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LV? S-Flare in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.

Shadowflares units with same one's digit in level.

Level ? Shadowflare, also known as LV? S-Flare, is a recurring spell in the series. It is generally a spell used by Dark elemental enemies, but can also be used by the player. When used, all units, both enemy and ally that has the same second digit in their level as the caster will be attacked with Dark-elemental magic (this also includes the caster as well). For example, a unit at Level 47 will attack units at Level 47, 37, 27, 17, and 7.

A Bone Plate is highly recommended if the unit wishes to use LV? S-Flare and not be affected negatively by it; in fact, the unit will recover health. Otherwise, LV? S-Flare is quite a risky move, dealing medium-heavy damage if not equipped adequately. Thus, this spell should only be used if at high-level, adequate equipment, or equipped with Bone Plate.


Final Fantasy Tactics Advance[]

LV? S-Flare is a Blue Magic skill for the Blue Mage learned from Vampires and costs 30 MP to cast. It deals heavy Dark damage to all units on the battlefield whose digit in their level is the same as the caster.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift[]

Level ? Shadowflare is an Arcanist spell that costs 20 MP to cast and is learned through the Bomb Arm weapon for 450 AP. It casts Shadowflare on all units who share the first digit of the caster's level and deals dark damage.