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Leslie Kyle is a minor character from Final Fantasy VII Remake and The Kids Are Alright. Formerly a criminal working under Don Corneo in the slums of Midgar, Leslie later assists Evan Townshend in his investigations. Although still young, he is skilled at negotiation, has a stone-cold gaze, and isn't easily moved.



Leslie is a lean young man with spiky silver hair and yellow eyes. He wears a black cap, a black and red jacket over a white shirt, and sports a leather glove on his left hand, with a striped bracelet wrapped around his right. He wears black knee-length shorts and tall boots.

Leslie resembles the Kingdom Hearts character Yozora, and share the same Japanese voice actor. Their unique attire resembles the clothing style of Tetsuya Nomura.


Leslie is apathetic and, despite his youth, has the heart of an old curmudgeon. He complicity serves the criminal Don Corneo to serve his personal gain. He eventually shows remorse for his former lifestyle by acting against Corneo and burning down his mansion.

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Leslie is both a first and last name that derives from an anglicization of the Gaelic term leas celyn meaning "holly-garden". The name is typically spelled "Leslie" when given to boys, and "Lesley" when given to girls. The earliest use of the name comes from the Scottish Leslie Clan.

Kyle is a common first name and also a surname that transfers from a region of the same name in southwestern Scotland. Kyle is a topographical term derived from the Scottish Gaelic word caol, meaning a sound or a strait.

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