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"Lenna's Theme" (レナのテーマ, Rena no Tēma?) is the character theme of Lenna Charlotte Tycoon from Final Fantasy V.

Game appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy VEdit

The theme plays in Lenna's flashbacks and various events in the game.

Final Fantasy XVEdit

The battle music for Omega is a new orchestral arrangement of the Final Fantasy V tracks "Battle 1" and "Lenna's Theme".

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera OmniaEdit

The original version of the theme plays in various cutscenes in Lenna's event.

Arrangement album appearancesEdit

Piano Collections: Final Fantasy VEdit

A piano arrangement of this theme by Toshiyuki Mori was featured in the album.

Final Fantasy V: Dear FriendsEdit

A high-quality arrangement of the theme is featured in this album.

Unofficial album appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Solo Guitar Collections Vol.3Edit

Final Fantasy Ukulele Solo CollectionsEdit

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