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Leukorn is a mark in Final Fantasy XV fought during the Scrap It Now! hunt.


Though the color of its hide may be the first feature to jump out at onlookers, one would do well to also take note of this breed's acuminate horns. Coupled with the beast's force, the sharp protrusions are capable of impaling and derailing cars of steel.
Size: 14.83 ft. Weight: 1.38 t


Scrap it Now!Old Lestallum7
Red Hunt Icon
Leukorn x3Coernix Bypass (Daytime)6118,330 gil, Mega Phoenix★★★★




Other appearancesEdit

Close Encounter of the Terra KindEdit

Leukorn in Close Encounter of a Terra Kind in FFXV

Leukorn in battle.

Noctis and Sarah encounter a Lv.34 Leukorn after speaking to the Hiso Alien Elder and their synergy develops, Sarah becoming able to use Salvation and the two can perform link-strikes. The player can scan its HP and weaknesses/resistances in Wait Mode: it has 9,000 HP and is weak to shortswords, shields and fire, and it resists ice and light. Only the first of these is relevant, as the player can't use shields or elemental attacks during the event.

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