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Hits targets with levels that are multiples of 4.


Level 4 Graviga, also known as L4 Qrtr, is a Blue Magic spell in Final Fantasy V. It casts the spell Graviga on all enemies whose level is a multiple of 4 at the cost of 9 MP. Graviga deals fractional damage to reduce an enemy's HP to 1/8th. The spell normally costs 9 MP and only applies to one target, meaning Level 4 Graviga is much more MP- and turn-efficient.

Level Graviga can also be used by catching and releasing a Level Tricker.


The learner must be hit by Level 4 Graviga to learn the ability, meaning their level must be divisible by 4.

The earliest Level 4 Graviga can be learned is from Ghidra fought in the final area of Ronka Ruins before talking to King Tycoon. It can also be learned from Level Tricker, Level Checker, Azulmagia, and Executor.


Level 4 Graviga is significantly more turn- and MP-efficient than the typical Graviga spell, which can already be effective. If the player is aware that the enemy's levels are divisible by 4, Level 4 Graviga can wipe out the HP of many enemies, and make the fight significantly quicker. Libra or Scan can be used to confirm an enemy's level. Dark Spark can be used to manipulate enemy levels. As Level 4 Graviga deals fractional damage, it does not work on heavy type enemies.

Susceptible enemies

Enemies that are susceptible but the player cannot use Level 4 Graviga against them in a normal playthrough: