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Centrally located highlands where the Clavat put their sheep out to pasture. The sheep are exported across the land for food, and their wool is used to make Clavat clothing.

While usually quite a peaceful area, the highlands have lately been plagued by marauding monsters. There have also been increasing reports of sheep mysteriously vanishing, to the lament of shepherds. However, the missing sheep usually rejoin the flock eventually, so whatever...

In-game description

The Lett Highlands.

The Lett Highlands is a location from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers. It is a large field with Clavat farmers, some mounted on chocobos, their shepherd dog and their sheep. A Miasma Stream appears here, with two campaigns.

These highlands can be accessed through short bridges connecting it to the Old Lett Aqueduct and the Lett Aqueduct. The location contains dirt paths and is dotted with trees, a campfire to one of the sides, and a fenced space for the sheep. Inside the fenced area is a pole with a bell, which can be rung to torment monsters during a Miasma Stream.

The Lett Highlands is one of two locations which allows Layle to play a rescuing-animals minigame. Dark portals appear in the sky one at a time and attempt to abduct the sheep through a pillar of light circles, and Layle has to save them to earn points in the minigame. The Clavat shepherds will thank the player through a letter later on, and give him a small amount of gil.

Miasma Streams[]

First Campaign[]

The monsters that appear in the Highlands' first campaign are Goblin Hunters, Goblin Warriors and Bombs.

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