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Party's levels in Final Fantasy XII.

Level (レベル, Reberu?), commonly abbreviated as LV and Lv., is the measure of how far a character has progressed in their personal growth potential. Gaining levels is the way for the player characters to advance throughout most of the Final Fantasy games. The characters advance in levels by gaining Experience Points. Both enemies and player characters have a level, but most times the opponents' level is fixed.

Gaining a level is called a "Level Up". Gaining levels may augment stats, unlock new magic and skills, and enable the use of new items. The party's level may also influence the enemy's stats. The typical highest level is 99 for characters, but 100+ for bosses and enemies. In Final Fantasy VIII the limit for player characters goes up to 100, but it can also be as low as 41 in Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. Final Fantasy XV had the party's level cap raised in a patch to 120.

A popular challenge is attempting a "no level-up game", wherein the player tries to complete the game without the player characters having gained a single level, or a "low-level game" in cases where avoiding enough experience to prevent leveling is impossible.

Levels are widely used to measure an enemy's strength in the series, and some games allow enemies to level up in the middle of battle.


Final Fantasy[]

Character class dictates the stat growth gained from level ups. The maximum level is 50. In Final Fantasy Origins and later versions, the level cap is 99. The amount of experience required to level up is also capped, at 29,000. Characters' levels were originally meant to determine the success rate of fleeing from battles, but in the NES version this is glitched.

Final Fantasy II[]

Each character develops depending on what they do during battle, e.g., characters who use a particular weapon become adept at wielding a weapon of that type, as well as gaining in physical strength; characters who frequently cast a particular magic learn more potent versions of that spell, as well as gain Magic Power. HP and MP, similarly, increase depending on need: a character who ends a battle with little remaining health might earn an increase in maximum hit points.

The target-cancel bug in the NES version also lets the player level up weapons and spells by repeatedly cancelling actions.

Final Fantasy III[]

A traditional level up system is used, where characters gain levels by accumulating EXP received from battles, leading to stat growth. In addition to this, the various jobs that characters can use have separate levels reached via hidden Job Points, which are obtained by performing actions in combat. The maximum character level is 99, and so is the max level for each job.

Final Fantasy IV[]

A traditional level up system appears where characters level up by gaining EXP from battles (even if they are not in the current party), which boosts their stats along a predetermined path; physical characters will earn more strength and HP when leveling, and magic-users will gain more magic power and MP. The characters learn new skills as they attain higher levels. However, after Level 70 the stat gains characters earn from leveling up become somewhat random, with eight different options the game randomly chooses from, and characters can lose stats, though in general they will have higher stats at Level 99 than Level 70. In the 3D releases, stat changes after Level 70 depend on what Augments are equipped.

Final Fantasy IV -Interlude-[]

Level returns and with the same functionality.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years[]

The same system used in the game's predecessors returns, though stat gains are no longer random after level 70, but level caps are in place depending on the chapter. The level caps (for at least the Wii version) are as follows:

Chapter Level Chapter Level
Ceodore/Kain 50 Rydia 40
Yang 40 Palom 40
Edge 40 Porom 40
Edward 40 Lunarians 50
Gathering 55 Final 99

The exceptions to the information above are for generic characters (Black Mage, White Mage, Monk, etc.) who cap at level 20. In the Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection version, Golbez's level in the Lunarians Tale is capped at 45, and Fusoya's is capped at 40.

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Final Fantasy V[]

Achievement icon for leveling Bartz up to Level 99.

The job system is separate from the character levels: characters and jobs have their own levels, e.g. a character can be on level 38, but his job may be on level 5. Characters boost their base stats by leveling up, and gain new abilities as their job levels up.

Characters level up by gaining EXP from battles, and jobs level up when the characters gain ABP while using said job. The maximum level is 99. The EXP needed for max level is 9,696,668.

There are various ways to temporarily change level in battle, such as the Mix skill, Dragon Power, which raises a character's level by 20, and the song Hero's Rime that continually boosts the party's levels while the Bard is singing.

In the mobile and Steam versions the player earns achievements by mastering jobs and leveling up characters.

Final Fantasy VI[]

A traditional leveling up system is used, where characters gain EXP from battles. (Only current party members gain EXP.) Terra and Celes gain new magic when reaching certain level thresholds, Sabin learns new Blitzes, and Cyan learns new Bushido skills. The characters can equip magicite to boost their stats while leveling up; without magicite, the party only earns HP and MP from level ups.

When a character joins the party, their level is calculated based on the average level of the current party members. The level for each character is recalculated at certain points:

The new character's level equals the average of all current members' level rounded down. If a character rejoins in the World of Ruin, the new level will never be lower than their old level. If a character is joining for the first time, a value is added to the average party level to determine their new level.

Level is the single most influential statistic that affects damage for nearly everything. It is an important part in the calculation of damage, whether it be physical or magical. Dischord will halve the target's level for the remainder of the battle. Since the user's level affects nearly all attack damage and many success rates, this ability has more of an impact than it may look like at first glance. Dischord also helps with improving the success rate for both Steal and Mug, which compares Locke/Gogo's level to the target's.

The Advance version has a level reset glitch that lets the player reset the characters' levels.

Final Fantasy VII[]


Battle Square handicap reel.

Characters gain EXP to level up from boss battles. In the final battles Bizarro and Safer∙Sephiroth have more HP if more members of the player party are on level 99. During Battle Square battles certain handicaps can temporarily lower the player's level, and the effect stacks. Apart from the player characters, Materia can also be leveled up by gaining AP from battles; this unlocks new abilities and births new Materia when a Materia reaches its maximum level.

Cloud will always level up from level 6 to level 7 in the first battle; this may be one of the many allusions to the number 7 used throughout the game.

The playable characters require slightly different amount of EXP to reach level 99. Aeris requires the most EXP for level 99: 2,484,643.

Leveling a character to level 99 gains the Top Level achievement in the PC version re-release. Doing so in the PlayStation 4 version earns the Liege of Leveling trophy.

Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-[]

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Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-[]

DMW Slots

Zack levels up when he spins three 7s during modulation phase.

Zack gains levels through the Digital Mind Wave reel: as the reel rolls to 777, Zack will level up, boosting his stats. The maximum level is 99. It appears to be random, but in fact, is not; the game has a hidden value that works the same way as gaining experience points in the rest of the series, and the reel will gain a chance to spin to 777 once Zack has killed enough enemies to enable it. Zack can also level up his Materia to a max level of 5, at which point the Materia become mastered.

Final Fantasy VII Remake[]

Characters level up by accumulating EXP from felled enemies, up to a cap of 50. Like in the original, Cloud levels up from LV6 to LV7 in the first encounter. Materia also have levels and gain AP from battle. As a new feature, weapons also "level up" alongside the player characters; when the player levels up, buys key items, and/or finish quests and missions on Hard Mode, they get skill points (SP) that can be allocated to weapons to improve them with stat boosts, passive abilities and materia slots.

Summons are the same level as their summoner. The Mythical Amulet increases the level of the equipped character's summon by 5.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth[]

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Final Fantasy VIII[]

Icon for when a character is at maximum level.

The player party's average level determines the levels of enemies and bosses; instead of just increasing stats the traditional way, enemies' levels determine what items and spells the player can procure via mugging, item drops, and drawing, and what abilities they can use. While a higher level player party may make the game potentially harder, the rewards are greater. Final Fantasy VIII is the first game in the series where the maximum level for character and enemy growth is 100 instead of 99. Instead of the EXP required for a level up gradually growing, the requirement is set at the fixed value of 1000 EXP, but the amount of EXP enemies give after battle varies, depending on their level in comparison to the player party's.

As the junction system functions separately from the leveling system, a viable style of play can include keeping the party (and thus monsters) at a low level.

Character levels[]

Achievement icon for "Contrived Finish".

The player's level affects how far they can progress in the SeeD rank tests that can be undertaken in the menu; the player cannot take a test that is of higher grade than Squall's current level. Squall always starts at level 7 with his EXP bar half-way filled, similar to how Cloud always levels up in his first battle. Squall's first level up being from level 7 to level 8 may thus be an allusion to the number 8, Final Fantasy VIII being the eighth installment in the series. Finishing the game with Squall on level 7 earns the achievement Contrived Finish in the Steam version. Getting a character to level 100 earns the achievement Top level.

Characters who join the party start with a set level. In the PlayStation demo, the player characters cannot level up.

In Final Fantasy VIII Remastered, Squall's level determines which attack Boko performs.

Enemy levels[]

The level of enemies is normally not fixed, and depends on the active party members' current levels, according to the following formula:

KO'd members' levels still count if they are in the active party.

Normal enemies will never have levels between the two values given by the formula; however, bosses have level caps, which are used to limit their levels if the value resulting from the formula is too high.

In certain locations, enemies' levels are subject to specific conditions:

The LV Down and LV Up abilities learned by Tonberry let the player manipulate the enemies' levels and thus affect which spells can be drawn, what items they will drop/mug, and how much EXP they give. LV Down halves an enemy's level (rounded down) to a minimum of 1, while LV Up doubles it to a maximum of 100. Bosses are immune.

Guardian Force levels[]

Guardian Forces also gain levels, and some Guardian Force abilities cannot be learned until said Guardian Force has reached a certain level, while a few Guardian Force attacks deal varying amounts of damage depending on the Guardian Force's level. Guardian Forces earn the same EXP the player characters earn from battles, but it is distributed evenly between the GFs the character has junctioned. Different GFs require a varying amount of EXP for a level up; most require 500 EXP, while Siren, Carbuncle, and Cerberus require 400, and Eden requires the full 1000.

Boko's level[]

Achievement icon for "Top Level Boko".

Upon winning a battle in Chocobo World, Boko receives a magic stone which is randomly placed on a tic-tac-toe-style board. If three stones line up in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal row, Boko gains a level of experience, which increases his hit point count in Chocobo World and his strength when summoned in Final Fantasy VIII. Leveling up Boko to Lv.100 in the Steam version earns the trophy Top Level Boko. In Final Fantasy VIII Remastered, Chocobo World is unavailable and Boko's level cannot be observed.

Final Fantasy IX[]

Leveling up boosts the party's stats and the number of Magic Stones used to equip support abilities. As bosses do not give EXP, it is possible to attempt a no leveling up challenge and finish the game at level 1.

Joining party members' levels are determined by the previous party members' levels. Zidane, Vivi, Dagger and Steiner are the starter party members, but when another joins and the player party is at a higher level than LV1, the joining party members level up to match the rest of the party.

Joining party members will not gain level up bonuses for the number of Magic Stones, and for that reason, if the player levels up a lot early, party members who join later will miss out. If the player wants maximum Magic Stones for all party members, they must stay on level 1 till Amarant joins.

The maximum amount of EXP required to level up to 99 is 6,633,167 but the maximum that can be displayed in the menu is 9,999,999; the following formula is used in game to achieve this: [1]

Reaching level 99 on a party member earns the End of the Road achievement/trophy in the versions that support an achievements system.

Final Fantasy X[]

Characters and enemies do not have specific levels and their strength is measured in stats only, however, gaining AP from battles advances the characters through the Sphere Grid through Sphere Level, abbreviated as "S.Lv". The AP required for gaining sphere levels increases the further a character has progressed through the grid, up to a maximum of 22,000.

Final Fantasy X-2[]

The traditional leveling up system appears, with characters gaining levels based on the EXP they earn in battles. Levels will not carry over when using the New Game Plus feature. The maximum level is 99. The character's level determines their stats in their currently equipped dressphere, apart from the special dresspheres, whose stats are also affected by the number of nodes the character activated to change into it.

Initial levels of recruitable allies in the International and HD Remaster versions depend on the average level of the three leading girls.

Even if the girls all have the same EXP totals they progress at different rates. Paine is a little faster than Rikku and Yuna tends to lag behind.

A portion of the game's damage calculation includes the attacker's level, and as such a low level character will do less damage than a high level one even if they have the same equipment and stats.

Final Fantasy X-2: Last Mission[]

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Final Fantasy XI[]

Levels are tied to each job class, rather than the character. Each class receives their own experience tally, and can be individually leveled up to the maximum level of 99.

At the initial release, the level cap was 50, and was raised five times in intervals of 5 after the release of the first expansion, Rise of the Zilart, up till 75 where the level cap remained for nearly seven years. When Vision of Abyssea was released in 2010, the level cap was progressively raised again at intervals of 5 to hit the final cap of 99 in December 2011. With the release of Seekers of Adoulin in March 2013, a new system called Item Level was added to the game that went up to level 119. It gives an approximate level the player would be at if they inherently had the stats. Another unofficial tier above that was added shortly after Rhapsodies of Vana'diel.

A level system for combat and crafting skills similar to the system used in Final Fantasy II appears. Repeated attempts at crafting and uses of a combat skill have a chance at increasing the proficiency of that skill. To prevent exploitation, such attempts must be performed with crafting recipes and enemies of a certain range relative to one's current skill or job level.

Starting in 2004, Merit Points were added as a system of further improving the player character's inherent stats and abilities. While the categories applying to all jobs generally allow the player to upgrade everything, the weapon skills and job specific categories give a finite number of upgrades to spread across. Job Points were added to the game in 2014, allowing the player to permanently improve their jobs both by upgrading abilities/traits and also through "Gifts", boosts that are granted after spending a certain amount on upgrades.

Final Fantasy XII[]

A traditional level up system is used, with characters progressing through levels by gaining EXP from defeated enemies. However, leveling up is an inferior way to strengthen the party compared to acquiring better gear, and thus grinding does not need to be a big part of the game.

The Zodiac versions have two "New Game Plus" modes that allow the player to attempt a new playthrough either with all characters starting at level 90, or at their minimum levels (1/2/2/3/3/3) without being able to level up. The former mode is accessible after beating the game, while the latter is accessible after beating Trial Mode.

Level Experience Level Experience Level Experience
1 0 34 305,798 67 3,305,782
2 51 35 337,647 68 3,487,042
3 169 36 371,861 69 3,675,577
4 386 37 408,550 70 3,871,576
5 735 38 447,826 71 4,075,232
6 1,253 39 489,805 72 4,286,739
7 1,978 40 534,604 73 4,506,293
8 2,950 41 582,344 74 4,734,094
9 4,213 42 633,147 75 4,970,343
10 5,812 43 687,137 76 5,215,245
11 7,796 44 744,442 77 5,469,006
12 10,215 45 805,191 78 5,731,834
13 13,121 46 869,517 79 6,003,941
14 16,570 47 937,554 80 6,285,540
15 20,619 48 1,009,438 81 6,576,848
16 25,329 49 1,085,309 82 6,878,083
17 30,762 50 1,165,308 83 7,189,465
18 36,982 51 1,249,580 84 7,511,218
19 44,057 52 1,338,271 85 7,843,567
20 52,056 53 1,431,529 86 8,186,741
21 61,052 54 1,529,506 87 8,540,970
22 71,119 55 1,632,355 88 8,906,486
23 82,333 56 1,740,233 89 9,283,525
24 94,774 57 1,853,298 90 9,672,324
25 108,523 58 1,971,710 91 10,073,124
26 123,665 59 2,095,633 92 10,486,167
27 140,286 60 2,225,232 93 10,911,697
28 158,474 61 2,360,676 94 11,349,962
29 178,321 62 2,502,135 95 11,801,211
30 199,920 63 2,649,781 96 12,265,697
31 223,368 64 2,803,790 97 12,743,674
32 248,763 65 2,964,339 98 13,235,398
33 276,205 66 3,131,609 99 13,741,129

The exact equation describing EXP and level is:


The player starts the game as Vaan, but any party members who join him have their starting level determined by the levels of the characters in the current party. E.g., when Balthier and Fran join Vaan in Royal Palace of Rabanastre, their level is Vaan's level +1.

The enemy ability, Growing Threat, doubles the subject's level.

Getting the party's average level to 50 adds Ashe's sprite to the Sky Pirate's Den and awards the "Exemplar" trophy/achievement in The Zodiac Age.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings[]

The character's starting level is fixed. If the character leveled up more than the fixed level when rejoining, their level is retained. For example, if Penelo leaves the at level 3, when she rejoins later, she will be at level 6 or 7. However, if she leveled up more than level 6 or 7 (for say, level 12) she will rejoin the party at level 12.

The player characters level up by gaining EXP from battles. When they level up they learn new abilities and their stats are increased. If the player completes all missions, the enemies in the final boss battle will be on level 99.

In conjunction with Monster Melee and Summoning Melees, all enemies' levels are tied up by the total average of the party's level, so the party can level up by fighting any type of enemy, with a fair amount of EXP gained.

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Final Fantasy XIII[]

The characters' roles gain levels by advancing through the tiers in the Crystarium, meaning that it is the character's "role" or "job" that gains level, not the character itself. The level gain is capped, and new tiers in the Crystarium are opened by progressing through the storyline. Role levels make the role more powerful when the character is using it and grant more powerful role bonuses.

More traditional leveling system is seen in the characters' weapons and accessories, whose stats the player can enhance by giving them EXP through the various components gained from battles and bought from the Retail Network. Mechanical components give more EXP, but organic components add a multiplier to the equipment pieces' EXP intake, giving the chance to as much as triple the received EXP.

Every weapon and accessory has its own growth potential and maximum level. After a piece of equipment has reached its maximum level, it is often possible to use a catalyst component to transform it into a new item, usually a more powerful version of the original, at the cost of the new item starting back at its base with no EXP.

Enemies have fixed levels, but unlike in other games in the series, they are not an indication of the enemy's strength, and the levels vary widely. The only things an enemy's level determines are target time, whether the enemy is immune to Random: Instant Chain or not, Easy Mode changes, and the rate of TP recovery after battle.

Final Fantasy XIII-2[]

Paradigm roles gain levels, and each role can level up to level 99. At certain milestones the Crystarium expands and allows for further customization of a character or a Paradigm Pack monster. Levels are gained by expending CP, which Serah and Noel gain by winning battles.

Monster allies do not gain CP, and must be given items to level them up, and the items' attributes define the quality of the stat boosts. While Serah and Noel can reach level 99 in all their roles, the monsters have only one role, and depending on the monster, their level may be capped at lower than 99.

"Requiem of the Goddess"[]

In a downloadable content scenario, "Another Beginning - Lightning's Story: Requiem of the Goddess", Lightning is a playable character. When a certain amount of experience points are acquired she levels up.

Current Level CP Required HP Strength Magic Bonus/Notes
0 15,000 1,150 1,150 Defeat Chaos Bahamut to unlock.
1 40 20,000 1,250 1,250
2 150 25,000 1,250 1,250 ATB: +1
3 250 31,000 1,250 1,250 Conjurer role unlocked.
4 330 37,000 1,350 1,350
5 570 43,000 1,350 1,350
6 730 49,000 1,350 1,350 Sorcerer role unlocked.
7 970 55,000 1,500 1,500
8 1,290 75,000 1,850 1,850 ATB: +1
9 1,710 120,000 2,400 2,400
10 999,999 9,999 9,999

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII[]

Crystarium Points are not gained from battles, instead, Lightning must complete quests, which at most times raise her maximum HP, Strength, and Magic, but at times ATB, Item Limit, and EP are raised as well.

Abilities can gain levels by synthesizing the same ones at magic shops. Abilities locked on garbs cannot gain levels.

Final Fantasy XIV[]

A character's progress was originally measured in two ways: physical levels representing one's actual physical development, with class ranks measuring how adept one is with various arms and tools. This system was later changed to each discipline having its own level tied to it and no "global" character level. Each discipline can be individually leveled up. In the case of jobs released during A Realm Reborn, their level is tied to their base class. Uniquely, the Summoner Summoner and Scholar Scholar jobs level up together, as they share a base class in Arcanist Arcanist.

All equipment has an inherent item level. Prior to level 50 item level is generally the same as or near the items equip level. Beginning at level 50 item levels start outpacing equip levels in order to allow characters to become more powerful even when level capped, and continue to climb as the level cap is increased, resulting in characters becoming exponentially stronger with each expansion.

Level cap is increased with each expansion. Blue Mage Blue Mage, a limited job, has different level caps from other jobs that is increased independently.

Release Level cap Highest item level
A Realm Reborn (2.0) 50 135
Heavensward (3.0) 60 280
Stormblood (4.0) 70 405
Shadowbringers (5.0) 80 535
Endwalker (6.0) 90 660 (As of patch 6.4)
Dawntrail (7.0) 100
Blue Mage
Patch Level cap
4.5 50
5.15 60
5.45 70
6.45 80

Final Fantasy XV[]

Level up your life at the Leville Hotel.

Radio advert
Camp and Level Up In E3 2016

Level Up menu.

Party members obtain EXP from felled monsters, but cannot use it to level up unless they rest. By setting up a camp at a haven the player can cook food from Ingredients they obtain from shops and monsters for buffs, and to apply the EXP earned to level up the party. If the party stays at a lodging they cannot cook, but receive EXP at an expedited rate; the fancier the lodging, the more EXP the player gets, but it also costs more.

The party's level cap at launch was 99, but this was increased to 120 in version 1.05. The Nixperience Band accessory can be used to limit how much experience is gained by the party, so that the player can choose to set their own caps and complete low-level runs. The player can craft Elemancy spells that yield extra EXP from felled enemies, and eat food that boosts EXP intake. Levels and EXP carry over when using chapter select.

Final Fantasy XVI[]

Level Up from FFXVI

Clive levels up.

Clive is the only one who levels up, and is the main directly controllable character in the game, though the player can also briefly control Joshua and Ifrit. Clive levels up by accruing EXP from battles. EXP is tallied at the end of the battle sequence when gained from enemies. EXP is also earned from completing sidequests. The player can get an accessory that improves EXP-intake.

Clive's level cap is 50 on a standard playthrough, then increases to 100 during a New Game Plus playthrough in "Final Fantasy" mode. If the player owns the "Echoes of the Fallen" expansion, the level caps are raised to 55 and 105. "The Rising Tide"- expansion further increases the level caps to 60 and 110.

Final Fantasy Type-0[]

Type-0 Gameplay

Screenshot showing Rem at level 6.

The levels of party members and enemies determine the amount of damage they deal and take, with larger gaps resulting in more damage. Party members level up by gaining EXP, mainly via slaying enemies. Stat increases from leveling up are less significant than in other games. Higher level enemies give more Exp, and potentially better Phantoma.

The maximum level is 99, though some enemies can have levels in the triple digits. Enemies in the Arena have their levels depend on the chosen player character. In missions, the levels of enemies and Support Personnel depend on the mission level.

The difficulty setting also determines enemy levels. In the HD remaster, the player can choose between Cadet (easy), Officer (normal), and Agito (hard, enemies +LV30). The Finis difficulty level (very hard, enemies +LV50) is unlocked after completing the game once. The player first chooses the difficulty level at the title screen, and the difficulty can also be changed mid-playthrough, albeit not mid-mission. Levels carry over to New Game Plus playthroughs.

Final Fantasy Tactics[]

Indicates the unit's level, which increases by 1 for every 100 experience points earned.

War of the Lions description

Lv. stands for Level. As each human unit takes action in battle, they gain experience, which will increase their overall level. Characters also gain Job Points (JP), which allow them to level up within a job until they have mastered it.

The character's level is determined with an experience system where every 100 experience grants a level up. Each successful action grants EXP based on the target's level. If the target is the same level as the user, 10 EXP is granted. For each level difference 1 EXP is added or removed. For example, if a level 50 character successfully attacked a level 60 character, they would gain 20 EXP. The stat boosts for leveling up depend on what job the player is when they level up. The maximum level is 99. The abilities Accrue EXP and EXP Boost can be equipped to gain more EXP.

The job level is determined with a JP (Job Points) system. JP is gained the same way as experience, with successful actions, but instead of trying to gain 100 JP to level a job up, it depends on the specific job, and leveling up takes more JP at each level. The maximum for each job is 8. The abilities Accrue JP and JP Boost can be equipped to gain more JP.

As a character gains more experience in various jobs, they gain access to other, more advanced or specialized jobs. Some jobs, like Arithmetician and Mime, require invested time and experience in several jobs, and require mastery of others to be truly effective. Once learned, skills and job-specific commands can be used even after a character switches jobs, though a penalty may be applied.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance[]

The level system is simple as it does not have job level, and leveling up only raises the character's own level and stats. A character's level is determined with an experience system where after exceeding 100 experience, the character will level up. Each successful action grants EXP based on the target's level. If the target is the same level as the user, 10 EXP is granted. For each level difference 2 EXP is added or removed. For example, if a level 20 character successfully attacked a level 30 character, they would gain 20 EXP. The minimum EXP gain after an action is 1 while 99 in maximum. The stat increase when leveling up depend on what job the player is when they level up. The maximum level is 50.

Based on the Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Official Nintendo Power Guide book, stat growth/increase upon leveling up is rated to the maximum of three stars. The stars indicates how much and how quickly the specific stat will grow upon leveling up. The stars are representative percentage, not a hard number.

When a new clan member joins, their level is based on the average of all the current clan members' level. Their maximum level when joining the clan is 30, but certain characters that join—Ezel Berbier, Babus Swain, Shara, Ritz Malheur and Cid Randell—are a few levels above the average.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift[]

Leveling up is no longer possible during missions as participating party members only gain EXP when a mission has been declared "Complete". Enemies also can no longer level up during battles. It is also possible to gain more than 100 EXP, so a character can level up more than one level. If the character's level is higher than the mission's level, the character may gain considerably less EXP, or no EXP at all. The maximum level for one character is 99.

When a new clan member joins their level is based on the average of all the current clan members' level. Their maximum level when joining in the clan is 30, but certain characters that join—Adelle, Cid, Hurdy and Frimelda Lotice—are a few levels above the average.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles[]

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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates[]

RoF Level Bar Icon
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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time[]

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Final Fantasy Mystic Quest[]

Only Benjamin can level up. Phoebe, Kaeli, Tristam, and Reuben are at fixed levels and do not gain experience, although allies who leave and return later are at a higher level. Benjamin cannot exceed level 41. Upon level up, Benjamin will gain 40 HP, 2.5 Attack, 2 Defense, 2 Speed, 1 Magic, and 0.5 Accuracy per level, and typically gains a few Magic Left for at least one of the three types of magic. Although level is capped at 41, the player can continue to accumulate experience, with every 10 million experience gaining two or three Magic Left per magic category, to a maximum of 99 each.

Benjamin's current HP is adjusted after leveling up so he remains at the same percentage of health.

The next level formula seems to be:

Leveling itself seems to change after level 40. Upon reaching level 40, the next battle will cause a level up, regardless of experience points. Reaching level 41 is also different in that HP is the only stat to experience growth.

Final Fantasy Adventure[]

Only Sumo can level up, and every time the player defeats an enemy, they will gain Experience and GP. The level maxes out at 99. After gaining a certain amount of Experience, they will gain a level. A message will appear on the screen telling the player that Sumo leveled up, and that their HP/MP has also been restored to full. A new screen will appear asking the player to choose what type of stat they want to boost. This will boost that stat by 2, and two related stats by 1. The remaining fourth stat will not be boosted. By carefully boosting two "opposite" stats, the player's statistics can be raised evenly, or the player can aim for specialization.

Final Fantasy Legend III[]

Level is called L and only Arthur, Curtis, Gloria, and Sharon can level up. Temporary party members are at fixed levels and do not gain any experience.

Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light[]

The player characters level up by gaining EXP from battles, and their level determines the characters' stats within the crowns they are wearing. The maximum level is 99. The Salve-maker's Level Serum increases the party's level by one for the duration of the battle. The Seamstress's final ability, Sew Together, causes the user and an ally to combine their levels and double the user's stats.

Final Fantasy Dimensions[]

Characters earn experience points to level up. Upon gaining a Level, their overall stats increase, thus making them stronger. Experience Points are earned to participating characters of the battle, but are not awarded to participants who have been Knocked Out. Characters can gain levels until they reach Level 99. Afterwards, any experience points obtained in battle are deemed useless to them, and their Experience Point count stays capped at 11,315,479.

Job levels are gained with AP, with rewards earned similar to a characters base level. Characters are awarded 69 JP overall from the main story line. Later on, JP can also be earned by Moogle Coins. JP is used to increase the character's maximum Job Level, up to a maximum of 20. Similarly to a characters base level being capped, AP is also deemed useless when a character is assigned a Job that has been mastered. Different jobs require a different amount of AP to level up. All jobs equivalently assigned to characters do not require a different growth rate.

At the beginning of the game, all jobs that are available to characters start out at level zero, with a maximum level of three, and done so respectively to jobs earned later on.

Dissidia Final Fantasy[]

Characters gain experience by dealing HP damage to the opponent in battle, the higher the opponent's level and the more damage dealt, the more experience the character gains. As the character levels up they learn new attacks and abilities. Equipment pieces have a level requirement that require a character to be at that level or higher to equip them. Characters max out at Level 100 with a total of 1,964,655 EXP gained.

The item Chocobo Cologne, which can be won from the Easy Arcade Mode, can be traded for in the shop to increase a character's level by 1.

Some Booster Accessories trigger depending on the character being a certain level.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy[]

Characters gain experience by dealing HP damage to opponents in battle, the higher the opponent's level and the more damage dealt, the more experience is gained. The player has the option to adjust a character's level to a lower level. Gateways may have a Bonus Line; if the character's level is higher than the Bonus Line level the player receives a penalty to the KP they earn for completing that gateway, but do not actually subtract the player's current total KP. Conversely, setting a character's level lower than the Bonus Line grants an automatic bonus to the KP that will be earned for completing the gateway.

The Chocobo Cologne can still be traded for a single-level increase to a character. Several new Booster Accessories rely on the gap in level between the player's character and their opponent.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia[]

Character levels are initially capped at 50. Unlocking Crystal Strength 51 increases a character's level cap to 60, Crystal STR 61 increases the level cap to 70, Crystal STR 71 increases the level cap to 80, and Crystal STR 81 increases the level cap to 90. This feature is gradually applied to groups of characters over time. In the Japanese release, all characters can reach Level 90 with select groups of characters being updated to Level 100. In the Global release, all current characters can attain Level 90.

Pictlogica Final Fantasy[]

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Final Fantasy Artniks[]

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World of Final Fantasy[]

Lann, Reynn and Mirages earn experience points to level up. Upon gaining a Level, their overall stats increase. Character levels are capped at 99.

When the player imprisms a Mirage or obtains a prismarium of a special Mirage, they are introduced to the party at level 1, with 3 SP used for unlocking spaces on their Mirage Board. For each level a Mirage reaches, they gain 1 SP. Mirages gain different amounts of SP when reaching levels divisible by 5: from level 5 to 25, Mirages earn 2 SP; from level 30 to 65, Mirages gain 3 SP; from 70 and above, Mirages earn 4 SP. Some Mirages may be required to reach a certain level to access a transfiguration on their Mirage Board.

The player can unlock Mirajewel slots for Lann and Reynn when they reach levels 20, 40, 60, and 80.

In the Maxima version, The Coliseum has level caps on Time Attack versions of previously cleared matches. If a player's Mirage's level is above the cap, their level is set to the cap for that match.

The levels for Lann, Reynn, and Mirages carry over when playing a New Game+ file.