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Hits targets with levels that are multiples of 3.


Level 3 Flare, also known as L.3 Flare, is a Blue Magic spell in Final Fantasy V. It casts Flare, a powerful non-elemental damaging spell, to all enemies whose levels are multiples of 3 (level raise from Hero's Rime is ignored). Against enemies susceptible, it can be a powerful and MP-efficient way to deal damage.

Level 3 Flare can also be used by catching and releasing a Dechirer or Level Checker.


Level 3 Flare can only be learned by being hit with the ability. This means the learner must have a level divisible by 3.

The earliest Level 3 Flare can be obtained is from Red Dragon in the Barrier Tower, fought as a monster-in-a-box. It can be obtained by using the Mix ability Dragon Defense (Phoenix Down+Dragon Fang) to bestow reflect on the enemy (the Reflect spell is not yet available), then using Control on the dragon, and finally controlling the dragon to cast Level 3 Flare on itself to then bounce it onto a party member.

Level 3 Flare can later be obtained from Exdeath, Level Checker, Executor, Tunneller (Zephyrus), Shinryu, Archeosaur, and Enuo. Archeosaur will not use the ability normally, meaning Control is needed.


Level 3 Flare's damage is calculated as follows:

It has an identical damage output to Flare. Damage is capped at 9999.


Level 3 Flare has half the MP cost of Flare, and can hit multiple targets rather than just one. This makes it more MP- and turn-efficient to use than Flare if it is used against enemies who are susceptible to it. Because the damage dealt is non-elemental, there is little drawback to using the ability. The player can use Libra or Scan to confirm the enemy's level if needed. Dark Spark can be used to affect enemy levels to make them susceptible.

One strategy is to use Level 3 Flare against Wendigo's copies to determine which "Wendigo" is real. The downside is that the party will be repeatedly hit with Frost, though this can be countered by equipping the party with Flame Rings.

If the player uses Level 3 Flare on Azulmagia, the boss will learn it and will begin to use it against the player party. The party can then reflect it back onto the boss to make it damage itself.

Susceptible enemies

The following enemies are susceptible, but cannot be fought during the time the player has Level 3 Flare in a normal playthrough:



A flare is a pyrotechnical phenomenon that produces intense amounts of heat and energy that does not result in an explosion (an immediate release of energy).


  1. Zu appears as a rare encounter on certain overworld tiles in the Merged World.
  2. The player is not intended to defeat Golem.
  3. Level 3 Flare cannot be used in Bartz's World, and although Bandersnatch appears in the Merged World as a rare encounter in the Fork Tower, it appears only in the right tower, where magic cannot be used.