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Lenna Charlotte Tycoon,[2][1] also known as Reina, is a playable character in Final Fantasy V. Lenna is the daughter of King Alexander Highwind Tycoon and heir to the throne of Tycoon, who becomes a Light Warrior after following her father to protect the wind crystal.

Lenna is devoted to her cause and embraces her responsibility beyond being a princess of Tycoon. She has a deep bond with her pet wind drake, Hiryu, and her love of the wind drakes leads her to put herself in danger to save them. As the princess of Tycoon, Lenna uses her royal connections to the Light Warriors' benefit.

Lenna's direct descendant is Queen Lenna in Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals.


Before Final Fantasy V[]

Lenna was born to King Alexander Highwind Tycoon a year after her sister, Sarisa Scherwil Tycoon.[note 1] Lenna was raised by King Tycoon, her mother, and Jenica, a servant in the castle. Sarisa would learn spells with Jenica, and was sometimes tasked putting her younger sister to sleep. Lenna's mother was sick while she was young, and King Tycoon would often ride the wind drake Hiryu in search of a doctor to cure her.[4]

Sarisa was lost at sea in a storm one day when sailing with her father, when Lenna was around four.[4][note 2] Lenna's mother's condition continued to worsen, and the last doctor was unable to cure her, meaning the only cure was the tongue of a wind drake. King Tycoon had vacillated but decided against cutting off Hiryu's tongue, but upon hearing the news of her mother's impending passing, Lenna took a knife and rushed toward Hiryu. Ultimately, she decided against cutting off Hiryu's tongue, and her mother passed away.[5][note 3] Thereafter, Lenna was always reminded of her mother when she saw Hiryu, and thus, she bonded with the wind drake.[6]

Final Fantasy V[]

FFV iOS Lenna Tycoon

King Tycoon leaving to the Wind Shrine.

When the wind stopped, King Tycoon headed to the Wind Shrine alone to investigate, forbidding Lenna from following him.[7] Lenna followed along anyway, but was ambushed by goblins after a meteorite crash, and rescued by a passing wanderer named Bartz Klauser. They met an amnesiac old man named Galuf Halm Baldesion, who was also determined to protect the wind crystal, and the three teamed up.

The Tycoon meteorite blocked the way to the shrine, meaning the party had to find an alternative route. This led them to a pirate hideout near to where they saw a ship sail without wind. Following Galuf's plan, they attempted to steal it. The pirate captain, Faris Scherwiz, who was Lenna's sister Sarisa leading the pirates under a new identity and disguising as a man, captured them. Lenna pleaded for their support as the princess of Tycoon, only for Faris to laugh and decide to hold Lenna for ransom. Faris had a change of heart after seeing Lenna's pendant matched her own, and they set course for the Wind Shrine together, Faris revealing the ship was pulled by a water dragon called Syldra.[8]

Lenna, Bartz, Galuf, and Faris found King Tycoon in the Wind Shrine, and discovered the wind crystal shattered. The four were imbued by the essences of the crystals, Lenna imbued with the essence of the water crystal, and the king told the four the crystals had chosen them as the new Light Warriors, before disappearing.[9] In search of the other crystals, Lenna traveled to Tule, knowing Zok, the resident of Tule who built the Torna Canal.[10] Zok was reluctant, declining to give the key to Lenna to protect her, but eventually gave Bartz the key while the others were asleep.[11]

Lenna and Hiryu

Lenna risking her life to save the Wind Drake.

Their trip through the Torna Canal led them to the Ship Graveyard where the party discovered Faris was a woman and was attacked by Siren, who used images of their loved ones to steal their souls—in Lenna and Faris's case, King Tycoon—before Galuf snapped them out of it. In Carwen, the party heard rumors of a wind drake in the North Mountain, which Lenna deduced to be Hiryu.[12] On their way to the mountain summit, a hunter named Magissa attacked Lenna, but was fought off by the others. Upon finding Hiryu injured, Lenna, to the concern of the others, crossed a noxious field to pick dragon grass for Hiryu, and collapsed. Hiryu healed her injuries and they flew off.[13]

The party returned to Castle Tycoon where the chancellor begged Lenna to stay, but she declined, stating her duty to the world outweighed Tycoon. That night, she confronted Faris and calls her "sister", which Faris denied.[4] When the party arrived at Castle Walse, Lenna pleaded with the king to stop using the water crystal amplification device; though he declined, their conversation was interrupted by a meteorite landing near Walse Tower, and the king sent his soldiers and the Light Warriors to investigate.[14] The water crystal shattered in spite of the party's efforts and the tower sank. Syldra rescued the party before drifting away, and Lenna held Faris back from following her.[15]

Lenna & King Tycoon in Gohn

Lenna calls out to her father.

Along their journey, the Light Warriors met Cid Previa, the inventor of the crystal amplification machines, in Karnak, where they were unable to stop the fire crystal from shattering. Galuf, after witnessing Cid and his grandson Mid work together, regained some memory, and told the others he was a warrior from another world who had come to stop Exdeath, a warlock from his world who was sealed in this one.[16] Hearing rumors of King Tycoon being sighted flying to Gohn, the Light Warriors set off in search of him.[17] In Gohn the king led them on a chase and Faris called him "papa", finally admitting to Lenna they were sisters, before they were then dropped into the Catapult below as Gohn rose into the air in the Ronka Ruins with the power of the earth crystal.[18][19]

In the Catapult, the Light Warriors helped the Previas fix an ancient airship. When returning to Castle Tycoon, Lenna and Faris talked more about being sisters raised by Jenica, both agreeing to keep Faris's identity secret from the chancellor.[4] The Light Warriors caught up to King Tycoon in the Ronka Ruins, and the possessed king recognized neither of his daughters before preparing to attack. Bartz and Galuf prepared to retaliate with Lenna and Faris stopping them. Galuf's granddaughter, Krile Mayer Baldesion, arrived on another meteorite and knocked King Tycoon out with a spell. The king awoke and reunited with his daughters, before the earth crystal shattered, freeing Exdeath, who unleashed the power of the crystals on them. King Tycoon sacrificed himself by taking the brunt of it, encouraging his daughters to support one another and asking Bartz to protect them before passing away.[20]

Bal Terrace

The wind drake tower at Bal.

Having escaped Exdeath, Galuf and Krile returned to their own world in Krile's meteorite, Galuf forbidding the others from following him as it would be a one-way trip. Nonetheless, Lenna and Faris decided to go after Galuf, Bartz agreeing shortly after,[20] The three worked with the Previas to gather adamantite to teleport them to Galuf's world, where they were promptly captured by Exdeath and brought to Castle Exdeath, holding them hostage to keep Galuf and his troops from attacking. Galuf entered alone and rescued them. They crossed the Big Bridge, battling Exdeath's lackey Gilgamesh on the way, after which the castle's barrier flung them away.

The barrier flung them to the continent of Gloceana. Lenna found and comforted a moogle,[21] who took them to the Moogle Village and contacted Krile to retrieve them on her wind drake. The wind drake fell ill from the flight, and Lenna proposed they search for dragon grass to heal it, leading them to Drakenvale. Though they found the plant, Krile's wind drake was reluctant to accept any as a demon had grown on the dragon grass in Krile's world. To encourage the drake to take it, Lenna, against the warnings of her peers, ate some dragon grass herself to prove it safe, despite the grass being poisonous to humans. The wind drake ate the grass and was healed, and Krile gave Lenna an antitoxin.[22]

With the aid of sage Ghido, and after helping Xezat Matias Surgate break the barrier over Castle Exdeath, the Light Warriors tracked down Exdeath to the Great Forest of Moore. Exdeath tricked them into breaking this world's crystals' protective seals and took control of their power to attack the party. Krile attempted to intervene before being attacked herself, causing Galuf to battle Exdeath one-on-one with the last of his strength, sustaining fatal injuries. Lenna and the others tried unsuccessfully to heal him, but he passed away, bestowing his powers to Krile, making her a Light Warrior.[23] The new party infiltrated Castle Exdeath, battling Gilgamesh again before Exdeath banished him for incompetence, and then fought Exdeath, apparently defeating him before the crystals shattered.[24]

Lenna at Guardian Tree

The Wind Drake saves Lenna from the Void.

The two worlds merged, and the party found themselves in front of Castle Tycoon. The chancellor welcomed the return of Faris as Princess Sarisa, and a grand ball was held in Lenna and Faris's honor.[25] Bartz, Krile, and eventually Faris snuck off, leaving Lenna behind when the castle was consumed by Exdeath harnessing the power of the Void. Though the rest of the party believed Lenna had passed, Hiryu had retrieved her and taken her to the Guardian Tree, only for a demon of the Interdimensional Rift, Melusine, to possess her. Hiryu freed Lenna who rejoined the Light Warriors, but Hiryu was fatally injured.[26]

The Light Warriors searched for the tablets that allowed them to collect the twelve legendary weapons that were once used to defeat Enuo, the first wielder of the power of the Void before Exdeath. When preparing to enter the Interdimensional Rift and defeat Exdeath, the party found the injured Hiryu atop the Phoenix Tower, with Krile able to communicate with him and tell Lenna what he was saying. Krile told Lenna that Hiryu had come to the Phoenix Tower knowing he did not have much longer to live, and wished to give Lenna the last of his life force to help her by becoming a Phoenix. Lenna reminisced her mother's passing when she had almost cut off Hiryu's tongue to save her, before Hiryu transformed into Phoenix, with Lenna saying her final goodbye.[5]

Lenna & Sarisa Ending

Sarisa and Lenna in the ending.

The Light Warriors entered the Rift for their final battle, battling more demons of the Rift along the way. They found Gilgamesh and aligned with him to battle the final demon, Necrophobe; Gilgamesh seemingly sacrificed himself to defeat Necrophobe, commending Lenna for her selflessness toward animals and encouraging her to never lose her pure heart. When battling Exdeath, the Void transformed him into Neo Exdeath, and the spirits of King Tycoon along with Galuf and the Dawn Warriors helped them destroy Neo Exdeath.[27] The Void disappear and new crystals were born in the merged world, with the power of the elements returning to the planet. Faris and Lenna ran Tycoon together as royals, though Faris absconded to spend time with her pirate crew.[note 4] A year later, the Light Warriors met at the Guardian Tree and vowed to continue protecting the world and the crystals.[28]



Lenna Freelancer from FFV SD art

Lenna's Yoshitaka Amano artwork depicts her with blonde hair pinned up without a fringe, wearing a light yellow leotard with sheer sleeves that drape around her shoulders and yellow sashes around her waist. Her in-game art features her with shorter, banged pink hair and she wears a short belted, loose-fitting orange traveling dress. She also has gold bracelets and a matching necklace with a red jewel, as well as the belt. Her CG appearance is more faithful to the Amano artwork, retaining the blonde hair, but with a few strands hanging over her brow. In the Advance and 2013 versions of the game, the Amano art is used for her portrait, but her sprite remains pink-haired, even in the 2013 versions where her field and battle sprites were redrawn.



Princess, you have a responsibility to this kingdom!


Yes...but more importantly I have a responsibility to the world.

Lenna and her resolve to save the world, Final Fantasy V Advance § Castle Tycoon optional dialogue

Lenna's crystal represents devotion, the essence of water.[9] Lenna is altruistic, adventurous, and impulsive. She begins the quest traveling alone (a trait she took from her father) to the Wind Shrine, then does not waver from her responsibility as a Light Warrior once chosen by the crystals. She not only chooses this over returning to the castle, but strives to follow Galuf to another world, despite it being a one-way trip. Bartz and Faris both share this trait, as they enthusiastically agree.[20] Lenna does not forget her royal connections entirely, using them to her advantage in negotiations, as seen when she seeks the Torna Canal key from Zok, and tries to convince King Walse to stop the water crystal amplification device.[14] However, she is often naive in doing so, announcing her status as a princess to pirates believing they would allow her to commandeer their vessel.[8]

Lenna's selflessness and impulsivity are best exemplified with her strong bond with wind drakes. With her pet wind drake Hiryu, she willingly exposes herself to poison to save Hiryu's life.[13] Later, with Krile's wind drake, she eats dragon grass to encourage the wind drake to consume it, despite dragon grass being poisonous to humans.[22] This is a trait she inherited from her mother, who also cared deeply for Hiryu and refused to have Hiryu's tongue cut off, even if it was the only possible cure available for her. This affected Lenna as Hiryu reminded her of her mother after her mother's passing.[6] Lenna's bond with Hiryu is mutual, as Hiryu then sacrifices himself for Lenna.[5] Beyond Hiryu, Lenna shows kindness and comfort to other living creatures, including a moogle the party met on the continent of Gloceana.[21]

Lenna's personality contrasts with Faris, her elder sister. Lenna is kind and polite in conversation, while Faris is coarse and confrontational.[29][8] Lenna embraces her role as a princess, while Faris shuns it.[30] Their differences likely stem from their separation leading to different upbringings, but also Faris's element being fire, the opposite of Lenna's element, water. Both bond with dragons, given Faris's bond with Syldra, as well as in their courage and impulsiveness, a trait shared by the other Light Warriors who also rarely hesitate before acting.


As a Light Warrior, Lenna has access to all the jobs, learned from the the crystal fragments which store powers of warriors of legend.[9] Access to these powers allows Lenna and the other Light Warriors to mix them to combinations that suit the current battle plan. Lenna later acquired the twelve legendary weapons that had previously been used to defeat the warlock Enuo one thousand years ago.

Lenna mainly makes use of her royal connections throughout her adventure to allow the party proceed. Beyond this, her bond with wind drakes allows her to ride them as transport, to the party's advantage.



Lenna's jobs menu (iOS).

Lenna is in the party for most of the game, but is not present for one dungeon later in the game. As such, it may be beneficial to train another character on whatever path the player progresses Lenna on (for instance, it is not wise to make her the sole healer). Lenna has the highest raw Magic stat, which may slightly benefit magic-focused jobs, such as White Mage, Black Mage, or Summoner.

Lenna has the innate element of water, and therefore the Finisher ability, exclusive to the Gladiator job available in some versions of the game, will take this element. Out of the party, Lenna's finisher is the most useful, as she can instantly kill most of the random encounters in the Interdimensional Rift, as they are weak to the water element.


Each playable character has slightly different base attributes. These differences will make characters perform slightly better at some jobs than others, although they are ultimately negligible, as jobs dramatically alter a character's stats and equipment and abilities are of higher importance. If choosing to base jobs on characters' innate stats, however, Lenna has the highest raw Magic, and thus may suit magic jobs more.

Strength Agility Stamina Magic
Default 25 26 25 28
Highest[note 5] 51 42 51 61[note 6]

Musical themes[]

Lenna is the only protagonist in Final Fantasy V with a direct character theme. "Lenna's Theme" (or "Reina's Theme") plays in her flashbacks or any heartwarming scenes with her.

The battle music for Omega in Final Fantasy XV is a new orchestral arrangement of the Final Fantasy V tracks "Battle 1" and "Lenna's Theme".

Other appearances[]

Lenna from WotV portrait

Lenna in War of the Visions.

Lenna has appeared in the following games throughout the Final Fantasy series:

Other media[]

Ryukishi07, creator of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, is a self-proclaimed fan of Final Fantasy V. His pen name originated from Lenna—"07" in Japanese can be pronounced as "reinana", and "Ryukishi" means "dragoon". It's loosely the basis for the Higurashi character, Rena Ryūgū, who does share some physical similarities with Lenna's sprite appearance (particularly her haircut).



"Lenna" is the Anglicized form of Lena. Lena is the Russian diminutive form of Yelena, Елена ("Ellen" or "Helen", meaning "light"), as well as an abbreviation of the name Magdalena ("from Magdala", Magdala meaning "tower"). Lena is a name in Hebrew origin that means "illustrious". Lenna's name in the Final Fantasy Anthology is Reina. Reina is the Spanish word for "queen" with an additional meaning of "peaceful".

Charlotte is a French name, the feminine equivalent of Charles. Charles comes from the German Karl and means "strong and virile" or "vigorous".

Her surname, Tycoon, derives from the name of the kingdom whose royal family she belongs to. "Tycoon" comes from Japanese Taikun (大君?) which translates into "great prince/baron" and is a title given to a shogun. "Tycoon" has come to mean a "wealthy and powerful business person".



  1. Faris, or Sarisa, is 20 years old during Final Fantasy V[3] while Lenna is 19,[1] making Lenna a year younger.
  2. Faris estimates she was lost at sea around fifteen years prior to Final Fantasy V.[4] As Lenna was 19 during Final Fantasy V,[1] this would have made her four years old when Faris was lost.
  3. In Final Fantasy V, the player can choose whether Lenna decided against cutting off Hiryu's tongue, or whether she resolved to but was stopped by King Tycoon.[5] Either way, Hiryu's tongue was not cut off.
  4. Though the dialogue in the describes Faris and Lenna almost as both running Tycoon, the final scene depicts Faris leaving through the window.
  5. The highest stats are obtained by mastering the job with the highest of that stat modifier. Monk has the highest Strength and Stamina modifier, Thief has the highest Agility modifier, and Summoner has the highest Magic modifier.
  6. In versions with the Oracle job, Oracle instead has a higher modifier, putting Lenna's max Magic stat at 64.


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