible as well as the Talmud and some other ancient Jewish texts. During the golden age of seafaring, the term Leviathan became synonymous with any large sea creature, sometimes describing whales. Bible scholars interpreted Leviathan to be either a demonic sea creature and an enemy of God.

The Talmud and other ancient Jewish sources refer to Leviathan more specifically as a sea serpent, sometimes with multiple heads capable of breathing fire, that was made on the fifth day of Creation. It is said that during the end of days, God will make tents, or sukkah, out of the skin of Leviathan for the righteous to live in. Some have speculated that Leviathan was based on a real animal, the most popular theory being the Kronosaurus and the Nile crocodile.

Leviathan is also one of the seven princes of Hell associated with the deadly sin Envy and Hell's gatekeeper in Christian demonology.

In the Final Fantasy series, Leviathan is sometimes referred to as the King of the Seas. Its incarnation in the series appears to derive from the legends of the Shinto god Ryūjin or Owatatsumi, said to be the dragon god that reigns over the seas. It also resembles the Chinese dragon, mystical beings seen as the rulers of moving bodies of water, and the Dragon God as the dispenser of rain.