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This girl's no good as an Epopt, that's for sure. But as my partner, she passes with flying colors!

Palom, regarding Leonora.

Leonora is a playable character in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. She is a talented Epopt trainee determined to join the Epopts of Troia. Leonora knows White Magic from her Epopt training and learns Black Magic from Palom through training in the Tower of Trials.



Leonora's CGI render from The Complete Collection.

Leonora is a young, blonde girl with green eyes. She wears a light blue priest's mitre and blue and green robes with lace trim and a green, yellow and blue pattern down the front. The sleeves of the robe are loose and hang down to cover her hands, and the bottom of the robes drags on the ground. In early artwork Leonora's dress was shorter, just long enough to brush the ground instead of dragging, and without lace trim. She wields a long staff topped with a circular design and a large red orb. In early artworks the orb is orange and smaller.


At the start of Palom's tale, Leonora is introduced as a humble, shy and quiet young lady who has great aspirations as an Epopt. She rarely asserts herself to Palom, unless he puts his life in jeopardy or insults the Epopts of Troia. Under Palom's guidance, Leonora gains more confidence and later takes an interest in becoming a Sage like Palom.

She eventually admits to liking Palom, and ignores his wishes to save his life from one of the Maenads, demonstrating courage and a strong sense of concern for her partner. Palom at one point compares Leonora to his sister, remarking "...Is there a written rule somewhere that says all White Mages have to be so stubborn?" He has faith in Leonora and a certain, mutual fondness for her, saying she passes with flying colors as his partner.


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Final Fantasy IV[]

Palom with the then unnamed Leonora during the ending.

Like Biggs and Wedge, Leonora was originally unnamed in Final Fantasy IV. She appears in the ending as a little girl in Mysidia, listening to Palom brag to her about his adventures until Porom arrives to take him to the Elder.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years[]

When one of Troia's eight Epopts falls ill, they seek a replacement. Palom is sent from Mysidia to train Leonora, whom the Epopts chose as the new guardian. They train at the Tower of Trials where Leonora learns some Black Magic under Palom's guidance. Palom teases her and makes rude remarks about the Epopts, which he apologizes for after Leonora says Troia has been kind to her.

Leonora in The Complete Collection opening FMV.

They finish her training and return to Troia, where they learn the Red Wings have begun to steal the Crystals again. Palom worries and suggests he and Leonora take Troia's Earth Crystal somewhere safe before the Red Wings arrive. Leonora leads Palom with the Earth Crystal through an underground waterway in Troia's castle. As they make it out of the waterway, they continue to the Chocobo's forest north of Troia, and mount a black chocobo.

They fly to the Lodestone Cavern where the strong magnetic field protects them from the Red Wings, who are made to discard their metal weapons. Leonora and Palom take the Earth Crystal to the chamber where the Dark Elf's spirit resides. It attacks them and assumes a dragon form, which resists their magic. The Eidolon Shiva destroys the Dark Elf, and the Mysterious Girl enters threatening Palom's and Leonora's lives if they do not relinquish the Earth Crystal.

Palom teleports Leonora away from the chamber before casting Break on himself and the Earth Crystal, preventing the Mysterious Girl from taking it. Leonora refuses to leave Palom and returns to save him. After casting Esuna on him, Leonora reveals she was the same girl he was flirting with during the Final Fantasy IV ending. Palom tells the Mysterious Girl that even though Leonora is not the best Epopt, she is perfect as his partner. They band together to fight her, but are defeated before losing possession of the Earth Crystal.

Palom compares Leonora to Porom.

When the True Moon moves closer into the Earth, Rydia, Luca, Golbez, and Edge go to the Lodestone Cavern and find it has been frozen by Shiva. They reach the Crystal Chamber and find Palom with Leonora, who have been frozen in ice. After the party stops Shiva, Palom and Leonora recover on the Falcon.

Within the True Moon, Leonora speaks briefly with Palom's sister Porom, who reveals Palom's faith in her as a student, which surprises Leonora but makes her happy. Luca confronts her over her relationship with Palom, and while she is embarrassed by the question, Leonora admits she does like him. Palom, eavesdropping, remarks that women can be dangerous.

After the Creator is defeated, Leonora gives up her position as the new Epopt, deciding she wants to spend more time with Palom to become a Sage.

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Leonora in battle (PSP).


Leonora's versatility comes at the cost of her having the third lowest HP growth of the party—alongside Calca and Brina, she is one of three characters with less than 4,000 HP at Level 99. Her MP is good, though not as high as other mages', and her Stamina and Speed are low. She focuses more on her White Magic, and has Spirit on par with Rosa and Porom, but lower Intelligence than Golbez, Rydia and Palom.

Level HP MP Strength Speed Stamina Intelligence Spirit
3 110 30 5 3 4 5 8
10 200 69 8 5 8 9 14
20 481 134 16 9 13 14 23
30 852 207 23 13 17 19 32
40 1329 296 31 18 21 24 42
50 1868 383 36 22 27 33 48
60 2456 443 39 26 33 42 55
70 3152 525 44 30 39 51 63
80 3346 571 46 31 40 53 67
90 3558 615 48 31 43 55 70
99 3782 659 48 32 44 57 74


Palom and Leonora using the A Little Black Magic Band.

Leonora is similar to a Sage, able to learn both White and Black Magic. In the Depths, it is possible to teach Dualcast to Palom, Porom, or Leonora, but only one of the three can learn it. Because she knows both types of magic, Leonora has the most variety with Dualcast.

Leonora learns her magic later than the other characters and cannot learn the Black Magic spells Quake, Bio, Toad, Pig, Warp, Break, Death, Tornado, and Meteor.

Spell Level Learned
Fire? Tower of Trials
Blizzard? Tower of Trials
Thunder? Tower of Trials
Fire Tower of Trials
Blizzard Tower of Trials
Thunder Tower of Trials
Poison 15
Sleep 22
Stop 30
Drain 36
Osmose 39
Fira 41
Blizzara 44
Thundara 47
Firaga 78
Blizzaga 80
Thundaga 82
Flare 85
Spell Level Learned
Cure Known
Libra Known
Esuna Known
Teleport Known
Raise Known
Sight 5
Hold 11
Cura 12
Slow 13
Protect 17
Silence 19
Berserk 23
Shell 25
Mini 32
Confuse 35
Blink 38
Spell Level Learned
Float 40
Dispel 42
Curaga 45
Haste 51
Reflect 54
Curaja 57
Arise 62
Holy 70
Band Abilities
Ability Members MP Effect
A Little Black Magic
  • Leonora (Black Magic)
  • Palom (Black Magic)
10 Practice some black magic. Randomly uses a Fire, Blizzard, or Thunder spell of any of the four levels of power (Fire? up to Firaga, etc). 50% of level one spell, 30% chance of level two, 15% chance of level three, 5% chance of level four.
Particle Bomb
  • Leonora
  • Palom
20 Deal massive non-elemental damage to a single enemy.
Sprite Bred
  • Leonora (White Magic)
  • Porom (White Magic)
40 Holy magical attack on one enemy.
  • Leonora (Black Magic)
  • Palom (Black Magic)
  • Rydia (Black Magic)
20 Cast a succession of powerful black magic.
Pure White Magic
  • Leonora (White Magic)
  • Porom (White Magic)
  • Rosa (White Magic)
99 Casts numerous status buffs on all party members including Blink, Haste, Float, Protect and Shell, and restore HP and status ailments.
Call Me Queen
  • Leonora (Attack, Whip)
  • Rydia (Attack, Whip)
  • Harley (Attack, Whip)
  • Izayoi (Attack, Whip)
11 Whip and turn the enemy into a Pig.
Frost Wave
  • Leonora (Black Magic)
  • Izayoi (Ninjutsu)
25 Attack all enemies with ice.
Ice Crush
  • Leonora
  • Palom
  • Luca
35 Freeze and shatter all enemies. 50% chance of halving Palom's current HP.
Palom in the Sky
  • Leonora (Black Magic)
  • Palom (Bluff)
  • Luca (Big Throw)
  • Porom (White Magic)
30 Palom bounces around enemies zapped by Leonora's magic before being healed by Porom.
Petal Whirlwind
  • Leonora (Black Magic)
  • Porom (White Magic)
  • Luca (Analyze)
  • Ursula (Kick)
50 Focused attack at an enemy's weak point. Can break damage limit.
  • Leonora (White Magic)
  • Palom (Black Magic)
  • Porom (White Magic)
  • Rosa (White Magic)
  • Rydia (Black Magic)
60 Five fighters combine to cast powerful magic on enemies. Can break damage limit.


Being primarily a white mage by training, Leonora can equip similar equipment to Rosa and Porom, with the addition of rods to reflect her ability to cast black magic as well.

She joins in Palom's Tale with a Staff, a Feathered Cap, a Gaia Gear and an Iron Armlet.

Bows Arrows Staves Rods Whips
Shields Head Body Arms

Other appearances[]

Pictlogica Final Fantasy[]

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Final Fantasy Artniks[]

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

Leonora appears in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game as Water-elemental Backup cards.



Leonora is a name of Greek origin that means "light". Similarly, it is the Italian short form of the name 'Eleonora', which means "shining light".