Template:FFII character Leila is one of Firion's allies in Final Fantasy II. She is first encountered as a pirate captain, hired by Firion to transport the heroes across the seas to the ruined kingdom of Deist.


Template:Spoilers When the ship is out to sea, Leila betrays them and has her crew attack Firion. Once the pirates are defeated, the party spares Leila's life. She then joins the party and gives the heroes access to her pirate ship. She accompanies them to Deist as they work to save the last Wyvern egg and then back to Fynn. When it is revealed that Princess Hilda has been replaced with a Lamia Queen, Leila offers to lead the Wild Rose Rebellion as Gordon joins the party for the rescue mission.

Once Hilda is successfully recovered, she participates in the Liberation of Fynn on the front lines with Firion's party. Leila then goes on to help the group approach the Tower of Mysidia, but when they are attacked by the Leviathan she is separated from her ship and the party. Exactly how she survived and returned to Fynn Castle is never explained and for the rest of the game she remains a background character, offering quips and information. In the ending, she offers Firion a place among her pirates which apparently does not sit well with Maria. Template:Endspoilers

Stats and Traits

Leila speaks with the party in the NES version.

Leila has high Agility and mediocre Strength, Intelligence and Stamina, allowing her to be trained as either a fighter or mage. She joins the party with Thunder IV, which is useful against the aquatic enemies encountered while sailing, and her initial equipment are a Dagger and a Longsword, and for armor a Gold Hairpin and a Silver Curiass. While her high Agility means she will often move first, and her starting weapon proficiencies are high, she has low Stamina so her HP will grow slowly. Leila's ultimate weapon in the Arcane Labyrinth is the Dancing Dagger.

Initial Abilities


Stats Level
HP 248
MP 35
Strength 18
Spirit 10
Intelligence 16
Stamina 18
Agility 36
Magic 10


Spell Level
Thunder 4


Category Level
Unarmed 1
Knives 5
Swords 5
Staffs 1
Axes 1
Spears 1
Bows 4
Shields 1

Optimal Key Terms for Arcane Labyrinth

Good Fortune Promising Quite Well Auspicious Superb
Ultima Tome
Ekmet Teloess


"Leila" is a popular given name in the Middle East, originating from Semitic languages in ancient Arabia. The name comes from the Arabic word "Laylah", which means night. "Leila" has other meanings as well, such as "Born at Night", "Dark-haired Beauty" or "Dark Beauty".


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