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Lesalia is the center of the kingdom of Ivalice in Final Fantasy Tactics. It has been the seat of the Atkascha royal family, and have ruled from this region even during the Fifty Years' War and the War of the Lions. The signs of wealth and luxury persisted even as Ivalice faced war after war.

Locations Edit

Royal City of Lesalia Edit

High seat of the Crown. At its heart towers the luxurious keep that houses Ivalice's royal family.

Mining Town of Gollund Edit

Rich in mineral resources, the Felmarian Highlands, where this town lies, is also battered by year-round snowstorms.

Free City of Bervenia Edit

Famous as the birthplace of Saint Ajora, this city is under direct authority of the Church of Glabados.

Orbonne Monastery Edit

A monastery built more than twelve centuries ago and said to house an extensive basement library.

Fort Besselat Edit

A natural fortress surrounded on three sides by sheer cliffs. Served as a first line of defense during the Fifty Years' War.

Zeklaus Desert Edit

Scorching in the daytime and freezing at night, it is no mystery why so few travel through this desert.

Mount Bervenia Edit

The largest active volcano in Ivalice. Molten lava flows down its surface, while ash and smoke darken the sky.

Araguay Woods Edit

A sprawling forest covering the southern Lesalia region and inhabited by a variety of rare fauna.

Grogh Heights Edit

The largest farm belt in the Lesalia region. Most of the crops harvested here are destined for the capital city.

Zeirchele Falls Edit

Few can help but be enchanted by the sight of Zeirchele Falls cascading down the stair-like Algost Mountains.

Dugeura Pass Edit

Nearly 2,000 dohms in height, Mount Landria was once used by monks as a holy place of fasting and atonement.

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy XIVEdit

The ruins of Lesalia are located far beneath Rabanastre, capital of Dalmasca, in the depths of the Garamsythe Waterway. It and Ivalice were thought to be only a myth until the ruins were uncovered after the Garlean Empire destroyed Rabanastre in a show of force.

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